Recruiting Radar: Jason Marshall Validates Cristobal’s Vision

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This past Friday, 5-star prospect Jason Marshall (Miamiupdated the college football world on the top five programs he’s considering joining for the 2021 season.As to be expected, Marshall topped his choices with the 2010 decade’s most dominant college football program, Alabama. The middling of the list was composed with two of Marshall’s favorite in-state colleges, Miami and Florida U, as well as reigning national champion LSU.

Last on the list sits our beloved Ducks.

Now, to be fifth on any list may not seem too special, but in reality, this is further manifestation of what Ducks fans are becoming accustomed to with the program’s recent recruiting success. The blue chip prospects have finally begun to start coming Oregon’s way, and it’s proving that head coach Mario Cristobal’s vision is working. 

What would adding Marshall mean for the Ducks’ recruiting?

Securing Marshall’s commitment would make him the second 5-star cornerback in Oregon recruiting history. The first? Dontae Manning, a 2020 incoming freshman out of Kansas City, MO. Manning will have opportunities early to prove his star-power in the Ducks’ elite secondary, and set the standard for Marshall if he does end up choosing to become a Duck.

Marshall would be in the top fourteen highest rated recruits in Ducks history, and of these fourteen, he would be the sixth 5-star to join the roster since 2019. If the Ducks are able to secure Marshall, then it would put the exclamation point on the recruiting staff’s ability while simultaneously giving Ducks fans the hope to be a legitimate championship contender year in and year out.

Superstar Kayvon Thibodeaux initially seemed like an outlier recruit for Ducks football, but with the likes of Justin Flowe and Troy Franklin joining the roster in the near future, that certainly no longer looks to be the case under Cristobal’s reign. Landing Marshall would speak volumes to the “questionable elite” status the Ducks are so often labeled as, and solidify a program that is surrounding itself with defensive superstars to complement a high scoring offense.

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Justin Flowe receives the Butkus award.

What skill set would Marshall bring to the Ducks?

Marshall’s talents would solidify a position that has developed into a strength over the past two seasons, elevating from a formidable unit to a dominant one. His arrival would follow the departure of senior cornerback Thomas Graham and immediately leave a void for him to compete for on the roster.

A true lockdown defender on the outside would give solace to Duck fans with memories of some of the awful defensive years in the mid 2010s, lowlighting some of the Ducks’ most gut-wrenching losses. Similar to superstar junior safety Jevon Holland, Marshall has an uncanny ability to locate and take the football away.

In his junior season, Marshall broke up passes like a seasoned veteran, picking off errant throws often and rarely squandered opportunities to force turnovers. His eyes play well with his instincts, as he seems to have the field awareness already developing on when to break on passes and stick with receivers’ hips while locating the ball. With exceptional turnover production from the likes of Jevon Holland and Brady Breeze, the secondary with the addition of Marshall and Manning could be the Ducks’ most dominant position group in the near future.

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Jason Marshall lines up at cornerback in his junior season debut.

What is the likelihood of Marshall ending up a Duck?

All things considered, the Ducks have a fighting chance at landing Marshall. Depending on the lengths of COVID-19 safety precautions affecting the ability of players to have school visits, it’ll be a difficult task to get him in the building again for any program. But there is certainly hope.

With a thrilling Rose Bowl victory a year ago, the emergance of superstars all over the Ducks roster (particularly on the defensive side), and significantly more NFL draft attention, the Ducks’ energy and Cristobal’s vision may be just enough to push Marshall over the edge into our beloved green and yellow for the 2021 season. From being out of his top seven programs to leapfrogging into the top five, the Ducks’ second five star corner could be on the nearing horizon.

Alex Heining
Santa Barbara, CA
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Chris Brouilette, the Volunteer editor for this article, is a current student at the University of Oregon from Sterling, Illinois.

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Alex is a superb new writer who does his homework, but there is a deviation in his article from what we usually use for recruiting information. I refer to the rankings and ratings, because they have the longest and most reliable ratings that I can depend on.

The 5-Star ratings that Alex refers to are 247 rankings and in the early years of their analysis–they were highly inconsistent; only Rivals has ratings over time that I can believe now and compare to in the past. That is how I arrive at conclusions in my articles about Oregon closing in on the biggest year ever with 12 of the 4 or 5-Star players currently verbally committed.

At Rivals….Tony Franklin, Donte Manning and Jason Marshall are not 5-Star players, but high 4-Stars. They are among the nations best and Oregon’s recruiting rank is currently No. 4 in the nation on Rivals, so credit is given, but I do not want give impressions that the current crop is that much superior to great classes of the past.

With that being said, Justin Flowe and Noah Sewell are 5-Stars (last year) with Rivals, so that coveted rating is not impossible to achieve. And I want to thank Alex for the time and skill in creating this recruiting article, with more to come in the future.

(But he will be using Rivals data in those)


but I do not want give impressions that the current crop is that much superior to great classes of the past. I have to ask when (prior to Cristobal) has any recruiting classes been as good as this one ??

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

We currently have 12 verbals of 4 or 5-Star ratings; the record was two years ago at 14, and we have a chance to beat it this year. (But we have not done it yet) We are currently tied for three other years with 12 of the coveted players, and this is all on the Rivals ratings.

I apologize for not being clear; what I am striving for is uniformity in what we are writing about, so that we are not comparing apples-to-oranges. If we use Rivals throughout, then there is none of this confusion. The new writer made a mistake when I clearly detail to new writers what our protocol was. I do not want to beat him up for it, as it is a reasonable mistake a beginner would make.

But I want to clarify to all the readers that we follow the rankings here… It makes it easier instead of always clarifying that it is Rivals or 247, etc.


Are Rivals and 247 the two major ranking places or are there any others that are up there with them ??

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I really hate having to repeat this stuff over-and-over every other time we do a recruiting article for over the last eight years… was a huge national site with eDuck being the Oregon franchise. was created and owned by a Husky, and it was beyond suspicious when a player would verbal to Oregon and then would suddenly be dropped from a 4-Star to a 3-Star, while once players verballed to Washington…their 3-Star ratings went up to 4-Star. (It happened all the time)

NOBODY could trust the recruiting rankings…not that current year, or any year prior.

Guess who bought 247 acquired all the ownership in franchises and data-base, thus I will not use their prior data, and frankly…some of their current rankings doesn’t always seem right.

ESPN has their rankings and they are not reliable or have a consistent track record going back 20 years as Rivals does.

I am going to create a permanent page on the site that explains all this, so I can simply link it in the future….

Page created.

David Marsh

Thanks for repeating yourself for us again Charles! I didn’t know the rational of one service over another. I know OregonLive bounces back and forth between which service they are referencing and it is usually whichever one gives the recruit a higher star rating.

Needless to say consistency tends to be the most important aspect when it comes to talent evaluation… especially when so much of the nature of talent evaluation is trying to not only grade the current measurables but also the potential.


Recruiting News: Rivals 3 *, Christian Burkhalter, 6’5 225, from Spanish Fort, AL is set to announce tomorrow. Rivals has him listed as Athlete, others have him as a WDE. The Crystal Balls are showing green.


I hear the Ducks are recruiting him as an OLB / Stud

Jon Joseph

Thanks Alex.

Alabama not long ago was ranked in the 50s in 2020 recruiting. Today, the Tide has rolled into second place behind Ohio State. This past week, the Tide signed twins out of Texas. A 5* tackle and 4* center; guys that Texas so wanted and needed, to sign.

Me thinks folks might want to pause on shoveling dirt on Saint Nick’s grave.

I also have noticed Alex, how often the Ducks now make the cut with big time recruits from coast to coast.

I reiterate: Based on the obstacles Mario and his staff face, Mario is the best CFB recruiter in the USA.


Alex. any thoughts on how CA HS football not being played in 2020 will affect Oregon’s recruiting.


thoughts on how CA HS football not being played in 2020 will affect Oregon’s recruiting” you ask. I think many schools, including Oregon actually start recruiting some kids several years before leaving HS. After that it’s seeing how much they have grown into the size you’re looking for and if they have stayed active in athletics somehow. Personality and drive are big things to look at.

After that it’s just magic.

David Marsh

Anyone who is thinking of even digging Saban’s football grave is way ahead of themselves. Bama had their worst year in quite some time and if Tua wasn’t injured Bama would have beaten Auburn and then rolled right into the playoff picture in that No. 4 spot over Oklahoma.

For the first time in a decade realistically speaking there is true competition in the SEC west… There have been a few years that Auburn managed to win the division title over Bama (3 from 2010-2019 of which one resulted in Bama getting into the playoff with Auburn’s conference title loss to Georgia) but Bama has always come back the next year.

There may MAY be some actual canabalizing in the SEC… But I think a two kids SEC champion still might get the nod from the CFP committee if the canabalizing occures.


Yep, rumors of Saban’s death are highly exaggerated; if anything, the rise of Clemson & Ohio State, LSU being the talk of the town, last season, has only energized Alabama. Dabo is sitting pretty at Clemson, so much that the only move up for him would be back home to Tuscaloosa, and I don’t think that Nick will leave until he extinguishes ALL talk about who the best coach/program is.

Jon Joseph

So many bad things about this season on the whole not being played but OOC, UGA not playing in Tuscaloosa is 1 of the worst. Season gets cancelled. Bama will miss UGA in the regular season for 12 years.


I remember in college you had to be of interest, show interest and then ask in order to get the date. In the recent past Oregon has been of interest, haven’t shown enough interest and wouldn’t ask.

Right now Oregon is becoming even more interesting, is showing interest to all who will listen and is asking whoever they want. The outcome speaks for itself. Well done Cristobal and coaches!

Santa Rosa Duck

That certainly brings to mind Tua Tagovailoa begging for an offer from our DUCKS. Not sure how that would have played out vs Justin Herbert but since we did not offer, we did not find out.


That is where some guys can keep the interest up while putting off the signing date. Other less talented guys, insert Helfrich, don’t know how to keep the interest up while you keep the commitment off.

I have a buddy who, at the time, could keep the talent all interested and pluck the ones he wanted when he wanted. I was more the pursue the one, with passion. It is fun to watch people who can really play that game.

I do think Herbert was a late signee, and I doubt Tua would have been afraid to compete against some local 3* baseball player. We may not have even given Herbert an offer, if Tua had signed. Those are all what ifs.


Thanks Alex, this interest from Marshall is evidence that a crucial element in recruiting is the cumulative effect; 5* prospects are drawn to programs that have other 5*. KT will go down as not only one of the best Ducks ever for his play on the field, but even more so as the lighthouse, that BDF mentioned. The Oregon hat on the table is no longer a space filler, the Oregon hat now is a signifier that this player is really good.


Thanks Alex. I just love reading about the Ducks recruiting as its one of our great achievements. Year after year under Cristobal it just gets better and better.

Now, as the light fades on our ability to play any games this year I continually turn my attention back to one of our ongoing lighthouse – – recruiting.