Oregon Defense: “The Great Wall of Cristobal”

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Do you like the above nickname for the Oregon defense? I like how it rolls and rhymes so well, and I have to give credit to my friend, Ugly Duckling, for creating it with me. It just seemed so appropriate that an Oregon defense had some kind of moniker for what is evolving as a crucial element of this 2021 Oregon football team. Usually I am analyzing the offense, and there is time for that later, but I noted some items on defense that I just had to share.

The written word in this article will be much less, because I have a surprise for you; I made my first videos with audio in ten years! Now I do not have the editing I want, and it is rough, but it is fun to be commenting on a video instead of writing out everything. And it is fun to follow a theme for both videos as we look at these plays together. First, I am still reeling not only from the game, but also from how short-handed and young the Oregon defense on the field was!

We all know about Kayvon Thibodeaux and Justin Flowe not being available, but inserting a freshman at linebacker in Keith Brown who had no experience? And he made some plays before his injury! When Brown went down, they slid Noah Sewell over to weakside linebacker (Will) and brought in Nate Heaukulani at middle linebacker! This young man (No. 46) is a senior walk-on from Portland at only 6’1” and 224 pounds, and he has waited his turn to now help the Ducks beat the Buckeyes with some great plays.

But first, I do want to look closely at Noah Sewell’s highlights in Columbus…

Noah Sewell not only had a monster game, but he helped establish a physical tone and reinforced what Coach Mario Cristobal has been telling the press and fans over the last three years. Pundits have been acknowledging that Oregon’s recruiting is beginning to show, and that game at Ohio State was exhibit “A.” The respect factor is climbing higher, although I cannot complain with both polls jumping to No. 4 for the Ducks. Our path is simple to make the Playoff; win out to get in.

Yes, Ohio State got a boatload of yards, but the “Great Wall of Cristobal” held the Buckeyes 17 points below their current and three-year average. Sure, there are a ton of issues yet to button up, but the upside to this unit is clearly sky high, and yet it was a heroic performance by so many on the Duck defense. Want a glimpse of the future without Thibs? Watch the young-guns in this game…

Back to Sewell…. As most of you know, I’ve been critical of the freshman mistakes he’s made, but it appears that linebacker coach Ken Wilson has done a superb job correcting many errors and yet retaining his capacity for aggression and vicious hits. I must give credit where due, and I cannot help but wonder if Saturday’s performance might not get Sewell on some All-American lists as a candidate?

I love to notice the new faces that emerge, and one that caught my eye in the Spring Game, the Fresno State game and in Columbus is Bradyn Swinson in the above video. He was a 2020 signee from Douglasville, Georgia at 6’4″ and 240 pounds and was a 3-Star pass rusher at Rivals.com. He was offered also by Florida State, Arizona State, Missouri and North Carolina and was a typical recruit that I don’t really notice until he makes plays on the field.

It is exciting to see him realize during a big game that, “I can play here and make a difference.” Having that confidence-building game so early in the season really makes me look forward to his future growth. We all are thrilled with the plays he made in the video above, and his improving ability to shed blocks.

This article is a new and different format for me, and while it will not be the norm–it is fun to share my thoughts along with the exciting plays in one of most thrilling games in years at Oregon. This just whets the appetite for more of the “Great Wall of Cristobal” this 2021 season as…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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Darn! I loved the work he was doing for the Trojans.

Mike Bohn quote”

“I want to be exceptionally clear: our university and its leadership are committed to winning national championships and restoring USC football to glory,” Bohn said. “This decision represents our next step toward that goal in what has been a thoughtful and strategic process to build a comprehensive football organization equivalent to the premier programs in the modern landscape.”

Thoughtful and strategic? Hmmm…


I think we all knew it was coming sooner or later, it’s finally become untenable for the AD to keep holding onto him. Donte Williams is a good position coach and great recruiter but I don’t think he’s ever headed up a program before (or even a coordinator position). At best he’ll keep the team treading water this season but I don’t think they’ll contend for the Pac12 South, that’s now UCLA and ASU (assuming ASU doesn’t get slammed with sanctions in the middle of the season).


Interesting where Bohn says, “restoring USC football to glory”. Unlike Washington there actually is a glory to restore.

As I stated earlier, Pee-Wee Herman could have recruited as well as Helton at sc and I think he could have coached as well too. My bet is Donte Williams will do surprisingly well.

The key is Donte will have the players respect from the start. Helton couldn’t lead these student athletes through a buffet line.

I think sc will be an interesting team going forward, this season. The idea this was a ‘thoughtful and strategic process’ is laughable. Can anyone say damage control.

I have little doubt Donte will be replaced by a fatally flawed ‘thoughtful and strategic process’ doomed to fail. Donte will go on to great success.

Lastly I wish Clay Helton and his family all the best. Tough situation, much like Helfrich, lots of money, but a tough failure. Not what either man wanted nor intended to happen.


This was a short list on Yahoo Sports… “Early list for USC: James Franklin, Matt Campbell, Bill O’Brien, Luke Fickell, P.J. Fleck, Mario Cristobal, Greg Schiano and Tony Elliott. Former coaches who could be sought include Chris Petersen and Bob Stoops.
— Pete Thamel”


USC just writes down the names of successful coaches and assumes they will all make a pilgrimage to Heritage Hall to bend the knee and beg for the job.


I wonder where he got that list from? Probably created it himself. I seriously doubt Mario would leave Oregon at this point after putting in so much effort to make the program what it is now. As for the others, there probably would be at least some interest there. The biggest problem with hiring at USC though, to my recollection, is that the AD and probably the boosters don’t want to give a coach complete control over the program like they did with Pete Carroll. Probably explains the list of mediocre coaches they’ve hired since then.


The only thoughtful and strategic process could be hiring the hiring of USC AD Bohn, which they did, who then would hire the only decent coach he has ever managed Luke Fickell. The problem with that is only if Fickell decides to leave his job, and what he has built at University of Cincinnati, along with his fist son, part of last years recruiting class. He is also coaching there because of his religious affiliation, something sc doesn’t have.

USC AD Bohn was at Colorado over a period of repeated underperforming coaches. He also managed to destroy the Idaho football program. His one coaching hiring success is Luke Fickell while at Cincinnati. Bohn’s history of hiring and managing football coaches is encouraging for the continued sc underperformance.

Fickell has never coached or played outside of Ohio, his wife is from Ohio along with their kids, only knowing Ohio. Not sure that is a good fit for LA, actually I am pretty sure it isn’t. I would say a move to Notre Dame, or if it opened up tOSU is the more likely next steps.

Other than Fickell Bohn has hired repeated failures as the head coach of the football programs he has managed as AD. He may not be as bad as Matt Millen was at managing the Detroit Lions, but Bohn isn’t the guy you want hiring your football coach.

Looks like the sc football boat will be sailing well off the coast of football relevance for many years to come. There is always the preseason favorites projections which will undoubtedly still come sc’s way.

David Marsh

Helton dug his own grave (metaphorically speaking) when he went air raid. He abandoned the west coast linemen recruits to Oregon…. Who just showed how to use them. And went the way of building a program like WSU where recruiting is always difficult.

The season is absolutely shot for USC. The promotion of Donte Williams is to preserve their recruiting class. If he does well… That would be great for him, but he is in the same place Orgeron was in when he was the tempory HC. It is unlikely Williams will be truly considered for the job… They want a big name coach (not inherently the right choice… But that ahwat they want).


I wonder if they ever wonder if Orgeron was their guy after all? The kids played hard for him. USC cracked Orgeron, but I don’t care.


There were probably a lot of people unhappy with the previous USC AD that passed on Orgeron when he won the championship in 2019. That could have been the Trojans if they had retained him.


Not to worry, I am sure Donte will go on to a great career, not at sc, much like Coach ‘O,’ or better if I am right.


Helton and the Fuskies would be a terriffic fit–just sayin :)


Good to hear your happy about this team and I new we’d win because there are many reasons and I’m not gonna waste what I have to say here now on that. We all have to agree that everything seemed to be in place and what was up with this offense. So it was this game I new they all had to show up and boy did they. Oregon’s staff and the players looked the part.

The only terrible thing was finding out that Flowe we out for the game and someone one on 247 leaked this out of coarse because it wasn’t Mario and I new he would never give out info about players injury’s before they know. Man great win but pisses me off to not be able to watch this guy evolve into a TOP 5 pick to me. Did anyone catch the viciousness and passion this guy plays with?

Between him and Kayvon I’m quite sure this D and of coarse they are not the only ones pretty good on this D because everyone is playing their positions. This Defense will be ferocious and this is gonna be great because now were not only seeing the best recruiting ever and I remember Rich Rhule saying you can’t recruit at Oregon. He made that remark after of coarse all the past success.

Crazy how far we’ve come and now we should all be able to agree is that Oregon is becoming Alabama out West. I believe after that OS beat down because they weren’t used to seeing across from them a team that out dominated them both sides of the ball which is freaking exciting to think of the possibilities. Go Ducks and we love our Ducks.


“Scott Frost, offensive co-ordinator & quarterbacks coach for Chip Kelly, said he’d never take the HC job at Oregon because you can’t recruit to Oregon.”

That’s why I have (figuratively speaking) chased Scott Frost all over the country, rooting against him. Love to see what’s happening at Nebraska. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

(My therapist says I need to learn to hold better and more complete grudges.)


i am def enjoying the frost schadenfreud. such an arrogant idiot w no class.


He was just pissed they weren’t gonna give him the HC job. Besides Frost was never a real good recruiter regardless even as a staff Coach. I never ever believed you couldn’t recruit top 10 classes with all the recourses at Oregon.


Depth chart is out…both KT and Funa are listed as starters. Brown, too. Who knows?


Just shows you that Trojans, are not 100% effective. Sorry Helton, should have known.


Center never gets enough credit. If they’re doing their job well then we only see it through QB/RB/WR stats and plays.


I used to go watch MC’s games when he was in high school. Not because of MC, but because Columbus High in Miami was always a fun game. Lots of great players (Alex Mirabal (!), Marc Buoniconti, Brian Griese, Alonzo Highsmith, Mike Shula, etc.).

I went to many games in the Orange Bowl, the years the Canes won National Championships with Howard Schnellenberger, then Jimmy Johnson and then Dennis Erickson. MC was on those last 2 teams.

So I admit it. I LOVE MC. Chip Kelly was great. Truly a program-changer. But I LOVE MC.

A few years ago, many fans were complaining that UO would never win a Natty so long as those teams back East had offensive & defensive behemoth lines that could blow UO off the ball. 

Enter Mario. And now WE have those lines. WE can blow THEM off the ball. MC brought those guys. Scott Frost, offensive co-ordinator & quarterbacks coach for Chip Kelly, said he’d never take the HC job at Oregon, because you can’t recruit to Oregon. 

So eventually, we settled for MC. It took a Cuban to figure out how to recruit to Oregon. And the way to do that is … get the best offensive linemen. If you do THAT, other elites will follow. And they have.

And then the complaint became, “MC SUCKS! We’re not flashy like when Chip was here. We’re not FUN! We’ll NEVER win a Natty this way!” 

No way will UO finish undefeated this year. I still expect they’ll lose 2 games, and people will be calling for MC’s scalp again.

Reality? The grass is not greener. UO will NEVER get a better HC than Cristobal. He’s not perfect. But he has 3 Natty win-rings. He’s been there, done that. He knows how this deal works. UO will never hire a better guy for this job.


Always thought he seemed like a very smart player and a good guy. Nice to see it working out for him.


I was pleased to see him catching some balls. Sean Peyton seems to have found a niche for him. He performed well.

Pharaoh Brown also had a nice game this weekend for the Texans.


I wish that Gemon Eaford had stuck around. I thought he was pretty good.


The 11 Warriors website just posted a great film study from the game, doing a lot of in-depth analysis on how tOSU got beat. It just came down to preparation, play-calling, and execution. The Buckeyes simply got out-coached by the Oregon staff and especially by Joe Moorhead. It’s a great read.



Thank you, I’m glad to be back on here again! I got some much needed time away from all electronics but missed checking the site!

It’s really a great article, taking a good critical look at what Oregon did right and what tOSU did wrong and giving credit where it was due. The video analysis of various Moorhead plays was especially interesting. I hadn’t thought of it before but it really was to our advantage that Moorhead is on our side given his extensive experience playing tOSU while at Penn St. He knew exactly what to expect and prepared accordingly.


Before this game, I though Noah was over-rated due to ‘whiffs’ and poor pass defense. But he sure put it all together this game!

When Kayvon and Flowe come back, and I think Manning will take a lot of snaps from Wright, and Hill gets back to being wrecking machine, this defense will be one of the best. And Dorlus is looking like a super star as well. Popo is solid.

Just need to get some more playmaking from the other edge position. And I want to see more A. Jackson.

Wouldn’t it have been awesome to have had Noah playing the last time the Ducks played Ohio St? When Elliot ran wild all over the Ducks.


McCormick out for the season, right leg injury, according to O Live.

Mario says Flowe’s injury is “pretty significant”, and Mario is a usually a master of understatement when it comes to injuries.

And, no timetable yet on KT.




Man poor Cam, he’s just completely snakebit. He has all the talent in the world at TE but his body just won’t cooperate, I feel really bad for him. Would not be surprised if he medically retired at this point.


Keith Brown?


I believe that 21 was Keith Brown. I was watching highlight video which showed Brown chasing after a player but ended pulling up grabbing his left hamstring, I think. A test of our depth is going to happen. What I miss most is the physical play from safeties knocking receivers off their timing or routes, ie as in Brady Breeze style. Love how DJ Johnson blocks, catches and then went after Stroud as DE, that is how you show the NFL your value, I think we will be watching him on Sundays.


If Cam is done, he can know he fought the good fight and had an epic last catch. The kid can flat out play football, and if healthy could have been one of the greats.

For Flowe, I am left wondering how he keeps getting hurt. It seemed like he came here with no history of injury, unlike Cam who was a bit injury plagued.

Keith Brown too seemed to come up lame pretty quick, strange injury bug to our elite LB crew. Anyone see anything on Brown’s status? I saw him as he went lame and it didn’t look good. Looked like a pulled hamstring which can become chronic, at least for somebody my age, hopefully not him!


Duck Territory says regarding Brown’s injury that Cristobal made note that it was only a cramp, and “nothing of large magnitude.”.

David Marsh

Poor Cam McCormick… At this point he just needs to medically retire. Recover his body and move on from football. He has the skills but his body just won’t let him play.

In what sport does Oregon NOT have at least one of the top 2 coaches in the Pac-12?


Volleyball and Soccer, I think, are up and comers. I love the fact that sports in general are seeing a high up tick at Oregon. While other schools have a Top three of Football, Basketball and Baseball in men’s sports.

Oregon Ladies have Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Tumbling and Acrobatics. A lot of diversity in sports at Oregon.


Women’s Lacrosse, lol, always competitive but seems they hired a new coach, Coach Chelsea Hoffman, back in 2018. Hoffman replaced Coach Katrina Dowd. Made a lot of news back when Chip and Helf were around, I think they call it a club sport. Did a little digging, apparently started in 2005 with the first Coach Jen Beck.


Talk about a hot seat, Helton is again having calls for him to be replaced.

Oregon’s win was big, 14 point underdog and winning by 7. The spoiled children were 171/2 point favorites, at home and lost by 14. Maybe Helton’s time is coming to an end?

It is amazing to watch so much talent, so undisciplined, so unorganized.

Watching players pounding their chests like they did something important, while teammates are on the ground looking for help getting up says it all when watching this group of individuals perform.

We are fortunate the culture at Oregon is leading to a team of players. Helton is leading a group of individuals looking for highlights, to almost certain defeat.



I’m going to start a social media disinformation campaign to keep Helton in place; create Facebook groups like Fight On Clay, and Trojans for Helton.

The longer he stays, the better. I’m not one of those people who believe that the world needs a strong USC. Oregon is making the PAC relevant, regardless of what the under-achievers down south do.


I would be all in for “Trojans Save Helton from Unintended Consequences” I think it says it all.


With potential losses at ND, UCLA, BYU, and perhaps Utah & ASU, this year could be it for Helton. Although, all/or most of those games could go well for USC. Maybe we should start speculating on who will replace him?

when it comes to leading a renowned football program representing a prestigious university, even a good man can be a bad fit, and even a builder of character must also be a producer of victories.

I found this quote to be almost fitting elsewhere, before a big win Saturday.


Seems more like a description of Helfrich, although Helfrich was a great OC, but couldn’t lead the student athlete’s. Helton can’t coach or lead the student athletes. The big difference is our Athletic Department could see the problem, and fix the problem, not sure about sc.

All won’t be lost if Helton is gone, finding the next Pete Carrol won’t be easy. Being predicted as wildly successful, not so hard.

I won’t say Helton can recruit as compared to Helfrich, because I am pretty sure Pee-Wee Herman could put together a top recruiting class at sc.


Helfrich for sure, but also MC… That is, before he made me eat crow. Mario is showing me exactly what I want to see – improvement.


I am very thankful we have MC. I keep thinking about the state the team was in during Helfrich last days, and then the Willie Taggart debacle. Thinking about MC having to take over and right the ship, building the program up to what we are now seeing before our eyes at the Ohio St. game.

MC is building something very special at Oregon. What he has done in recruiting is outstanding as well as coaches he brought in.

Again, I think about what MC said to Canzano….”Early in Cristobal’s tenure he messaged me in ALL CAPS, “I PROMISE YOU THAT WE WILL REBUILD THIS THE RIGHT WAY.”

He then added: “AND BUILD IT TO LAST.” Again, glad who we have at the helm and the culture he is instilling in these young men.

On a sad note…Justin Flowe out indefinitely and Cam is out for the season. I am very sad to hear this news. Wishing them both a speedy recovery.


There was the glimmer of hope, the new Sark was coming back but Nah, that faded on Saturday when the real Sark came out to play. Now, just waiting on Lane to show his real self and why Saban is the king of the rebuild. I know, I know, people can change but you know sir Nick got to be grinning.


USC trolls used to post about how they would dominate once the effects of the sanctions were passed on O-Live. USC and UCLA are the SEC of the P12, as far as the media is concerned. I’ll never feel sorry for their programs. May the Ducks continue to Chip away any hopes of success they may have.


Don’t forget the program with the coach of the year candidate, picked to go 12-0, Pac-12 preseason favorite dawgs. There are few programs as loved by the pundits as the dawgs and trojans. Reality is tough on those who thrive on hope and little else.


What is fun to see with Helton & USC is that what them together is still in place. USC is no longer a destination for top coaches. Helton didn’t beat out the best of the best to get the job, he was just the best USC could get. I say, without hesitation, that if, and of course this is completely hypothetical, if Oregon’s job came open, it would attract a higher quality of applicants than will USC, again.


If you (like me) stupidly did not record the game, you can get a hi-res, commercial-free replay here. SPOILER ALERT: Ducks win again!

Only flaw? They somehow managed to edit out Oregon’s 2nd touchdown.


Our beloved wall of cristobal. 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


Santa Rosa Duck

Next up Stony Brook Seawolves. Saturday they crushed Colgate 24-3. Should we be concerned?

BTW Fresno State beat Cal Poly 63-10.

Fresno state might be a bit more talented and well coached than originally thought.


I would love to see Fresno State give UCLA a good game, and handle their business in the Mountain West. Oregon needs all the SOS help they can get.

Jon Sousa

If we can just somehow get past Stony Brook, I think we might have a good season.


I’d love to see Oregon use the first half to fine tune AB’s play and the second half to the freshman for some game experience.

Duck Phan Phil

On that second 4th and 2 in second video, they do not get the snap off before the play clock expires! This officially nullifies any buckeye whining re PI on the play.


You are correct as far as the video, but I think that is Fox’s clock, not the official clock. There was another play where the clock was winding down on TV, then it “magically” changed to 20-some seconds. Regardless, there are times when it feels like teams get a 1/2 second or so grace period.


The holding call against Walk at the end of the first half nullifies any PI call. Or the Late hit out of bounds on Manning nullifies the PI call.

Walk was being dragged to the ground by his facemask and Manning hit Stroud before he ever touches out of bounds. The holding call wiped a catch by hutson that would have made it first and goal and the manning call put tOSU well into a scoring position(the did score).


I agree the CEO is doing a great job. The real question is who is making this defense great?

If you look at Cal’s defense it isn’t the same, and is giving up more points. Our defense isn’t the same either, but we are giving up fewer points. This is being done with fewer players than Avalos had too.

I would name the Oregon defense DeRuyter’s wreckers, or maybe DeRuyter’s uprooters as the credit should go to the DC. If Cristobal needs the credit, to stay in the background, the ‘The Great Wall of Cristobal’ works too.

It is nice to see the Coordinators becoming so important, again!


Both former head coaches. Keep ’em happy, Mario, they’re doing a great job.

David Marsh

I think DeRuyter is around for a while. He could have found himself another head coaching job after his time at Fresno State but opted to go to Cal. Yet again he could have found a head coaching job but opted to go to Oregon. I think he is happy as a coordinator.

Moorhead is a bit more difficult to pin down. I think with him it all comes down to how happy his family is at Oregon.


If he continues to be successful at Oregon I think Moorhead is gone in 3 seasons. Smart offensive coaches with a ton of experience like him will always get HC offers somewhere. Obviously I don’t want him to leave but that’s just the way of things, tough to keep good coaching talent.

Duck Phan Phil

Roto DeRuyters?


My recommendation would be: DeRuyter’s Destoyers for the D-Line and save “the Great Wall of Cristobal” for the O-Line.

Oregon absolutely OWNED the line of scrimmage on Saturday!


I think you are missing on Joe Salave’a. This is obviously DeRuyter’s bend don’t break defense but Salave’a is the one who has developed our Dline. We are getting phenomenal run stop while playing two high safeties all game. Salave’a isn’t the best recruiter on the team but I would say that he is the best developer. We have 2-2.5 deep power 5 level depth on our defensive front 7.

One issue from last season was Dline not setting the edge which allowed teams to run easily on us. This year it is cleaned up to perfection. and when we look at the OSU and being able to set the edge against these Tackles and this offensive line is impressive. By these guys setting the edge and pushing the oline upright it makes it so much easier on our extremely talented LB’s now to get the stop they just have to find the whole something that Sewell can easily do(same with Flowe and Hikulani and Brown). Winning the LOS is 90% of the battle and Salave’a has created a deep deep monster.


Love Joe, but the only difference is….. DeRuyter. DeRuyter may be the best hire Cristobal has made.

A guy who knows how to develop talent, use talent in a way they are successful, and scheme against opposing offenses, is priceless. Also a coordinator who knows how to help other coordinators excel is an extremely important trait.

I think an argument could be made the biggest difference maker this season, on the sideline, is DeRuyter, and will be going forward. He is the leading candidate for the Broyles Award, right now.

David Marsh

Cal lost DeRuyter and the defense isn’t the same…
Washington lost Kwiatkowski and isn’t the same… their offense is double bad too.

Interesting how that works out… Head Coaches are not coordinators and even with solid resume’s of performance they need solid coordinators to enact their vision.

This game against Ohio State we really saw what Cristobal’s vision for Oregon was… we had seen glimpses of it before but this was THE game where we saw it. Strong line play that was very physical and relentless and the ability to move the ball in the run game while stopping the run game from the opposing team.

Duck Phan Phil

We were a little reminiscent of Nick Allowalotti’s bend don’t break defense. This was probably the beat passing offense we’ll face all year, although ASU is pretty formidable. KT’s return will make things easier for our secondary


LOL! Yeah, those were some flexible defenses, for sure.

“Nick Allowalotti’s”


NO. Nick had DBs who could cover. And top teams ran on the Ducks.

Santa Rosa Duck

With 50% of our defense out due to injury, this stat will surely improve as they come back.


Good point. It should also improve as we get into conference play … The Pac isn’t exactly filled with world beaters ​​😄

But if Oregon intends to compete for a Pac12 title, or greater, then the pass defense needs to improve greatly against the best opponents, not just the inferior ones.


Charles, I don’t remember what my scoring prediction was for the Ducks this year, but so far I am right about a small differential vs other teams and yet still winning games.

I wonder if Cristobal didn’t just play prevent defense and get conservative on offense once he a good lead in the second half?


Thanks for the link. I liked the one guy who said “this was a program win”. That’s the key; it wasn’t due to a couple of individuals, it was due to all the things Mario has been building, from recruiting to hiring.


I hope these young LBs are only out a week or two. They need that depth back to run the table.

That D sure looked good against the run. And Sewell’s ability to plug those gaps and drive 5 star RBs back was awesome to see.

I cannot wait to watch this D unit healthy and full go. The offence will also only get better.

Watching the Ducks roll and the Fuskies lose made for a great Saturday.


Washington is truly awful, sad but fun