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Will the Transfer Portal Save Oregon Ducks Football?

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The transfer portal could entirely reshape the Oregon Ducks football program through 2023. The real question is: does it need saving? I posed this to Mr. FishDuck, who was intrigued enough to first ponder his selection of live dealer games at Bollywood, and then write his own thoughts in a Saturday article about the portal to accompany mine today.

Well, there’s a ton to consider with this volatile squad. For the moment, the sky isn’t falling on this program. Even with the mass exodus that seems to happen every season with many top-football programs now, Dan Lanning’s staff is doing all they can to keep this Oregon program afloat in a rocky, choppy pond. Although, that doesn’t mean the program can ignore the portal. Coordinators leaving, top-recruits transferring, and the constant roster-reshaping turmoil has all become an increasingly large part of the offseason process.

Luckily, coach Dan Lanning has some crucial pieces in place to maintain the foundation of Oregon’s team they had this year.

T.J. Bass Oregon Ducks Football - FishDuck.com in Eugene, OR

Players like T.J. Bass have been superstar recruits for the Ducks in the past few years.

Can Oregon’s Recruiting Keep the Program Above Water?

The pond has had major transfer-related ripples all over college football, and Oregon’s no different. In the past few weeks, several Ducks have dispersed from pivotal positions in the flock, with Justin Flowe being the most recent. Luckily, Oregon’s recruiting should leave us at least a stable position group, rather than make it a weakness without Flowe. Noah Sewell isn’t going anywhere yet, and hopefully can take a step up from what wasn’t the season we expected from him.

However, the edges on defense need a ton of help this offseason. Whether someone on the roster already can step up is really up to chance. Bradyn Swinson was just starting to step up, though now it looks like he’ll be on his way out of Eugene. Coupled with D.J. Johnson leaving and others, Oregon could be in the murkiest waters with this group.

D.J. Johnson Oregon Ducks Football - FishDuck.com in Eugene, OR

DJ Johnson will opt out of the Holiday Bowl and has played his last game as a Duck.

This is where the Ducks need to address their roster through the transfer portal. While getting some new edge rushers alone won’t get the Ducks to the College Football Playoff, the team needs a win fast. The transfer portal is a great spot to get that win and change the tides of these ebbs and flows that Oregon’s been through since 2019.

Just Wednesday, Davon Townley Jr. out of Penn State entered the portal as a formerly-elite recruiting prospect who seems like a strong fit for the Ducks. Players like Townley Jr. are exactly what Oregon should be looking for. Find ways to get them to Eugene and make a big splash in the pond.

Otherwise, there’s surely going to be all kinds of talent coming to the portal in the next few weeks with bowl games coming up. The Ducks don’t need a new roster, but they definitely need a few pieces to come their way to compete again next year for control of the PAC-12.

What do you think though, Oregon fans? How can the Ducks best use the transfer portal? Will good recruiting be enough to keep this team alive for now, or does Lanning’s staff need to make a big splash in the portal? Let us know in the FishDuck Forum with decorum!

Go Ducks!

Alex Heining
Los Angeles, California
Top Photo Credit: Craig Strobeck

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