Rugby Punters, Hurry up and Pac-12 Refs

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Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out What an exciting era for college football! Globalization, which began with soccer-style place kickers, has taken the next step forward with rugby-style punters, and hurry-up spread offenses are producing basketball-esque scores. It seems a pity that the one thing we can rely on — that one thing that never seems to change in an ever-changing world — …

A Sad Day For Duck Fans

What is the Appropriate Reaction to the Utah Game?

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Confusion. Okay, now that I’ve answered the entire question of the article I guess I’ll just go home … … Kidding. But seriously, confusion is the only appropriate answer for how the Ducks game unfolded. Over the course of this article, I will do my best to shine a light on some controversial moments, but trust me, I am not …

Some Key Aspects of the Oregon vs. Utah game

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That’s right Duck fans, tonight is the night! The No.17 Utah Utes will host the No.4 Oregon Ducks in a highly anticipated showdown at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah. Going into this matchup, the Utah Utes possess a dominating defense similar to Stanford’s; they lead the country in sacks with 4.88 per game. On the other hand, the …