Image of Larry Scott sitting next to Pac-12 Championship trophy.

A Larry Scott Ballad and a Pair of Limerick Chasers

Lou Farnsworth Editorials

We Pac-12 fans, who have suffered so much under the failed generalship of Larry Scott, really deserve a smile at his expense. I hope the following offerings will provide you some.

Jon Hoffman, who posted a delightful parody about the Huskies here on a couple of years ago, graciously helped me out. He took the lyrics that I had written, tweaked them a skoosh and put them to music. We recorded this video last Thursday. Enjoy! And thank you Jon!

A Tribute to Larry Scott  (to the tune of That’s Amore by Dean Martin and you gotta hear a minute of this, or better yet…have it going in the background and then follow along with Jon)

You’re A Moron”

(Lyrics to Video below)
Thanks to you we all weep, you’re the boss, you’re a creep, and a moron

Snatched your bonus and laughed while you fired half your staff, greedy moron!

San Fran rent is so high, but you don’t blink an eye as you ponder

Pac12’s on the shelf, while you care for yourself, as you squander.


Whether Husky or Duck, Pac12 channels still suck, you’re a moron.

With features galore from 1984, you’re a moron.

Half the country can’t see, it’s not on their TV, they ignore you

And with games late at night, sleepy fans just won’t bite, we deplore you.


When you waste so much cash, treat our conference like trash, you’re a moron!

When your leadership style is a doggy-doo pile, you’re a moron!

You continue to dote, turning champions to goats, you’re a menace

You should go, take it on the chin, give us all a grin, stick to ping pong or tennis.


When the Pac 12 plays nine, SEC thinks that’s fine, you’re a moron!

When you fold in the clutch, and you lack any touch, you’re a moron!

We don’t want your milquetoast, pack your bags, adios, take your bon-bons

Limo Larry’s bye bye, we already know why, . . .you’re a moron!

The Limerick Chasers

There once was a commish named Scott,

Who himself seemed his every thought.

While under his crown,

The Pac-12 slid down,

To the Power Five Conference’s bot–tom.


His dealings were all so inept,

That Pac presidents tore hair and wept.

Each day they would pray

That he’d just go away,

Since his tenure was nothing but sept–tic.

Yeah, I know, those italicized last syllables didn’t quite work, did they? Well, Larry Scott’s tour in the Pac-12 hasn’t quite worked, either.

But at least we can fix the limericks!

Lou Farnsworth, AKA “Homer Duck”
Fontana, CA
Top Photo from Twitter

Andrew Mueller, the Volunteer Editor for this article, works in higher education in Chicago, Illinois.

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