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New Dream Team Coaching Candidates Excite GOC, FishDuck

WARNINGS: 1. Most of this article involves “speculation” – some coaches named might eventually have nothing to do with Oregon football. 2. All of the speculated coaches’ names were stolen from the incredible research of Justin Hopkins at 24/7, Duck...


Oregon vs. Football Elites: The Empires Strike Back

Watching this college football season play out, be it Oregon‘s collapse or the rise of teams like Washington and Nebraska, I was reminded that there have always been two ways of looking at the world. In the west, where monotheistic...


Regarding Helfrich: How Much SAY Should a Fan Have?

A week ago it was reported that former Oregon athletic director  Pat Kilkenny offered his support for Mark Helfrich and yet added that the fans will have their vote, their say in the future of Oregon football coaching. It got me to...