Ducks Add a Baseball-esque “WARNING TRACK” to Rich Brooks Field?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

Is FishDuck the only media source in Oregon that has noticed the new Baseball-like Warning Track on the field at Autzen during the Oregon Spring Game? Yes, I could not attend as either a fan or credentialed media, but I do have eyes that can observe on television a very big change on Rich Brooks Field. Yet I have not read or heard about it from any other source; have you?

As you see from the screenshot above–it is about two feet wide and starts at the sideline. I am assuming it is like a warning track in baseball that tells the outfielders that they are getting close to the wall as they back up. Is the objective here is to let the receivers know as they are looking up to catch a pass that they are now out-of-bounds and will be out of running room shortly? Perhaps it is also meant to protect the photographers and spectators as an ancillary benefit?

I had a ton of questions:

What is the stated purpose of the surface?
What is the substance in the track area? Is it sand or gravel?
Could it create injury of its own suddenly running and tripping/slipping on a new surface?
Why is now in Autzen? Is it due to legal actions in the past against the university?
Have there been serious injuries that initiated this creation?
Is this a new conference requirement?  An NCAA requirement?
Is this an experiment? Does it extend to this fall?
Why no announcement or explanation?

It looks like it surrounds the entire field…

I have not witnessed this warning track inserted anywhere at the college or professional level. The Oregon Sports Athletic Communications Department gave me a very brief answer to my questions above; they tersely wrote that “it is turf dyed grey.

That’s it? Why would you have this just for appearance? Boy, it’s great to get all the information! (Sarcasm)

What are your thoughts and theories about this new look?

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If I had my druthers, I would just want to be a writer for FD, and discuss the topics every day in the comments. But the site requires a boatload of work to keep things coordinated, running and maintained. I grew weary of training writers for 10 years continuously, and took a break from it at the first of the year. Problem is, as writers cycle out–we had no new ones and thus we dropped to four articles a week.

All types of Oregon fans, and I love them all.

On the web, “if you don’t have content every-day, the readers go-away.” That is web behavior and it cannot be changed and our readership dropped a ton when we reduced the number of articles per week. A Duck-Buddy of mine suggested I check a site for another school where they post a topic and the writer gives his take on it and invites discussion–of which they do all day long. Is this “conversation-starter” type article something we could do at FishDuck?

I tried it with this article several weeks ago, and we had great discussion from an article that was equivalent to only two paragraphs! A normal article will take me from three to five hours to complete, (not complaining as I like to write) but that short one took me 20-25 minutes is all. And the objective of initiating a great exchange of thoughts was achieved because the purpose is to start the conversation, and not focus on just the article.

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I can’t wait for GameDay!


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Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Screenshot on top from Pac-12 Video

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