Remember the Belly-Bop! Join us in the GameDay Discussion Thread vs. BYU

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

It’s free! A tremendous GameDay discussion thread in the Our Beloved Ducks forum that we invite you to join. But first, you need to know this best payout online casino and I am wondering who remembers the “Belly-Bop” safety on Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer of BYU by Oregon’s massive Nose Tackle (No. 69 above) Marcus Woods in 1990? I’d like to cover that fun event, discuss a new wrinkle shown in the last Oregon game, and share some FishDuck humor involving yours truly. Let’s get started with the fun!

The Belly-Bop!

Marcus Woods does the “Belly Bop” on Ty Detmer for a safety!

I was a young lad in my mid-30s who was just into his fifth year of season tickets at Oregon and was sitting in a prime-time seat to witness the event. Some Oregon games over the years have been “Life Events” for me, as their memory is seared in due to the fun and emotion generated at the game. The BYU-Oregon showdown of 1990 was one of those. The crowd was jacked for the No. 4 Cougars, and some early sacks of Cougar QB Ty Detmer pulled some cathartic screams out of the fans.

Back then we just had Astroturf on top of concrete, and the result was sound waves from the crowd bouncing off the concrete and back through Autzen. Now we protect the players with the millions of rubber pellets in FieldTurf, but that rubber absorbs a ton of sound and Autzen is clearly less loud than it was that September day 32 years ago. When Marcus Woods burst through through the offensive line and knocked Detmer over with his chest/belly, the sound was simply unreal. You could plug your ears and it still hurt, and if someone tried to communicate by yelling in your ear–you could not hear him.

If you would like to replay the details of that memorable game, we have a FishDuck Historical Article that details with videos the sacks, the touchdowns by Sean Burwell, Jeff Thomason and Bill Musgrave and the three interceptions by Daryle Smith, who was awarded National Defensive Player of the Week for his career game. Good gosh it was a fun day, and I’d love your recollections of it in the GameDay thread in the OBD forum.

We Welcome You, But Know…

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Our Fellow OBD Member DazeNconfused…?

You will note he did not respond to comments to his article on Thursday, and that is because he had major spinal surgery on Wednesday due to a car accident over a year ago. He is truly laid up and inaccessible for anywhere from one month to several months, and I am communicating with him and conveying our wishes for good healing and a safe recovery. DazeNconfused has been a valuable OBD member between his interesting articles, and potent opinions in the OBD forum. Be thinking of him and know that like Arnold…“he will be back!”

What is wrong with this picture?

For the First Time in HOW MANY Years?

My FishDuck friends, we actually saw Oregon take a snap from under center in the first quarter on a 4th and 1, and got the first down with a quarterback sneak! How long have we all clamored for that on key 3rd and 4th downs, along with trying to punch it in from the five yard line or less? This is a change that Nick Saban implemented years ago, and a change that Coach Eric Boles predicted last December, and we saw in the Oregon Spring Game.

It is a very welcome change, and I would suggest a very sagacious one from the offensive coaches.

Humor From Mad-Moderating

The OBD forum members who post their thoughts make it a wonderful community. Now once in a while…we all make a mistake, and I will be the first to say that none of us wear halos here, as I’ve made mistakes in posting too. But we recognize the rule violation, learn from it, forget about it and move forward. The 99% of you who are sent an email are very nice about it, and again–we acknowledge the mistake and move forward from there.

However, there are frequently new OBD members who are spoiling for a fight, or have quite a cynical and narcissistic view of the world. They believe they should not have to operate with the same courtesies that we all extend to each other. When they learn immediately they cannot, they send me nasty emails that are not what anyone would want to receive. Naturally I have read all of their epithets a hundred times before, but one recently caught my eye, and because I am not noble–I had to respond back.

He wrote quite an impressive list of insults at yours truly, and summed it up with…

“in the end Charles, you are just a petty little tyrant.”

I could not resist as I emailed back…

“I take offense to that, as I am NOT little!”

When you have to deal with this every week, you learn to extract some humor where you can. As many of you know, I do like to laugh–especially at myself.

Do join us in the GameDay thread over at the OBD forum because…

“Oh, how we love to discuss Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by John Giustina

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