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Our Golden Season

We are creatures of the seasons … they shape perspective, alter mood and define our lives. If sports are a prism through which we view life then each season has it’s own color, and as the calendar pages finally turn, winter to spring, Eugene’s pallet changes. It’s a reflective and […]

The Pac-14. Now.

The Pac-12’s best this year was no match for the Alabama. The Huskies boasted an impressive defense – it held Alabama about 150 yards shy of its average per game production – but the Tide controlled the game after Washington’s second series. While the Pac-12 has made two of the […]

Do Ducks Overlook Oregonians?

What you see above is a $60 million high school football stadium. It is not located in the state of Oregon. Not a total surprise…. Ducks 2015 recruiting class does not include any Oregonians. Earlier this month Oregon closed a solid recruiting class. This was Oregon’s best recruiting class according to […]