Philosophy, Strategies, Alignments and Blitzes of the Dan Lanning Defense

The Dan Lanning Oregon Defense (2022)

Philosophy, Strategies, Alignments and Blitzes  (3 Analyses)

–1.  A Primer: Defensive Differences Lanning Brings to the Ducks
Text Analysis: Published January 19, 2022
Coach Boles begins to explain the differences in alignments between what Coach Lanning does versus most defenses. A superb primer!

–2. Lanning Laws: “That Won’t Last a Week at Oregon”
Text Analysis: Published January 31, 2022
Charles Fischer explains how Coach Lanning gets the most out of his 5-Star players with his “De-Recruitment” process, and his philosophy on player discipline.

–3. Learning Lanning Laws: “Today We Create HAVOC”
Text and Video Analysis: Published February 21, 2022
Charles Fischer explains the all-important “Havoc-Rate” that Coach Lanning judges his defense by, and worth learning about for Oregon fans.

–4. Learning About Lanning: Georgia’s 2021 Secret to Success
Text Analysis: Published March 14, 2022
Charles Fischer reveals what Georgia fans have disclosed about the secrets to the Bulldog’s success on defense.

–5. Coach Lanning: “Judge us by What we DO” (What was THAT About?)
Text Article: Published March 16, 2022
Charles Fischer discerns a tenet of the Dan Lanning philosophy that differs with the prior head coach.

–6. Learning About Lanning: “This is a VERY HARD Program”
Text Article: Published March 17, 2022
Charles Fischer discusses feedback from Georgia players and fans about what to expect from a Dan Lanning run program.

7. Will Coach Lanning Duplicate Georgia’s Leadership Program?
Text Article: Published March 18, 2022
Charles Fischer goes into the unique leadership-building program instituted at Georgia.

8. Lanning Love: “Football is Fun Again!”
Text Article: Published on March 25, 2022
Charles Fischer discusses some new attitudes conveyed from the players concerning Dan Lanning…

9. A FishDuck Primer: Prepare for Football Season–Learn about Lanning!
Text Article:  Published May 13, 2022
Charles Fischer lists all the articles that can inform you of what to expect with a Dan Lanning defense.

10. Watch For Lanning’s Delayed Inside Linebacker Blitz!
Text and Video Analysis: Published August 19, 2022
Charles Fischer details a blitz used at Georgia that Oregon fans may see as well.

11. Lanning’s Nasty Oregon Overload Blitz!
Text and Video Analysis: Published August 20, 2022
Charles Fischer breaks down another blitz to watch for in a Dan Lanning defense.

12. Green Blitzes: Lanning Begins the New Mint Defense at Oregon
Text Analysis: Published September 1, 2022
Charles Fischer gives us a base for understanding the foundations of the Dan Lanning defense.

13. Setting the Edge in Oregon’s Lanning/Lupoi Defense
Text and Video Analysis: Published September 15, 2022
Charles Fischer explains how the Oregon defense sets up their perimeter defense.

14. Lanning/Lupoi Blitzes: How Oregon Plays It Safe
Text and Video Analysis: Published September 29, 2022
Charles Fischer discloses and important defense strategy of the 2022 defense.

15. Best Defense: Wazzu’s Cover-1 or Oregon’s Cover-2?
Text Analysis: Published September 29, 2022
DazeNconfused gives us a superb explanation of two different defenses you will see from the Ducks.

16. Circa 2012: Lanning Replicates Bend-But-Don’t-Break Defense
Text Analysis: Published September 30, 2022
DazeNconfused makes a great comparison of what Oregon is implementing now compared to the past.

17. Oregon’s Lanning/Lupoi Fire Zone Blitz
Text and Video Analysis: Published October 13, 2022
Charles Fischer details another cool blitz you will see often with the Ducks.

18. Late-Season Learning Lumps With Lanning and Lupoi
Text Article: Published December 13, 2022
DazeNconfused gives us a superb perspective on the 2022 Oregon defense.