Spring Game Reactions: What IS the Upside of the 2021 Ducks?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials 26 Comments

Hello My FishDuck Friends … just as we have a “GameDay” article and continuous thread to discuss Our Beloved Ducks before, during and after the games in the fall….it makes sense to do it for the 2021 Spring Game as well.

This is not a “regular” article, and there will be more of these short pieces in the future that are meant to simply begin the Duck Discussions in the comments. Give me your thoughts before the Spring Game, during the Spring Game and of course we have to share our thoughts after the game of what we noted.

What are you going to be watching for?
Think we’ll see just the vanilla stuff? (That does make it easier on the defense!)
What do you think the run-to-pass ratio will be?
Want to bet on whether we see primarily 4-3 defensive alignments or the 3-4 alignments that have been hinted at?
Which players have you got your eye on?

Dillion Vibes

Remember when Dillon Mitchell blew up in the Spring Game before anyone knew his name?

I have only one major objection with the 2:00 PM time start time on the Pac-12 channel, and that is because it conflicts with the No. 9 in the nation Oregon Baseball team taking on the WSU Cougars in Pullman. The Ducks won wonderfully last night 13-0, but the Cougs have a pitcher today (2:05 PM First Pitch) that is every bit as good as our Cullen Kafka, thus is will be quite a duel that will be a delight to watch.

I will be recording the Spring Game and watching the Baseball game live since it is only Live-Stream, but even if my opinions are delayed …  they won’t be for long!

So many questions to answer to about players and scheme–so much fun to watch our 2021 team be revealed. So let’s get started–what are your thoughts, because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Gary Breedlove

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Encouraging to see Henry Katleman sending his kickoffs beyond the endzone!

Jon Sousa

More encouraging to see a 50+ field goal go between the uprights and over the crossbar.


Most encouraging to see is THERE ARE GREAT ATHLETES all over the field!

Santa Rosa Duck

That was fun. The young receivers all looked very good. All three backup QB’s looked good. Who stays and who leaves?

Jon Sousa

Well, I liked Butterfield and Ashford. Thompson is obviously talented but green. Needs more experience.

The young receivers were good. Surprised Pitman didn´t catch more balls.

Santa Rosa Duck

Aaron Smith is a nice surprise!


Hutson has great hands! Receiver corps is looking good. Nice scramble and eye discipline by Butterfield.


#34 Smith is taking good reps at RB.


Troy Franklin adds to.the quality at receiver! Good hands!

Santa Rosa Duck

Butterfield is looking good. That first pass to Troy Franklin was perfection.


Brown Butterfield Thompson each had some awesome passes. Ashford had a good touch on that early long pass. All will continue to learn from video of this game and progress this summer. Fall camp should be competitive!

Santa Rosa Duck

It has been a long drought and I am ready for some football. The QB situation is always interesting so I want to know who is #2? I don’t think we will see much of our two top running backs as we sure cannot afford injuries.

Too bad no fans. This game is outside is it not? Governor Brown had better start easing up. I have got tickets for October 15 at Autzen.

Above all, I hope for no injuries and at least one or two surprise newcomers who shine! GO DUCKS!

BTW who do we root for?


Stay Healthy #1. Smart decisions at QB and few if any blown coverage type big plays.

I don’t want domination by either group of ones and suspect that both sides will be looking at fundamental play, technique, and seeing who is playing fast and without mental errors. Spring is about installation and setting up competition for fall camp.

I want to see which of the newest freshmen and redshirt freshman make plays. I love that college ball is about high school kids becoming men.

Someone new will start to emerge, they always do. I’m always a bit of a homer but think that with AB and coach D the Ducks are a sleeper playoff team. Then again I live in a van down by the river. 🤷‍♂️

Ryan Robertson

Also, and this is just a blanket statement, I want to see CJ make people miss. He is talented enough to get drafted next spring, but if he can’t figure out a way to avoid big hits, he will be in shambles by then.

Ryan Robertson

I have heard that Brown and Herbert have great chemistry, so I’ll be looking for them to link up.

I also want to see the defense eat up the run. The linebackers should be absolutely FEASTING at this point.

Jon Sousa

I think all of Duck Nation has been waiting and waiting to see Herbert show up. He was a 4* and big brother was rookie of the year last year.

Ryan Robertson

For sure. I think this tight end room is absolutely stacked, so it’ll be hard to shine unless a player os really special. I’m hoping herbert is the special one.


I’m curious to see how the running backs will do.
At 3:50 I’ll be switching to the Kentucky Derby to see how those horses will do.