PAC-12: You Better Get Your Rear in Gear, or May You Rest in Peace

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(We have a guest article today from a fellow Oregon fan in Nevada, as we wish to welcome Byron Bergeron and discuss his important topic in the OBD forum)

The Pac-12’s media contracts have long been abysmal. Not just bad, but atrocious. Why would UCLA or USC want to remain in the Pac 12? They embody the No. 2 media market in the United States. Of course, they are desirable, but not because they are good football programs but because their media market makes money.

I am an alum and an avid Duck football fan. I was quite frustrated, and have been for quite some time about the fact that it is very difficult to get the Duck football games where I live. I have purchased Amazon Prime, I have purchased Direct TV and I have purchased Sling Orange/Blue. Yet, to no avail, I was only able to pick up the Oregon-Arizona game halfway through the 3rd quarter via YouTube. I wanted to purchase Dish, but they were not exactly cooperative in where to place the dish. Meaning they wanted to drill into my very expensive roof in a location I did not want them to drill. That is the genesis of this article.

According to Nielson, currently, (or at least until 2024) the Pac-12 has the No. 2 media market in Los Angeles, the No. 6 media market in San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, the No. 12 media market in Phoenix/Prescot, the No. 14 media market in Seattle Tacoma, the No. 17 media market, in Denver, the No. 25 media market, in Portland, and the No. 34 media market in Salt Lake City.

If the Pac-12 cannot develop a major media contract, may it rest in peace. It is over. It will cease to exist. That is why the next two teams the B1G seeks to add are the Ducks and Huskies, that pesky school we call the Fuskies. It is for their media markets and fan base. They do not care about the schools, their students, the football programs, the B1G just wants the money. They want Los Angeles, Seattle/Tacoma, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Portland and soon they will want Salt Lake, Phoenix and Denver as well.

Phil Knight loves Oregon, and we are grateful.

The only reason they want the Ducks over other greater media markets is because Uncle Phil has made Oregon a national brand with a national following. They see $ signs. There is a reason the Pac-12 sought to include Utah and the University of Colorado, and it was not their football programs.

The point of this article is that if we take a good look at Neilson, then we know where the Pac-12 should go if they want USC, UCLA, Oregon and the Fuskies to stay. They must have more media coverage to get media contracts. There is a reason the SEC expanded to include Mizzu and Texas A&M; it was their media contracts. But the Pac-12 is always playing catch up, and it is not only frustrating but disgusting as well.

First, go get Houston! It is the No. 8 media market in the United States. Quit playing around (Pac-12) like they are like a great team waiting until late in the 4th quarter to assert their dominance, and end up losing a game they should not.

Second, go get San Diego State, as San Diego is the No. 28 media market. Don’t wait for UCLA and USC to leave, DO IT NOW. It is simply not a natural fit for west coast teams to play in the Midwest. Way too much travel, and it will likely result in less competitive teams. Travel equals losses.

Could San Diego State (in white above) benefit from joining the Pac-12 as Utah has? (In black above)

Rutgers may not seem like a great acquisition for the B1G, but New York is the No. 1 media market. Being on T.V. attracts recruits, they get seen by NFL scouts, and if you sign the prize recruits–you stand a better chance of winning an NC, while also attracting the best coaches. If you win, your conference makes more money and can improve its facilities. It is circular. If you win you get the media contracts, and the circle begins again.

Hey Pac-12 Commish, get your rear in gear. Let’s go further. Let’s invite UNLV, the No. 40 media market. Lets get Albuquerque/Santa Fe the No. 48 media market too. If we lose USC and UCLA–the B1G will succeed, and the Pac-12 will cease to exist. Now we have a 2024 deadline because they sat around smoked their cigars, and had a three martini lunch instead of packing their lunch pail and getting to work (I have nothing against either).

If the Pac-12 expands, they can convince our best programs and media markets to remain a part of the Pac-12. Compete or die. Expand, or may you rest in peace, Pac-12.

Byron Bergeron, Esq.
Reno, Nevada
Top Screenshot from Pac-12 Video

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