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Readers, commenters and writers all play important roles in making FishDuck work, with our varying perspectives on Duck sports interweaving to form an Oregon sports enthusiast’s online community. The term community suggests symbiotic interpersonal relationships, and, truth be told, we are all related by our shared interest in everything DUCKS.

The heart of FishDuck is an online community discussion initiated and steered daily by a topical sports analysis article or editorial opinion composed by a wide range of characters (writers). Far beyond the feature article is the unscripted material contributed by commenters; collectively, “You.”

Some writers are current or former coaches while others are simply rabid Duck fans. Several are accomplished professional writers, many are students with a shared interest in writing and Duck sports. Still others are simply newbie fans just beginning to tune into Ducks sports and exploring new sources of information.

Throw in a similarly-wide range of commenters, and it’s easy to see that the cast of FishDuck is the proverbial Coat of Many Colors, providing content reflecting the diversity of the site’s writers and readers. At FishDuck we are truly and thankfully a mixed bag of teal, widgeon, black, canvasback, bufflehead, ruddy, and (oh those lovely!) mallard ducks, among others.

Is there such a thing as a FISHDUCK?

Earlier this month, John Canzano interviewed Rob Moseley on Canzono’s weekly show  The Bald-Faced Truth. Moseley, currently Editor-in-Chief at, previously covered Duck sports for The Register Guard. Moseley provided some fascinating insights as he reconstructed his career and how it had transitioned from his days at the Eugene paper. In particular, I found it interesting how Moseley had gone from an unbiased (cough, cough) reporter of Ducks sports to a behind-the-scenes Ducks insider with a vested interest in promoting Oregon sports, all the while retaining the clarity of thought and dedication to truth of a professional journalist.

In his role at, Moseley has inside access to coaches, athletes, locker rooms, travel settings and all the games among other direct access privileges not afforded outside media. It seems to me this is an awesome vantage point for Moseley’s work.

Rob Moseley is the face of

Hearing Moseley talk with Canzano reminded me of my own career inside government-sponsored lotteries. This job had me meeting overnight multimillionaires behind the dream facade of the lottery, interviewing sellers of winning tickets, and working inside the lottery to stymie criminal attempts to scam the system. The proverbial Cat Bird’s Seat is indeed an interesting place to sit.

Another idea Moseley touched on was that “journalism plays an important role in a democracy.” As we know, today’s journalism is not the same thing it was when news organizations had large staffs investigating facts and digging for the truth. Yes, media has changed in many ways. A sign of that change, FishDuck is the type of informal, user-driven social media platform that did not exist until recently. FishDuck is a democratic forum where writers and readers can ask questions, discuss observations, and say what they think. It is real-time, on-the-fly dialogue with limited moderation.

Moseley went on to say that one of his favorite roles is “interacting with fans.” Hearing this, it struck me that my favorite part of the FishDuck community is the opportunity I have to interact with other Duck sports fans. I enjoy reading the common fan’s reactions, responses, hopes, dreams and complaints about Oregon sports. There is something new to talk about every day, propelled by regular Ducks like me or not like me. FishDuck offers diversity galore.

Oregon football is always on his mind…

Another topic Moseley touched on was the recent wholesale transition of the football coaching staff. Moseley recalled how initially it was strange and unusual to him, after so many years of continuity, to have a locker room full of new faces and new leaders. I remembered my own angst about the new staff before I eventually accepted that they were up to the task and performing at a high level. Who moved my cheese?

Asked about Penei Sewell, Moseley was quick to point out that Sewell, the All-American offensive tackle is “about as outgoing and charismatic as there is on the roster.” Other descriptions included ”does not take himself too seriously,” “exudes competition,” and a player who is “redlining every day.” Holy Mackerel!

I have enjoyed many of Moseley’s stories over the years. My personal bald-faced truth though, is that I spend a lot more time and energy with y’all here on FishDuck than I do reading other Duck content. Your stories and comments stretch my thinking, delivering many facts I did not know about Our Beloved Ducks, and causing me to salivate for the next time they take the field.

Please reach out to Charles Fischer (Mr. FishDuckat if you think you might like to make FishDuck even more diverse, more instructive and more exciting by contributing your own article. In the meantime, I will be watching eagerly for your next comment.

Brent Pennington
Greenville, South Carolina

Brad Nye, the volunteer editor for this article, works for the Deschutes Land Trust in Central Oregon.


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