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Oregon Ducks Football: Score Predictions vs Utah

Alex Heining Editorials

Our Oregon Ducks football program has a big game this weekend, and we’ve seen score predictions all over the map. Most hover around a seven-point margin, as the Ducks currently sit at a six-and-a-half-point favorite in the Utes building. Utah’s defense is extremely hot after beating USC on the road, and even after letting up 31 points, they’re poised to …

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Ducks Football: 5 Keys to Beating Utah on the Road

Alex Heining Editorials

Another must-win game approaches this Saturday, and our Oregon Ducks football program has a lot of work to do if they’re going to beat the Utes on the road. Last week, the Ducks bounced back against Washington State, putting up a very comfortable 38 points to the Cougs’ 24. This was more or less to be expected, but it was …

Is the Jumbo Formation Back for the Ducks?

David Marsh Editorials

Did the coaches read my article last week after Oregon’s loss to Washington asking where the Ducks’ Jumbo Formation has gone? Probably not, but it’s nice to think they did, as Oregon really did lean on its run game and the power element of its offense in their win over the Washington State Cougars. Both Bucky Irving and Jordan James …

Sleepy Ducks Oust Cougs in Autzen

Ryan Robertson Editorials

What can you say? It was Washington State. I was surprised to learn, as the Ducks came out in victory formation, that Oregon has won five consecutive games against the Cougars. No really, they have won three straight at Autzen Stadium, and two straight in Pullman. It seems like the Cougs are always a thorn in the side of Oregon. But after …

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Ducks Football: 3 Areas to Fix vs Washington State

Alex Heining Editorials

Our Oregon Ducks football program has some work to do this week. After a gut-wrenching shootout with the Huskies ending in the first loss of the season, the Ducks have to load up in a bounce-back game against Washington State to dominate a high-powered Cougar team that’s looking to rejoin the top-25. Dan Lanning’s squad looked like they could compete with anyone …

What Happened to Oregon’s Jumbo Formation?

David Marsh Editorials

Last year we saw Oregon use its jumbo formation, referred to as 14-J, which meant one running back with four tight ends (one of which included Josh Conerly). This formation was a bulldozer but also had some subtlety to it, as it could be used in multiple ways — so much so that I wrote an article on it last …

Oregon Ducks Football: 3 Keys to Beating the Huskies

Alex Heining Editorials

Our Oregon Ducks football program is entering the most important weekend of their season thus far. The Ducks will travel up to Seattle, WA to take on their cross-state rival in the Washington Huskies, currently sitting one slot ahead of them at #7 in the AP Top-25 rankings. While Washington boasts as complete a roster as you’ll find in college …

Is Oregon Flashy Enough for Bo To Win a Heisman?

David Marsh Editorials

Heisman Trophy voting changes from year to year. The trophy is supposed to go to the best player in college football, and it often goes to a quarterback due to quantifiable stats and the quarterback simply touching the ball on every down. Sure, non-quarterbacks have won the award but that isn’t a terribly regular occurrence. Mr. FishDuck took some time …