CFB Player NIL Opportunities: Oregon’s New Recruiting Advantage?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

When the whole Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) issue materialized in the media … didn’t you just cringe when you first heard about it? I was thinking about how “this could be the beginning of the end of college athletics” when considering all the unintended consequences, and of all the ramifications that did come to mind. This sounds like a mess, and unfortunately–it is not going away.

I was thinking how it is another big hassle for the Oregon Compliance Department to deal with, and another way to run a-fowl of NCAA regulations from the actions of the athletes, even when they don’t mean to. I have been worried about the income “have-nots” in the locker room and all those additional complicating components.

I was not thinking that Our Beloved Ducks could actually benefit from this legislation!

Tyler Booker is truly a very big recruit…

Yet Tyson Alger of The Athletic brought it our attention in his article recently (no link as it is a subscription site) concerning how he thinks he has a good idea of the pitch Oregon was making to JTT. This is conjecture, but it is based upon a recent interview he had with 5-Star offensive line recruit Tyler Booker who visited the Ducks recently, and the quote below is from his article and made available in

“It was amazing to see everything that Oregon is on social media, on TV and in pop culture and just to go there and actually see it and to be seen as one of their top priorities. You never go through a full season without seeing Oregon on primetime TV. You’ll see them about eight times during the regular season for the cool uniforms, and that means a lot to me because Name, Image and Likeness is coming soon.

They talked to us a good amount about that. (It’s) is a great opportunity for us to profit off of our NIL and the way Oregon informed me on it was very influential and informative. They’re really going to make sure I’m all set with NIL especially with that Nike brand and having opportunities to work hand-and-hand with Nike. That would be amazing.

On top of that, they told us how they were going to help us as far as telling us what brands that we should partner with and brands we shouldn’t partner with, due to their name or what they represent. They want to make sure what we’re attaching our name to represents us as a person. Most schools are talking about it, but Oregon is the first to really go this far to give me a clear-cut example to use it to my advantage.

We hadn’t talked about that on our Zooms, so that was a nice surprise. I mean it’s Oregon. It’s such a popular brand. That’s a great place to be.”

LaMichael James Nike Promo Poster from ten years ago!

Holy Crap; I didn’t think of this. Who is better at creating a brand and promoting it than Oregon and Nike?

Now I realize that all the colleges will tout their own NIL promotion for a potential player, but everyone knows that the Ducks fly past all opponents in this area. Could this legislation benefit Oregon for once?

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer  (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo from Tyler Booker Twitter

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