Mr. FishDuck Fine-Points: How Oregon Spoils a Happy Homecoming for Chip Kelly

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In this homecoming … who is the master and who is the grasshopper? Chip Kelly put Oregon on the map years back, but he has reinvented himself, and his new UCLA offense is a far cry from the Chip Kelly offense we were accustomed to in Eugene. Meanwhile in Eugene, Coach Mario Cristobal, with an infusion from new OC Joe Moorhead, has reinvented Oregon’s image and offense. Today, neither Cristobal’s Ducks nor Kelly’s Bruins represent the Blur of years past.

As I will every Saturday during the season–I will share what I am looking for in the upcoming game, My humble hope is to be at least 50% correct! Today’s game holds special significance for me after creating 50 videos back in 2011-12 (viewed over 2,000,000 times) of the Chip Kelly offense and defense with the Ducks. As always, let’s discuss before, during and after the game in the comments, and let’s savor every game that can be played.

Kevin Cline

Dorian Thompson-Robinson is now No. 1 in 2020 and has to be contained if he plays.

“I have met the ENEMY, and he is US”

Chip Kelly’s new offense is almost a mirror of Oregon’s, with the majority of Bruin plays coming out of the Pistol formation. UCLA mixes it up with some Shotgun, which telegraphs Coach Kelly’s Outside Zone Read plays as that is what he likes to run most out of the Shotgun formation. As many of you know, a complaint I have with the Pistol is how deep the mesh is taking place in the backfield, requiring a very, very fast quarterback to make it work well.

Tyler Shough and Justin Herbert have good speed, but the Bruin Quarterback (if he plays) Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR) has great speed, making the Bruin version of the Pistol much more effective. If DTR does not play, then UCLA’s Pistol formation will be easy for Oregon to defend, much like UCLA’s handling of the Ducks in 2017, when Braxton Burmeister replaced Justin Herbert. No chance of victory in either case…

DTR is a streaky passer who can throw some beauties and then follow up with some real head-scratchers. We have to assume he will have a career day against us, and the Ducks will need a very speedy “spy” to mirror DTR wherever he runs. This could be a very important game for the Oregon defensive line because DTR throws poorly more often than most quarterbacks when pressured, making this the game for multiple hurries and sacks!

Kevin Cline

Coach Alex Mirabal running a rookie offensive line might be the most important coach on the field?

There is NO STRONGSIDE on Offense?

The direction Oregon runs to is good-or-good, but the right side–whether the strong or weakside of the formation–performs exceptionally well. Offensive formations have their strongside (with more players stacked one side of the center) and a weakside that has fewer past the center. Our coaches have figured out that if those three players are Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu at guard, George Moore at tackle and DJ Johnson at tight end … that is all they need.

What caught my attention was how often Oregon ran to the weakside away from the big-three above and made big yardage on it! Huh?  The defense has the same number of players on that side, but they do not have the ability to beat those blocks. Once the running back clears the line-of-scrimmage on the weakside, there is often wide-open field!

This happened frequently in the last game, where Oregon would run to the weakside and just carve up the Cougars. Now if the-hack-Mr.-FishDuck can notice that … so have the Bruin coaches. If they flip another defender over to the weakside, then Steven Jones, TJ Bass and Alex Forsyth can blow through a lighter defense on the strongside! This Joe Moorhead play-calling luxury is brought about entirely by the unexpected strength of the offensive line and the best right side in college football!

Our WORST Match-Up….

The Bruins have a tight end, No. 85 Greg Dulcich, who gets open all the time, much like Jacob Breeland did for Oregon in recent years. Dulcich has elite speed and runs like a tall wide-out, but the worst part is who gets matched up by the Ducks to stop him? The well-below-average Oregon safeties … yikes!  If there was ever a time for a big growth game from newbie safeties Bennett Williams and Jordan Happle–this is it. Oregon’s worst match-up will have me gulping and taking short breaths; it does not help any that DTR and Dulcich are roommates with great on-field chemistry. They must be stopped…

Eugene Johnson

Can the young-guns protect Tyler Shough this week?

I am also going to be watching the Ducklings on the offensive line going up against some athletic and veteran UCLA defensive linemen who can pressure the quarterback. Is this going to be a “come-uppance” game for these youngsters going up against some experienced pass rushers? How well Oregon protects Tyler Shough will be an important indicator going forward as the Ducks’ passing offense continues to be unveiled. The “hand-battle” in the pass rush is usually won by those who have dealt with it hundreds of times, and that is not the strong suit of the young Duck offensive line.

The run-blocking of these big Ducklings is arguably the biggest surprise in the conference; can they match it against savvy pass rushers?

One way to slow down the Bruin rush is to run up-tempo. Increased tempo often made UCLA line up incorrectly against Colorado (which created explosion plays for the ‘Buffs) and disrupted the Bruins’ substitution patterns. In their haste to get into the play after being late to the line-of-scrimmage, the UCLA defensive linemen would often just bull rush as hard as they could. While that can produce sacks, as it did against Cal, it also makes UCLA vulnerable to screen passes and our new quarterback draw plays. Just some tasty tidbits that Mr. FishDuck is watching for today…

Kevin Cline

Ducks need to reach the end zone often to win in 2020.

The 2020 Winning Formula is Back-to-the-Future?

The biggest “tell” of the current differences between Coach Kelly and Oregon was a 4th-and-1 for UCLA against Colorado; Chip Kelly likes to “do what we know,” and in this case his bread-and-butter Inside Zone Read was stuffed once again. Meanwhile Oregon offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead consistently threw curves at the opposing defenses on key third and fourth down plays in our first two games. It is a fundamental difference in coaching philosophy; the Oregon version is more refreshing for the fan and clearly has had more success thus far in 2020. I am happy with where the Ducks are and yet wish Coach Kelly well against all but Oregon.

Back in the Mike Bellotti days, our coaches did their best to elevate the play of the two-star and three-star players that made up the majority of the Ducks’ roster at the time, especially on defense. The West Coast passing offense produced tons of touchdowns, and frankly our MO was to simply out-score our opponents. The typical score would be 41-38, and while it produced a ton of nail-biting, it also produced wins in spite of the Ducks’ short-handed defenses.

Since the defense in 2020 is not what we hoped … I believe our goal to win will be centered around scoring a ton of points and relying on the defense to make just enough stops to slow the other team down. Fortunately, Oregon has the talent on offense and in the coaching booth to make this method of winning a reality this year.

Ruin the Bruins!

“Oh how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

Phil Anderson, the Volunteer editor for this article, is a trial lawyer in Bend Oregon.


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Glen Park

Kind of late but here’s my prediction:

Oregon 45

Glen Park

Looking good for me! lol


Oregon 51

David Marsh

I’m going for my dream score… So going big here for Oregon.

Oregon 49 – UCLA 20


I read FishDuck often but don’t comment much. t I did want to jump in on this one.

First my completely off the wall prediction (this is assuming DTR plays) Oregon 52 UCLA 49. I think defense is going to be optional in this game.

I completely agree with Charles summary and I think Chip sees the same thing with regard to our weakness.

Chip is going to attack our secondary with quick passes and maybe a few long balls to keep us honest. My opinion is the reason our defense looked so good last year is that we had elite players in the secondary and we could let them go on an island while we were able to attack in both the running and passing games.

Now that we are exposed, (in general with exceptions), in the passing game, we cannot execute the same philosophy and have to be prevent defense. I could be totally wrong on this but it is just what it looks like to me.

On the offense side, my opinion is that Shough is elite in his reads at the mesh (most of the time… still has some rookie plays). I say this after re-watching the first two games several times. What has impressed me most is how he makes the read at the very last second for either pulling or handing off the ball and making defenders actually tackle the wrong guy without the ball. I may be skewed, but I think he does this better than Marcus The Great :-). I also believe his passing game will improve. He has a very bright future.

I absolutely love this offense and the play calling. The risk taking is something I think we have all missed since the days of Chip. Now I am not able to predict the play from my couch as “run it up the gut” before the play was run like last year.

So excited about the future of this team! Hope we can keep Moorehead for at least of couple of years so he can teach others the O before he leaves for a HC gig.

Sorry for the long post, but really excited for todays game!


Great points Re the drop off (so far) in a defensive backfield sans Holland, Breeze, & Graham. They have appeared vulnerable to a pedestrian backup and a true freshman so far.

UCLA’s DTR reminds me of Marcus in his ability to turn a scramble into a long touchdown, but if he should not play, former Duck commit Colson Yankoff would likely be his replacement, and he may be an interesting wild card. More like Herbie or Shough – a competent runner, but good passer – he rode the pines up @ UW, and then sat red shirt transferred to UCLA last year. So, a red shirt Junior who’s been running the scout team and taking 2nd team snaps, and must be dying to get on the field.

Not saying he’s going to Wally Pip DTR, but he may be more than competent to run this version of Chip’s offense and move the OVER up into the range SGM has opined.

Edit – with Yankoff I’m going Ducks 44-34. Go Big or go home!

Last edited 5 days ago by duckcardinal

It turns out that if Yankoff gets on the field, it will be as a WR.


Wow, news to me; thanks for the link. Wonder if they might flip him back under the circumstances; he probably has more experience @ QB than any of their other options.

Who would they call to play, the compact Texas gamer Griffin, the statuesque freshman McQuarrie, or the walk on? This could get brutal.


Ok DTR out, so I revise my prediction: UCLA 17 Oregon 38….

Jon Joseph

MY double down on Clemson at FSU is off the boards; game postponed.

So, in replacement, I’m going B1G BEDLAM –

Wisconsin -7.5 at Northwestern

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State – Over 59.5


Bedlam should be a fun game. OU QB Rattler is coming into his own as a first year starter (124 points in last two games!), while the Pokes’ defense better (relatively) in 2020, but not so fearsome as touted earlier in the season, having given up 41 points in their recent loss to Texas.

OTOH, the Sooner defense seems to be improving by baby steps, but still gives up a lot of explosion plays (to competent offenses), so the OVER looks like a savvy bet to me as well.

Last edited 5 days ago by duckcardinal
Jon Joseph

DC, so far, 2020 has been a great season for the Over. With the absence of a lot of practices, D seems to be tackling optional.

Alex Heining

A win is a win, but that one does NOT sit well with me. Hope Sewell is able to return and Cristobal is quick with an update on his status.

Last edited 5 days ago by Alex Heining
Phil Anderson

On a positive note I thought Shough played a heck of a game. Pressured all game but no INTs or other major miscues. Good decisions, good throws, and used his feet to get out of some jams. Thought he could’ve pulled it a couple times and ran but his solid game was key.

David Marsh

Even when getting sacked he tended to make the right call by just securing the ball and going down. Sometimes quarterbacks try to do too much and end up turning the ball over instead of just going down.

I do think in the last series it was a mistake to slide when he did… Oregon really needed to pick up a first down and though they had another play to do it it would have been easier if it was 3rd and 2 rather than 3rd and 4.


I love this community you’ve created Charles! My expectations aren’t nearly as high as they have been but It sure feels good to win a close game.

4 to 1 in the turnover battle and we needed every single 1 of them. The Chipper damn near pulled off the upset in an empty Autzen.

Lastly I really hope Noah doesn’t have a significant injury.
Cheers My fellow Ducks.


Potentially good news on Noah Sewell


No game proves that turnovers kill more than this one. Credit to the Ducks for taking advantage, quickly, of all of them.

Glen Park

This qualifies as a “terrible” win. Just a lot of stuff to unpack on both sides of the ball. Offense struggled all game, particularly the OL. Defense has regressed far more than I expected, they missed far more tackles than I’m comfortable with. If DTR played I think Oregon would have lost this game. Camden Lewis should NOT be the starting FG kicker anymore, he looks worse than last year.

Last edited 5 days ago by Glen Park

Agree about FG kicker. Is there anyone else? Why is this a weak area of recruiting?

David Marsh

Lewis was pretty bad for most of last year. He is apparently pretty good in practice and even the warm ups for the game …. Just can’t make a kick during the game that isn’t from extra point range. It is time to give the backups a shot.

The defense lost way too many pieces between last year and this year. This year was supposed to be a solid secondary and defensive line whole breaking in a new linebacking corp. Instead we have a new linebacking corp and a mostly new secondary (the corners have been ok)… So the defensive line has really been trying to do far too much.


What a nightmare of a game

Santa Rosa Duck

Totally exhausted. I a sure I am not the only one that thinks we need to bench Camden Lewis and use any of the backups. He apparently is good in practice. Who cares, he is one for five in real games.


Folks, we have a few more years before we really know what this team is about. We were not the better team here today though we scored a few more points.

What is happening with Thibodeaux? He has been a non-factor this season. In fact we hardly have had any rush on the opposing teams quarterback at all this year.

Lewis has to be benched, for his own good. It is guaranteed he will wiff if it’s more than 30 yards out. They have to try someone else. If they don’t that’s on the coaches not Lewis. Or the other option is to just always go for it on 4th down if your further than the 15 yard line out.

The pistol is a joke, and not a good one. That offensive scheme has singlehandedly ruined any chance we may have ever had of making the playoff. The coaches have to come up with something different.

The defense is the most porous I have seen in several years. Like maybe since the Brady Hoke year?

Age and lack of experience is on full display in all three of these games. I know that next year or the one after will reveal a much better effort…..or at least I hope so.

The good news is we are 3-0 but I don’t think we win out. UCLA is possibly better than they have been given credit for though.

Jon Joseph


That’s what I get for chipping on Chip.

But, the OVER came through.

David Marsh

Holy crap …. I need to go and put my heart back inside my body now…

The good news is that outside of the potential championship game there aren’t a whole lot of prolific offenses on Oregon’s remaining schedule.

Just need that defense to stop the run!


And who should come up next? The Beaves, with probably the best RB in the conference, got 196 against Cal.

David Marsh

Only good news is that the beavers don’t have much else going for them right now…

It does show how badly Oregon needs a big back on the field.


Win or lose, this has been a revealing game about the Ducks, and not in a positive way. No way is this a playoff team.


Some of this one is on the coaches. Horrible…….horrible run game plan.


And I mean run game plan on both sides of the ball.


Felton loses a yard…. Announcer “man someone’s gonna get a spectacular player at the next level”… Come on man.

Last edited 5 days ago by DuckUp
David Marsh

If you didn’t know it you would think ucla is the more highly ranked team…. Granted Oregon hasn’t played like the #11 team in the country yet this year.


I noticed bias in the announcers last week too. I wonder what that is all about. Perhaps it’s just our perception being homers, but it definitely seems like the announcers have been really impressed with the opposing teams here the past few weeks.
Maybe it’s just the under dog thing.

Glen Park

Andre Ware shouldn’t be a commentator, he sounded like he was half-asleep the entire game.

Glen Park

Is Camden Lewis on scholarship? If so, I think it’s time to talk about revoking it and finding an actual kicker.

David Marsh

Please stop the pistol!!!

Glen Park

I wish they would just do away with it completely. I’m sure Jim Maestro is still a good RB coach without the pistol.


It’s a joke. Every team we play is constantly in the backfield 7 yards right at the point of the hand off.
Why they don’t try to go horizontal on some run plays just baffles me.

David Marsh

The pistol has been ok this year when Oregon completely owns the line of scrimmage but if the opposing dline is getting pressure he pistol is even more useless.


Dude was starting to really get going.

Glen Park

Man linebackers are just snakebit this year. Justin Flowe’s already out for the year with a meniscus tear, if Noah is out for an extended time then there go the crown jewels of that class. Him getting rolled out by cart isn’t a good sign.


My guess is it’s a knee. He looked pretty hyperextended on that replay they showed.

Glen Park

Yeah one of his teammates accidentally rolled back onto his leg. I hope he’s ok.


I know I already said it but it must be repeated…’s real tough to win when you are always behind the 8 ball on special teams.

David Marsh

First series of the first half looked pretty good. Moved the ball well and lots of yards after catch.


Looked equally good for UCLA or I should say bad for our defense.
Though I do think they should of looked at the potential fumble. That was a mistake by the instant replay booth.


C’mon D come out and get a 3 and out!!!!




To someone who is more knowledgeable than me: is it a play calling and scheme failure on both offense and defense, or poor execution by the players, particularly the O-line?


That last run to Verdell from the pistol is evidence of bad scheming by the coaches.

David Marsh

Shough really hasn’t run the ball all that much so far…. He scrambled for a first down but not much in the way of a design.

There need to be some more shallow routes where Shough can get the ball out a bit faster. Need to force the ucla defense to back off at the line if scrimmage a bit.


We need all the luck we can get… I’ll take it.

Realistically though they are the bigger, tougher and stronger team. They are winning in the trenches and my bet is they continue to in the second half because of the difference in age/experience.

David Marsh

The defense is starting … Key word starting… To figure things out. Need better tackling to stop the run and the secondary has been burned a couple times… But the pass rush is getting there …


It’s the run defense that is the problem. Gaps are almost always 6+ feet……looks like social distancing off the line of scrimmage.

Hopefully they dig deeper here. Listening to Mario at the end of the half he was not happy. I saw some guys (including Thibs) giving up on plays. I am not thinking that is going to go over well with the coaches at half.


Yeah, if I were Mario, I would be disappointed at the lack of fire I’m seeing from my team.

David Marsh

I have 0 proof …

But before that last play of the first half I was chanting pick-6 to end the half… And it happened!

Thank you football gods!

Last edited 5 days ago by David Marsh

We want bama.


Ummmmmm……… we don’t. Though your sarcasm is not lost on me.

Glen Park

The OL is seriously getting outworked right now. UCLA’s DL just seems to want it more.


Older more experienced guys on their side. Our young team is being taken out to the wood shed right now.
Shough is playing scared at this point.

Last edited 5 days ago by CJ

O-Line is not holding up today. Is that 4 sacks they have given up in the first half?


25 yards rushing at 1.8 per carry……..not good.


Special teams continue to plague us as we lose the field position game time and time again.

David Marsh

Anyone else noticing that ucla seems to be getting away with quite a few holds… A lot of hands outside of the chest area.


Ummm…defense being caught not lining up in time for a Chip offense? C’mon coaches and players, you know that’s coming!

DTR may not get his job back.


UCLA definitely looks to be the better team at this juncture.
The defense dealing with a freshmen quarterback who has never thrown a college pass can’t get it done. The defense this year harkens back to problems we saw in 2017, 18 etc. Just too young and inexperienced.

David Marsh

I just want the win right now.

Here’s hoping Oregon comes out in the second half like they have in the previous two games.

David Marsh

The offense within 10 of the end zone was boring and utterly predictable.

Getting points was important for that drive … The offense needs more confidence driving the field. Just wish it ended in a touchdown.


Poor play calling from the 8 yard line there.


Anyone else feel like they notice the defense let up a little bit after we get ahead a couple scores?
That drive of UCLA’s when they scored seemed effortless for them. I thought I noticed this in the first couple games as well.

David Marsh

I think I just threw up a little with that verdell fumble…

Glen Park

I love Verdell and Dye but we need bigger bruising RBs to cut down on getting stripped in the pile like that.


It didn’t look like a strip on Verdell, he just lost the handle on the ball. Looked he squeezed it too hard and it popped right out.

Glen Park

That feels almost worse :P In any case, 2nd game out of 3 where a RB turned over the ball. That’s not a good trend.

Glen Park

Wow, just like that the lead is gone.

Glen Park

Watching Noah Sewell make a flying leap like Batman sacking Griffin made me laugh out loud!

David Marsh

That was impressive.

Glen Park

Is anyone else noticing that the defense is still having issues with tackling? I’ve counted several times already where a Duck should have had the ball carrier dead to rights only to miss the tackle or their arm tackle gets easily broken…


Yes, the tackling has been poor. And that’s even when a defender is in position to make a tackle, which is not often enough.

Phil Anderson

Nice series here by Happle. Perhaps our D will click into place after all?? Where are our linebackers?

David Marsh

Turnover to a touchdown! This is what we have been waiting for!!

Mike West

This is a tough call given We don’t know how many UCLA players DID NOT practice this week. Their up and down QB tweeted he’s playing, but who didn’t t practice?

Our boys should score 45. But will our “illustrious” head coach unleash his phenomenal offensive coordinator?

I say “not yet”.

Oregon 38-30


And the winner is Mike West! Damn near perfect!

Mike West

Didn’t get to see the game. Will have to catch it tomorrow night.

I believe we can now say even if Arroyo was simple (in contrast to Moorhead), I think we have a pretty good idea MC likes fighting in a phone booth, instead of leaving teams in the dust.

Sounds like the only impressive aspect of the game was the offense scored 38 points despite being fairly predictable.

FishDuck is on point again: MC is going to learn the hard way. He is going to lose another game he shouldn’t, or get obliterated by an elite team in the most embarrassing way.

Adter the first two games, especially both second half’s, in my mind there isn’t a conference team capable of holding the Ducks under 45. Not one. The only team stopping the Ducks is the Oregon Coaching Staff. Too bad. The offense is nitroglycerin waiting to explode.


Nine guys out for UCLA today including DTR, it’s going to be a bloodbath.


45 14 Ducks smack the chipper !


9 players including DTR out for UCLA.
Ducks roll LA. 48-17.
What I’d like to see is no turnovers in the 1st half. If the Ducks do that they may well score 55 pts.
Too bad because it looked like Chip has the Bruins tracking upward. Not his fault that 9 player will be missing. It kind of takes the pzazz out of the game though.

Jon Joseph

YES! I caught the O/U at 64 + not 66.5. Not needing the ‘FG’ could make the difference?

Go Ducks.


To paraphrase Henry Ford, I hate to make predictions, especially about the future, but Ducks’ defense will be hungry to change their image, offense will be difficult to stop, and no DTR: Ducks 45, UCLA 7.

Phil Anderson

Post DTR-is-out prediction: 48-13 Ducks. Ducks jump out to early lead but Chip sticks to zone reads no matter the lead.


The Avalos led defense is going to be disruptive. The offense will hang on to the ball and add a few more wrinkles.

Ducks 52. Bruins 23


Is the Oregon offense back, most of us are predicting 30-40 plus points? The offense is back and I am going for 50+.

I think the real question is how will the defense play? If we have few or no turnovers and the defense rises up then I am going 52-13, ruin the bruins indeed!

I also think the legend of Noah will begin with this game. He will have some epic tackles for loss and Thibs will join the party and the sack lead with 2 on the day.

Jon Joseph

Noah in a jumbo goal line package and a TD run?

Jon Joseph

Great take on today’s game Charles, thank you.

‘Homecoming?’ In terms of physicality, yes. In terms of psychology? Cue Doctor Evil’s – ‘How about No!’

Was Chip ever really ‘at home’ in Eugene? I understand the reference metaphorically of course, but in reality, Chip couldn’t wait to get on the NFL bus out of town. My guess, Eugene is not in the Chipper’s retirement plans.

Mike Bellotti handed Chip the keys to the NIKE kingdom including a terrific built-in coaching staff and Kelly capitalized on the opportunity. Bully for Chip. But did anyone hear the man say ‘thank you’ on the way out of town? How has Chip looked since departing Eugene and being on his own? Millions and millions of dollars for mediocrity is how.

IMO, he is an overpaid fraud. A guy who when the chips were truly down in the BCS champ game, wasted an amazing effort by NIck A’s D and was outcoached by Gene Chizak. Gene Chizak!

Ducks 42 – Bruins 31

And I hope this is the last time Oregon plays against Chip; that UCLA gives enough of a whip and has enough $ to kick this guy to the curb.


I also would have to give some credit to Chip Kelly. We had a relatively brief relationship, but man was it memorable. He may not be the best football CEO, but he gave the Ducks what he had, and then chased his dream. No apologies needed.


Radical, dude! A take on the Chipster that is plausible, but one with which I disagree…to a certain extent. I think Chip is like the band that had a #1 record, but never again recorded anything good: a one-hit wonder in the world of football. He had the smarts, the experience and the luck to figure out that the zone-read and a hurry-up offense would disrupt the then-staid world of college football. I mean, really, he and the Ducks changed college football for the better. But, that was his one and only hit. I don’t think he’ll get anywhere near those heights again; if he were going to, we would have seen some indication already. But, that #1 hit back then was pretty darn good!

Phil Anderson

Chip is the Don McLean of head coaching. (The American Pie singer not the UCLA basketball player)


I like it. Chip is Looking Glass, and Oregon is “Brandy”.

Last edited 5 days ago by 30Duck
Jon Joseph

But could and should have been, CUERVO GOLD ESPECIAL!

Basically, Nick A pitched a ‘Moet’ against CAM, OC Gus Malzahn and Auburn, and Chip couldn’t find the ‘Chandon’.

A warm, flat beer, play calling effort by ‘mastermind,’ Chip.


Norman Greenbaum…Spirit in the Sky…lol


The Knack…..”My Sharona” lol

Santa Rosa Duck

The crowd noise in Eugene is going to terrify the Bruins……….oh wait. I hope DTR plays but sometimes when there is smoke, there is fire. I say DUCKS 42 Bruins 17. GO DUCKS!

Santa Rosa Duck

DTR is out according to College Game Day.

Phil Anderson

I’m predicting a thorough spoiling to the tune of 51-24 Ducks. 200 yards for CJV and 2 sacks for Thibs. Go Ducks!

Phil Anderson

This was pre DTR news and I actually revised it downward to 48-13. O jumps out early but Chip won’t let his QB open it up in the air and stubbornly runs zone read after zone read, eating clock, and Ducks let up in 4th quarter.

Last edited 5 days ago by Phil Anderson

I have a recurring nightmare of enemy TE’s wreaking havoc on Ducks defenses, let’s hope it takes a break today. Meanwhile, Oregon’s new monster at TE, DJ, will hopefully lay waste to any Bruin defender who gets in his way!

Oregon 44 UCLA 23

Last edited 6 days ago by 30Duck
Duck out of Water

Great article Charles!!

Ducks 42
Bruins 20

Brent Pennington

Considering the noted similarity of the Bruins offense to ours I’m looking
for the Duck’s defense to fare well today. I am also predicting one or more takeaways and a big special teams play adding a boost to field position. The Bruin’s TE is a very real threat against a Ducks weakness. Don’t forget to SHOUT,
Ducks 41
Bruins 17

Jon Joseph

Oh no! Now I have to sweat my Over bet! Ditto, Charles and Duck Out of Water. But 30 is in my champ, which is nice. Also, Phil, Esq.

Last edited 6 days ago by Jon Joseph
Jon Joseph

I do have the OVER 64, and I’m feeling very good over all.