Liberals and Conservatives: Where are we GOING?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

This article is about liberals and conservatives, but we won’t be discussing politics. Instead, we’ll be pondering all the different types of people that come to this site.

We have readers in both political parties in varying degrees of intensity, as well as quite a cross-section of ages. I received a phone call from an 11-year-old in Brooklyn recently, and I continue to be amazed at how a site that originated in Oregon has an article published from a writer in Ohio, gone over by an editor in Georgia, and checked again by the associate publisher in West Virginia. So the locations can certainly vary as well as political leanings!

Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson is a trial attorney and a new editor at!

It is evident that we are growing and changing on this site in a big way, and I’d like to throw out some ideas and get your feedback on them, because I want to provide what this unique Duck community wants.

The fact is, I’m quite happy with where we were at the end of 2018, as we were again in the Top 1% in the World for pages read (over 3,200 a day!) among all active websites globally. This traffic is due to the current articles on six days a week (all but Saturday), but also the 12 sections of the Oregon Football Repository that includes the famous Oregon Analysis Library that has over 350 analysis articles and videos. Like bees in a clover field, there are high school and youth coaches and players in there at all times of the day.

I was also happy with how the rigid rules of commenting sorted out the Trolls, and other unwelcome guests who could not control their language and were quickly banned from the site. The result is a recent stretch of nearly 2,000 comments without any need by yours truly to even delete one! That never happens on the web, and it made me begin to think about how special this is becoming.

Others are taking note, as our community is growing — in the past week we’ve had over 80 comments under an article three times, with a fourth having over 150 comments! In one week?

File Photo

Working with Editors like Natalie Liebhaber makes this site special.

Some of the discussions are amazing, as men and women who are skilled and very smart are offering their impressions as never before. I have learned so much from others, and especially value hearing from those who disagree with me. What did I miss? What other facts or perspectives should I consider? Some of the sage participants of this site have changed my mind!

Why is this happening? 

I have a theory, and it is based upon being on message boards for over 22 years. I believe it boils down to this: most site owners do not have the guts to truly delete comments ruthlessly and blacklist people. They say they will, and sometimes they do in a mild manner for a short time — but it never lasts. Many of us want a safe environment to discuss our Beloved Ducks, and we want someone to sort out the churls, the trolls and those who simply can’t operate in a civilized manner.

I think I’m the first site owner to really do it.

I lose money on the site anyway, so I’m not worried about losing visitors or traffic; I do this for fun as it is my hobby. Perhaps it works because I don’t care and I remove people in a cold-blooded manner? I don’t know the reason for the growth for certain, but I will say that I am not backing down from my rules a single bit.

Quite the opposite, in fact …

Politics IS a Dirty Word …

From Video

Arguing politics on this site is…MADNESS

We have had some comments begin to drift into a bit of the political sphere recently, and I will shut that down in a heartbeat. I will not allow that stuff to tear us apart, as I have Duck-Buddies on complete opposite sides of the political spectrum, and yes — I have some very strong feelings too. But I am not sharing my thoughts, nor will I allow anyone to poison our wonderful little “Duck-Eden” we have built.

I love these Duck-Buddies on both sides, as the relationship is more important than any futile attempt to change anyone’s political leanings. I will delete and permanently ban anyone who goes political.

Below are the new rules I’ve added for those who wish to comment…

We do not allow even a hint of politics. Veering in that direction at all will cause a site meltdown in today’s acrimonious climate. We do not allow negatives directed at any religion, toward anyone in the LGBT community, or toward any race, gender or ethnic group. All of us in the categories above are fellow Ducks, and we want to hear all viewpoints.  

For the rest of the rules and FAQ, click here.

So where do we go from HERE?

It has been suggested that I ought to add a message board, so that as other subjects occur during the day such as the softball team winning, or a new transfer is announced or coach added, we can discuss it in a thread begun there instead of bringing it up in the comment section of an article. That way, we can stick to the article topic the comments below the article.

That would solve the issue of more people wanting to discuss our Beloved Ducks in a safe and protected environment, but there are two problems with it that I have: I lose enough on the site already and cannot add to the bills, and I work during the day and do not have the time to firmly monitor the comments on a message board as I do with the comments below the articles.

From Video

I love learning and talking Oregon football with all of you…

Would it be worth five bucks a month to each of you to have a safe place to discuss Oregon Athletics, if we set this up and made it available to everyone? Would you pay that for me or someone to keep this our own small Duck Refuge from the nastiness of the world?

If you are retired … do you have the time to take a shift to check the comments during the day?

Any other suggestions?

If you want to discuss this with me personally, email me at Or, you may call to chat at 541-915-4541. I want this community to continue to grow and have the discussions flourish, but it can’t be at my personal expense. All ideas will be listened to and appreciated, and of course — you can also let us know in the comments.

“Oh how we love to discuss our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer    (FishDuck)
Eugene, OregonTop Photo from Video


Bob Rodes, the Volunteer editor for this article, is an IT analyst, software developer and amateur classical pianist in Manchester Tennessee.


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