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Readers, commenters and writers all play important roles in making FishDuck work, with our varying perspectives on Duck sports interweaving to form an Oregon sports enthusiast’s online community. The term community suggests symbiotic interpersonal relationships, and, truth be told, we are all related by our shared interest in everything DUCKS.

The heart of FishDuck is an online community discussion initiated and steered daily by a topical sports analysis article or editorial opinion composed by a wide range of characters (writers). Far beyond the feature article is the unscripted material contributed by commenters; collectively, “You.”

Some writers are current or former coaches while others are simply rabid Duck fans. Several are accomplished professional writers, many are students with a shared interest in writing and Duck sports. Still others are simply newbie fans just beginning to tune into Ducks sports and exploring new sources of information.

Throw in a similarly-wide range of commenters, and it’s easy to see that the cast of FishDuck is the proverbial Coat of Many Colors, providing content reflecting the diversity of the site’s writers and readers. At FishDuck we are truly and thankfully a mixed bag of teal, widgeon, black, canvasback, bufflehead, ruddy, and (oh those lovely!) mallard ducks, among others.

Kurt Liedtke

Is there such a thing as a FISHDUCK?

Earlier this month, John Canzano interviewed Rob Moseley on Canzono’s weekly show  The Bald-Faced Truth. Moseley, currently Editor-in-Chief at, previously covered Duck sports for The Register Guard. Moseley provided some fascinating insights as he reconstructed his career and how it had transitioned from his days at the Eugene paper. In particular, I found it interesting how Moseley had gone from an unbiased (cough, cough) reporter of Ducks sports to a behind-the-scenes Ducks insider with a vested interest in promoting Oregon sports, all the while retaining the clarity of thought and dedication to truth of a professional journalist.

In his role at, Moseley has inside access to coaches, athletes, locker rooms, travel settings and all the games among other direct access privileges not afforded outside media. It seems to me this is an awesome vantage point for Moseley’s work.

From YouTube Video

Rob Moseley is the face of

Hearing Moseley talk with Canzano reminded me of my own career inside government-sponsored lotteries. This job had me meeting overnight multimillionaires behind the dream facade of the lottery, interviewing sellers of winning tickets, and working inside the lottery to stymie criminal attempts to scam the system. The proverbial Cat Bird’s Seat is indeed an interesting place to sit.

Another idea Moseley touched on was that “journalism plays an important role in a democracy.” As we know, today’s journalism is not the same thing it was when news organizations had large staffs investigating facts and digging for the truth. Yes, media has changed in many ways. A sign of that change, FishDuck is the type of informal, user-driven social media platform that did not exist until recently. FishDuck is a democratic forum where writers and readers can ask questions, discuss observations, and say what they think. It is real-time, on-the-fly dialogue with limited moderation.

Moseley went on to say that one of his favorite roles is “interacting with fans.” Hearing this, it struck me that my favorite part of the FishDuck community is the opportunity I have to interact with other Duck sports fans. I enjoy reading the common fan’s reactions, responses, hopes, dreams and complaints about Oregon sports. There is something new to talk about every day, propelled by regular Ducks like me or not like me. FishDuck offers diversity galore.

Lois Fischer

Oregon football is always on his mind…

Another topic Moseley touched on was the recent wholesale transition of the football coaching staff. Moseley recalled how initially it was strange and unusual to him, after so many years of continuity, to have a locker room full of new faces and new leaders. I remembered my own angst about the new staff before I eventually accepted that they were up to the task and performing at a high level. Who moved my cheese?

Asked about Penei Sewell, Moseley was quick to point out that Sewell, the All-American offensive tackle is “about as outgoing and charismatic as there is on the roster.” Other descriptions included ”does not take himself too seriously,” “exudes competition,” and a player who is “redlining every day.” Holy Mackerel!

I have enjoyed many of Moseley’s stories over the years. My personal bald-faced truth though, is that I spend a lot more time and energy with y’all here on FishDuck than I do reading other Duck content. Your stories and comments stretch my thinking, delivering many facts I did not know about Our Beloved Ducks, and causing me to salivate for the next time they take the field.

Please reach out to Charles Fischer (Mr. FishDuckat if you think you might like to make FishDuck even more diverse, more instructive and more exciting by contributing your own article. In the meantime, I will be watching eagerly for your next comment.

Brent Pennington
Greenville, South Carolina

Brad Nye, the volunteer editor for this article, works for the Deschutes Land Trust in Central Oregon.


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Pac-12 Players Threaten to Boycott Fall Practices and Games:

A group of Pac-12 players, including some from Oregon, will opt to not attend fall camp or participate in games unless their demands concerning racial justice, pandemic safety, economic rights and fair compensation, in addition to long-term health insurance are met.

This was reported by ESPN and the Pac-12 has yet to be hear from the group, although a full statement from them is expected on Sunday. The article in ESPN is here with more information.

The beginning of the end of college football?

Certainly as we know it. Those are all conditions that employees expect.


The new schedule has found its way to the Huskies, and they aren’t happy for a sample of priceless bark & no bite:

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

OMIGOSH! The comments below that article made my day.

“We’ll have the Pac-12 North wrapped up by mid season.”

“The thing I hate about PAC-12 football is that I hate the Ducks so much it’s not healthy for me.”

(That is actually something that resonates with me considering I wrote an article stating that about the Huskies. Just writing the word makes me want to turn and spit)

“Winter is coming, Oregon’s winter of discontent…”

And then the howling about the schedule, and there was a ton of it…

“Third straight year that Oregon has either gotten a BYE or played the week before on a Friday night, giving them an extra day to rest/prepare.”

Oh boo-hoo!

This is my favorite:

Let’s keep this all is perspective:The Washington Huskies are still ahead in this 112 Year Rivalry 64 to 47 . . .
Now the last 25 years has seen more Oregon victories, but the 25 years prior 1979 to 1994 Washington won 13 or the 25 games and 25 years prior 1954 to 1979 Washington Won 18 of 25 games . . . and from 1929 to 1954, Washington Won 14 of 25 and from 1900 to 1928 Washington Won 12 of 28 with 3 ties . . . .

Santa Rosa Duck

I nominate BigDucksFan.

Jon Sousa

On topic: When Rob Moseley left the Register Guard for I commented on a board, “It was just because he wanted to be let into the practices.” At the time, no one was ever allowed into a regular practice.

Off topic: The schedule. It’s going to feel a little weird having the Ducks and Beavs play so early in the season instead of the last game. … and then I saw that USC-UCLA plays in the opening game. It does seem nice for the better teams in the league to have some “easier games” in the beginning.

I do think the Beavers are on the rise and almost never look at them as an easy out. JS is a very good coach and a very good CEO.

I too, am thankful for the bye week before the WA game as the dogs are the first game of a tough three game stretch.

Jon Joseph

The 1st out-of-the-box UCLA/SC and AZ/ASU makes good sense, (Larry still stinks.) This was designed along with the 2 byes to move these games back as will likely be required.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

When I began doing my “Fish Reports” on the various Oregon sites in the distant past, it was because of the sterile writing about Oregon football at the traditional newspapers. So I resolved to write about the Football Gossip we all love about the fall and spring practices and I did so for years.

Rob always sneered at how “unprofessional” sites like mine were when FishDuck came into being years later, and what did Rob end up doing?

Writing football gossip for Oregon’s own Pravda.

Schedule Update:

I was wrong yesterday in what I wrote about getting to Las Vegas; the winners of the South and North in 2020 will play for the conference championship at the home field of the team with the best record, as they did in the beginning. So, unless the South champ is UCLA…Oregon could end up playing a team twice this season. (Like USC, Utah or Arizona State)

David Marsh

My gut says cost… No garintee that fans can be in attendence so why host it somewhere that the conference has to pay for the venue. Having it played at the home of the team with the best record is far cheaper and dare I say better???

I’m calling an SC, Pac-12 champ game, re-match in Autzen. IF the schedule plays out as currently designed and Penei, Jevon, et al suit up, how about 10-1?

I do believe 11-0 with this schedule is doable. But since CU and Utah came on board, no school has gone 9-0 in conference, let alone 10-0; 11-0 with a champ game win.

Will 10-1 be enough for the final 4? I expect Clemson, assuming Lawrence, et al, suit up, to run the table. This includes getting a W at S Bend,

It will fascinating to see what a 10 game SEC conference only schedule will reveal?

Is there parity in the SEC or complete disparity? Will a 9-2 SEC champ get a bid? Will an SEC team go 11-0 or 10-1? Will Bama draw Florida in addition to Georgia that is already of the schedule? Or will Bama be handed 2 of Vandy/Mizzou/KY/So Car? The latter draw would come as no surprise to SEC fans who have long beefed about Bama being shown favoritism by the conference.

I see 1 of OK/TX with but 1L. The B12 is last in line to indicate how any games its teams will play. Tom Herman is under the gun at TX but has the best QB in the conference and lots of returning talent. Where will the Red River Rivalry game be played? Most likely not in Dallas.

Lincoln Riley will be starting a guy at QB who he actually recruited in the first place.

If Fields suits up for tOSU, I see Ohio State with a good chance of finishing 11-0? But watch out for that game at PSU, which unfortunately, will be a hanky wave and not a white out.

So, here’s a WAG: Clemson 12-0; SEC Champ 10-1; Ohio St 11-0; Oregon 10-1; B 12 champ something (# of games TBD) and 1.

If I am correct, it will likely come down to Oregon, the B12 champ, or a 9-1 or 9-2, UF, UGA, LSU, Bama?

Fortunately, Notre Dame either wins the ACC, as should always be the case, or no PO for ND.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

With so many teams in the running for the Playoffs this year….this sure would be the time to expand to an eight-team Playoff!

David Marsh

That’s the annoying thing with a good Oregon team… I think on paper Oregon is better than every other team in the PAC this year so undefeated should be a easy bet…. But it is so easy to drop one game that I don’t think I’m willing to proclaim undefeated season.


Very well written Brent, thank you. You’ve captured why I personally go to FishDuck first and most often. While I’m new to posting, the outstanding articles followed by a wide-ranging and civil discussion of our beloved Ducks have kept me coming back for years. While I get a lot out of GoDucks and other green and yellow sites, none can compare to what Charles has accomplished here. The almost family feel (Some of the grey beards on here are truly brothers from another mother) makes reading the comments almost like a discussion around the dinner table. Much appreciated, and Go Ducks!

Lou Farnsworth

/Greybeard Nod. Yup…just like the dinner table…./smile

Jon Joseph

Thanks for the comment and all the best.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Your wonderful comment is so cherished, and it could not have come at a better time, as I got some really nasty hate mail from someone who doesn’t like our rules, and he exploded at me with un-clean and un-civil language.

This site is not everyone’s cup-of-tea, and it makes me appreciate this community, people like you all the more. Thank you!

Don’t let ‘em get you down Charles, you have created and maintained a true refuge where “sisters and brothers can indeed bond together” ( thanks again Brent) over our beloved Ducks. The civility here is what makes it special, and uncouth comments like you (unfortunately) get, are and should be jettisoned! Keep up the good work Sir!

Charles, Change Delete to, ‘Get A Life. But Not Here.’


Fun article, Brent. Unfortunately, I have disappointing news to share. Sabrina was off to a great start in the Liberty vs Dream game yesterday; 10 points in 12 minutes, 4/5 shooting, 1/1 on 3’s, then this happened, early in the 2nd quarter:

Sources report that X-rays showed no fracture. On the bright side, Satou had 23 points and 17 rebounds in the Dallas Wings, 76-73, victory over the Indiana Fever. Two free throws by Satou capped the scoring for the Wings, while a block at the basket, and then tight defense at the 3 point line, thwarted the Fever’s attempts to tie the score

Jon Joseph

Fun take Brent, thank you.

In the photo of Rob, does he look a bit like Jim Carrey in Cable Guy? Right after taking out the backboard?

At the end of the day and the beginning of the season (knock wood!) the Ducks end up with as good a Pac-12 schedule as Mario and fans could have hoped for.

This slate of games has run the table potential. December in Utah could be chilly but the team will have had 9 games to come together before the conference finale. Watch out for 11/20 at Arizona.

As Charles noted yesterday, having a bye before the UW game is nice.

Let’s hope we are able to tee it up on 9/26.


Rob and I have talked via Twitter. He loves the same brand of old school heavy metal that I do. Also, he is a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

Go Pens!

Go Ducks!

Jon Joseph

Erin Go Bragh! BRUINS; Boston variety.

Jon Joseph

Went out to breakfast at the Metro Grill in Aiken. Truck in the parking lot with a big GO DUCKS front license plate.

Who Knew!

Jon Joseph

That would likely be my final bump?

Lou Farnsworth

“This slate of games has run the table potential.”

Yeah, it really does Jon. If we can run that gauntlet of WA-Cal-USC unscathed…….I am liking our chances of making the dance.

Jon Joseph

But will 11-0 overcome 8-2 Georgia?

Lou Farnsworth

If it doesn’t, then that would be prima facie evidence that an 8 team playoff is long overdue.

Jon Joseph

My new license reads: YNKDNSO.

I better get a haircut before I end up like Dennis Hopper.

Jon Joseph

Especially when considering that no conference team post Pac-10 to Pac-12, has gone 9-0, probably a big ask. Even more so to go 11-0.