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Betting on the most popular sports can be intimidating in Oregon. But there’s nothing to worry about when you have an expert like Tim Harrison guiding you. Online gambling is tricky when you’re in the US. It’s not us saying this. It’s what Tim Harrison started with. If you don’t know Tim, he’s the BetZillion representative for today’s post, where we will explore the betting landscape in Oregon.

Online Gambling in Oregon: Is It Legal?

When Tim said betting in the US is tricky, we asked him to elaborate. Although we’re familiar with the scenario, we wanted to hear it from an expert. As of now, the states in the US are responsible for regulating their betting paradigm instead of the Federal government.

It’s all been possible since the Supreme Court lifted the ban on single-game wagering back in 2018. Since then, more or less 30 states have come forward with refreshed betting legislation, and Oregon is one of them. The Oregon State Lottery regulates all types of gambling in the state. Although there is a number of land-based sportsbooks spread across the United States of America, the online sports betting industry is yet to flourish.

DraftKings turned out to be one of the pioneers in this regard. It’s partnered up with the Oregon State Lottery to offer the full array of betting features to the state’s residents! Previously, it was the Scoreboard mobile app. Although the app is still live, the state lottery board requests bettors to transfer their accounts to DraftKings. Now that we’ve cleared the air about the legality of online sports betting in Oregon let’s move onto the section where Tim explains the most popular sports there. For betting purposes, of course.

Tim Harrison to FishDuck: The Most Popular Sports in Oregon for Betting

When Tim explained the wagering landscape, he used 4 major tournaments from the four major sports in the country. Let’s sum it up as the betting expert would want us to.

Payton Pritchard is fun to watch in the NBA.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

It would be an understatement to say that the NBA is extremely popular in the US. People from all states go equally crazy over the biggest showdown of basketball in the country. Thirty teams (29 from the US) come together every season to play 82 games and hopefully bag the trophy. Many high school kids dream of becoming pro basketball players to this day. Stars like Kevin Durant and LeBron James have been a massive influence, at the least.

So, isn’t it obvious that the NBA is one of the most popular sports for betting in Oregon? Tim asked us. And we had to agree. We’re sure you’ll agree too! As the representatives of betting sites in the USA, DraftKings is offering all kinds of alternate spread, alternate total, regular total, and moneyline bets. The odds are also going to be phenomenal! So, if you’re interested in trying your luck with NBA betting, this might be the time.

National Football League (NFL)

Right behind the NBA, American sports lovers are drawn to the NFL. American football is divided into two main conferences, the AFC and the NFC. Each of these conferences is further divided into four divisions each. In total, you have 32 teams competing every season. Just like it was with the NBA, you get all the popular markets for the NFL with DraftKings. Tim has seen that the KC Chiefs were the favorite for this past season with estimated odds of +750. HOU, Texas, was on the other end of the spectrum, with +15000 odds!

All the anticipation leads up to the Super Bowl, the annual playoff championship game of the NFL. DraftKings mainly offers moneylines, point spreads, over/unders, and futures bets for Oregon bettors. You can also expect various prop bets as the event rolls out.

National Hockey League (NHL)

In terms of the popularity ranking, NHL falls behind the NBA and NFL by quite a lot. But it doesn’t mean the ice hockey games are less attractive for betting. Markets are abundant for the matches. These markets include 60 minutes lines both with and without the tie, no bet twist, alternate totals, and alternate puck lines. The Usual markets include puck lines, totals, moneylines, and end of regulation.

Former Oregon ace David Peterson is now with the Mets.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Being America’s very own sport, baseball has always been showered with love from both sports lovers and bettors. Abner Doubleday is credited to the inventor of the game, and the origin is believed to be in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Although the two states of Ohio and Oregon are parted by over 2200 miles, the love for baseball brings them together. So, it’s evident that bettors have a soft corner for betting on the MLB matches. Iconic teams like the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Mets have always been the people’s favorite.

As a result, these are the teams with the lowest odds pretty much every season. However, Tim advises putting your trust in these teams because you may win less, but your likelihood of winning is very high. At the time of writing, DraftKings offers three major markets for MLB. The tournament winner, the league winner, and the division winner. You can see the odds by simply visiting the sportsbook.

Tim’s Suggestions for Paying DraftKings in Oregon

If you’re getting ready to hone your betting skills once again, Tim wants to help out. You might not need any help with the betting per se, but you can surely use some support for the real money transactions, right? Visa, MasterCard, and American Express always come to the top of the list. These are all credit card providers, and all of them are accepted across sports betting sites in the US. After the credit cards, PayPal has taken the place for the most popular E-wallet. Then, you can use your Discover credit card, Apple Pay, or Amazon Pay. Frankly, as long as you feel that your payments are safe, the payment method doesn’t matter.

A land-based is nearby in Oregon…

Local Sportsbooks for the Win

If you’re looking for a few land-based destinations to taste the old-school craze of betting, Tim recommends that you visit William Hill, Ladbrokes, BetMGM, or FanDuel. FanDuel is currently leading the betting market!

A Few Tips from Tim Before We Part Ways

Don’t try to bet on a sportsbook that’s not licensed for your state. The laws are still evolving, and Tim doesn’t want you to get into any trouble. Understand the odds before you bet. Just because a team has the highest odds of winning doesn’t mean it will. Do your research before placing your hard-earned money. Recent history of the teams and players, weather reports, and previous game results will help you identify the best markets for you.

Let’s Wrap Up

Sports betting is one of those activities that have gathered a global following. Tim Harrison from BetZillion loves it. We love it. And we know you love it too. Make sure you bet responsibly.

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