Uncovering the Football Odds of Oregon Winning the Pac-12 Conference

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We’re close to the college football season and with it, the regular buzz that comes at this time of year is all around us. The rosters start to take shape, teams’ strategies start to become a bit clearer, and the bets for who is likely going to win start to flood in. This article is going to specifically look at Oregon and how likely they are to win the Pac-12 conference.

Who Are the Current Favorites?

As it stands, when we consider the buzz surrounding the Pac-12 conference, there is no getting away from the fact that the USC Trojans are one of the most talked about and exciting teams heading into the season. However, they are not the out and out favorites, rather, they currently find themselves in a three-horse race alongside Utah Utes and the Oregon Ducks. USC have odds of +200, whereas Utah and Oregon are not far behind with odds of +280.

Who Are Trailing?

If sport teaches us anything, it is that there is never a guaranteed winner and that anything can happen. We use websites filled with the likes of NFL odds to get some kind of idea, but there is a lot more to it than stats. We need to consider what the players’ mindset will be like and the home town advantage to get a true grasp on who a likely winner could be. Of course, with all of that in mind, there are still teams that have the worst odds of winning.

Colorado is going to get left behind–according to these odds.

The three who are the biggest underdogs in this season’s Pac-12 conference include Stanford, Colorado, and Arizona, all of whom have fairly poor odds against them. The odds of Stanford winning currently stand at +8000, Colorado is slightly worse off with odds of +15000 and at the very bottom are Arizona with odds of +30000!

Oregon’s Team

So, what kind of a team does Oregon have that put them as one of the favorites to win the Pac-12? Coming in at Quarterback is the former Auburn star Bo Nix, who is strong enough to shake off competition whilst still throwing a pivotal pass. Also, at quarterback you have the 5-Star recruit in Ty Thompson, with Jay Butterfield who demonstrated a good arm in the Oregon Spring Football game.

Handoffs from the QBs to the Running Backs you have Byron Cardwell, Sean Dollars, Mar’Keise Irving, Jordan James, and Noah Whittington. The team is certainly a strong one on offense while the defense has their own prime performers in Noah Sewell, DJ Johnson and Brandon Dorlus. As such, there is no reason why Oregon cannot go all the way and win this season’s Pac-12 with the experienced roster that returns for 2022.

Will Oregon have a conference championship to celebrate in December?


With another season of sport upon us, all the speculation as to who will reign victorious in the Pac-12 begins. There are several teams that are capable of winning the Pac-12, but the three favorites remain to be USC, Utah, and Oregon. Of course, the odds are there to be beaten.

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