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    Oregon Surprises ASU with a New Power Read Play!

    I do not know where Chip Kelly comes up with all these new wrinkles, but as someone who studies his Offense, I find that it has become an analyst’s paradise with each weekly discovery.  The Arizona State game was particularly subject rich, as we saw …

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    How Oregon “Stems” into Big Defensive Plays!

    How much of our defensive success is from strategy, and how much is from the players and their abilities?  We often hear of Oregon changing up their defense to confuse their opponents, so today we look at two examples in this season’s game against Washington …

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    Oregon’s New “Double-Power” Play Pounds the Dawgs

    There are few pleasures in life that are as satisfying as Oregon’s perennial dog-pounding of Washington each fall over the last nine years.  This last game was one of the most enjoyable because so many of the Husky faithful and their coach felt that enough …

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    Chip Kelly Brings a FULLBACK to the Oregon Spread Offense? (WSU)

    The Head Coach at Oregon is frequently hailed as major innovator of the Spread Offense, one who is continuously adjusting and augmenting his playbook.  Yet here at FishDuck.com, we would contend that what really characterizes what we see on field is a changing weekly game …

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    The Ingredients of an Oregon Defensive Masterpiece

    How do you create a shutout of an Arizona team that averaged 46 points a game?  What are some of the subtle coaching points utilized by our Defensive Staff?  This game was subject-rich on the offensive side of the ball, and we saw the “Bennett …

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  • Oregon’s New Straddled Triple Option Combo Series

    The big wins do more for the next level Oregon fan than simply allow us to watch the fun plays and eye the reserves.  Sub-division teams like Tennessee Tech may not provide a fair assessment of the 2012 Oregon Ducks team, as Fresno State has …

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  • Fish Report: Oregon’s Emerging All-Purpose Star

    It was painful for us to learn that the football Camelot in Autzen Stadium for the first half of the first two games was just a dream.  The new quarterback wunderkind, “St. Marc” (as he was called by high school teammates) showed us that he …

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    Oregon’s Most Important Offensive Play

    Has Oregon’s emphasis on offense shifted for 2012, now that Mariota has been named the starter? Less running and more passing perhaps this year? Or with a new young QB-will we revert to the basics of the Oregon offense? They are interesting questions, and with …

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    The Trojan Game Plan and How Oregon will Beat USC in 2012

    One of the most highly anticipated games in all of college football will be the Epic matchup of Oregon at USC on November 3rd. The vast majority of expert commentary about last year’s game has been mostly accurate, but highly incomplete from a Trojan perspective. …

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    Oregon’s Cover One Defense: Turnover Heaven

    How does Oregon get all these interceptions? What pass coverage do they use when they blitz? How can we fans understand what our defensive secondary is doing? It’s time to begin a brief look at our coverages to help us understand what our beloved Ducks …

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