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Oregon Ducks Football: Biggest Recruit of 2024

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Our Oregon Ducks football program has been making waves in a big way since Dan Lanning took over recruiting. Frankly, the past decade of Oregon coaches has completely reshaped the national perception of Oregon’s strength as a dominant program in the West since Chip Kelly’s championship run and departure from the Ducks.

Some might connect the Ducks’ recent recruiting success to USC and UCLA’s departure from the PAC-12 and joining of the Big Ten in 2024. However, Oregon’s success goes much deeper than that in the outlook for the future, and isn’t simply scooping talent up with a lack of competitive programs.

Oregon Ducks Football - in Eugene, OR - vs Utah

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Our Oregon Ducks’ Recruiting Success Over Other PAC-12 Schools

Josh Conerly Jr. was a late swipe from the Trojans in the 2022 recruiting class for the Ducks, and his impact cannot be overstated as an offensive tackle. Stealing top-tier talent away from conference rivals is even sweeter, and Lanning has continued crushing right through the Spring Game this offseason.

Now, Oregon aims to do more of the same by beefing up the tackle spot with the projected no.1 offensive tackle in the 2024 class.

Brandon Baker looks to be the next big addition to the Ducks as a 5-star recruit in this position group dominated by Oregon, and once again, a talent plucked away from the Trojans. While he lists Tennessee and FSU as some of his other top considerations beyond USC, it certainly seems like he’s trending to join the Ducks in 2024.

At this point, the only cause for a major swing that I could see happening is Ohio State or Georgia making a great impression this month, as he has visits scheduled for both programs in the coming weeks.

Penei Sewell - Oregon Ducks Football - in Eugene, OR

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Recent Offensive Line Success in College and the NFL

Still, a major selling point that at least competes with schools like Georgia and Ohio State we’ve touched on for the past few offseasons is Oregon’s perennial strength of not only recruiting well on the offensive line, but developing it too. Penei Sewell has paved the way for numerous future Oregon offensive line recruits to have legitimate NFL aspirations as one of four consecutive first-round picks from the Ducks in as many offseasons.

Other up-and-comers like Alex Forsyth have also made the transition to pro ball, which bodes well for the Ducks’ recruiting talks with 5-star players like Baker. Not only do the Ducks have the security as a contender in their conference, but they are also dominant in the trenches year in and year out (let’s not forget how long it took for Nix to get sacked a second time in 2022).

That kind of play demands top talent, and Baker fits the bill perfectly.

Oregon Ducks Football - Bo Nix - in Eugene, OR

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New Destination for Quarterbacks in 2024 and Beyond

What this all means for the future on the offensive side of the ball is that Oregon has every reason to become a destination school for quarterbacks.

While the Ducks don’t have consistent top-tier receiving production yet, players like Troy Franklin making strides is huge, and the stability of a sound rushing attack combined with quality line protection is going to make all the difference moving forward. Although Kenny Dillingham will be sorely missed, I believe his production as a top coaching talent will be replaced and replaced quickly, with a great system for players like Baker to fit into moving forward.

Now, what some of us may have wondered this offseason is what this team’s going to look like without its leader under center after 2023. Bo Nix is out of the picture next offseason (potentially with a Heisman Trophy on his mantle entering the NFL Draft), but luckily for us Duck fans, Oregon’s current roster is primed to have a young talent emerge.

Message being? Even when Oregon does miss out on players like Dante Moore, Lanning’s going to make sure there will be talent waiting in the wings like never before. I have no doubt in my mind that Lanning’s staff will elevate Ty Thompson to be game-ready, or look in another direction for players like Austin Novosad, an outstanding pivot signing shortly after Moore jumped ship to the Bruins.

Dan Lanning - Oregon Ducks Football vs Colorado - in Eugene, OR

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Bottom Line: Trust Lanning’s Recruiting to Own the PAC-12 for Years to Come

Even if USC and UCLA weren’t joining the Big Ten in 2024, it’s clear Oregon would still be dominating the PAC-12 in terms of talent. Eventually, that’s going to convert to big-time bowl wins and a College Football Playoff run. And I can confidently believe that entirely hinging on Lanning’s early success.

Overall, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lanning has proved he can coach, he can recruit, and he can win a locker room over. He has his fair share of issues (don’t get me started on fourth-down attempts), though I still love what I’ve seen from him in almost every facet of being the face of this program’s staff.

Anyway, enough from me, Oregon fans. What do you think the chances are Brandon Baker joins the squad as Oregon’s next 5-star recruit? How will the offense fair with Nix under center for his final college season? Is there any chance the Ducks can right the offensive ship fast enough without Dillingham to send off Nix with a College Football Playoff run? Let us know what you think in the FishDuck Forum with decorum.

Go Ducks!

Alex Heining
Los Angeles, California
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