Boom! Out Go the Lights: A Concussion Test

Ugly Duckling Editorials

During last year’s Arizona game, Dillon Mitchell touched the ball on a crossing route, then got hit by Arizona’s Tristan Cooper and the ball went flying away. Mitchell fell to the turf and stayed there. Then what? This article is going to cover the Standard Assessment of Concussion (SAC) test. It’s a one-page test that will give us an idea as …

Dillion and and Duck program are playing injured

The Hit: Should More be Done to Protect Players?

Jayme Vasconcellos Editorials

My friends–we have progressed as a site because such an amazing group of Oregon fans who have turned the comments below articles into a “high-brow” discussion of Oregon sports that will always be “TROLL-FREE.”  I am always interested in a short article to start a discussion, a “Ponder-Point” if you will, and a reader brought us a tremendous topic for …