Coach Ken Woody joins and what to Expect this Football Season…

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

My friends, let’s take a minute to learn what is new on this site during the 2017 season, what to look for, and some amazing plans to turn this site into an Oregon Football Repository of information and yet remain free to all Oregon fans. Let’s start with the bigger plans and then quickly zoom into what to expect on a week-to-week basis on

I want to expand beyond the current articles that are available on the front page of the site. The Oregon Football Repository will consist of three major sections. This material isn’t available anywhere on the web, and I’d like to get your help putting it up.

Here’s a quick look at what I want to do:

The Analysis Library   

We have an incredible 281 analysis articles and videos; each of them took between five and nine hours to create. As you scroll through this upcoming Analysis Library, you will be stunned at the sheer volume of football information to learn from. We used to have a directory of these analyses, but had to take it down a few years ago as we had a technical glitch creating a conflict. Our Web Developer was a volunteer at that time, like everyone else on the site. He planned to bring it back soon, but never was able to as he was busy with paying clients.

John Giustina

Cristin McLemore

We’d like to build this section on the site for fans and coaches to tap into the variations of the Oregon Spread Offense under several coaches at Oregon, with all the analysis articles about techniques and strategies seen at Autzen. It will be fun and easy to scroll through and find a new treasure, a football gem in something new you learn.

Pleasant Memories: A Section about Former Oregon Football Players

We have a ton (100+) of the most interesting interviews with former players you loved to watch. Right now, if you wanted to read an interview with Josh Wilcox, or watch a video interview with Cristin McLemore, you would not be able to find it. This section, when created, will be a sweet trip down memory lane. This will be a tremendous section to browse when there is a slow sports news day!

Priceless to the Oregon Fan: The History of Oregon Football

Writers such as Jim Maloney and Joey Holland created over 100 articles detailing the glorious times of our beloved Ducks. You will get lost for hours in this new section (when created), and it will be an ongoing source of entertainment as you read about the contests that defined our heritage as Oregon Ducks.

Help us Build an Oregon Football Repository

Think about everything you have learned from this site, from the writers and coaches assembled and the appreciation you have for the game and university we love. Consider the vast informational source that it could be become! I can lead the effort and give time as before, but taking money from my household finances is no longer fair to my family, and the web development work is no longer free.

The Oregon Football Repository will be massive and will contain:

Charles Fischer

The Grizzled Ol’ Coach, Mike Morris, has a ton of analysis articles.

  • Current articles of Analysis, Editorials, Coach’s Opinion, and Talent Evaluation
  • The Analysis Library (280+ articles and videos)
  • Sweet Memories: The Former Oregon Players Section! (100+ articles and videos)
  • History of Oregon Football (100+ articles)

Please donate to make this site a gift to all Oregon fans!

Would you like to be a part of this? Could you send a gift of $100.00? That’s eight dollars a month plus a cup of coffee a week. (Two dollars a week average–cheap!)  Of course $200.00 would make a bigger impact.  Email me if you donate $100.00 or more as I wish to thank you directly.

Please donate to at the PayPal button below. You can also donate using your credit card by clicking on the button below. Thank you from all of us at!

Want to send a check? Make it out to and send to:, Charles Fischer
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Thousands of devoted Oregon fans everywhere thank you!

THREE Articles from Coaches a Week?

My friends, we will have three articles from coaches every week of this football season! We have never had that before! Let’s take a quick look at the lineup, of articles so you know what to look for and when to look for it at

Sundays: Coach Jeremy McGuire teams up with Mr. FishDuck to create a game FishWrap.

Mondays: An editorial by either Michael Burgwin or Darren Perkins.

Tuesdays: Interesting editorials by Steven Smith, Randal Cook, Cody Lonning and Jason Fowler.

Wednesdays: This is the new analysis day, moved from Tuesday. Coach Zach Pierson in Alabama and Coach Eric Boles in Ohio will help us fans learn more about the new Oregon offense and defense.

Ken Woody

Retired Coach Ken Woody

Thursdays: Talent Evaluator Mike Kelly, editorial writer Mark Weinrott, and Mr. FishDuck will alternate with items for us all to ponder.

Fridays: Retired college coach Ken Woody will help us fans learn what to look for in the upcoming game, by taking examples from the last game and explaining them. He is using subjects from his new book After Further Review, which I can attest to helping fans learn what to watch for in the games of our beloved Ducks.

Saturdays: Game day and no articles.

Are we the best Oregon football site? No, as we do not cover ongoing current news about the Ducks, nor do we provide the daily gossip about recruiting. We don’t have a message board, and don’t want to attempt to do what the other sites do. But what we do provide is unique among all sites, by actually talking more actual football than any of them. Only on this site did the public learn about the Chip Kelly Spread Offense, and how the passing attack under Marcus Mariota operated.

When people want to actually learn about football at Oregon, or ponder some of the bigger questions, this is the site they come to. We have a lineup of articles unlike anywhere else, and with your help (donations) we can make it even more useful to us all.

Give it some thought and help us to help the public learn more about our Beloved Ducks!

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

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