So Many Reasons: Oh, How We Hate the Huskies!

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It is known among all Oregon Ducks fans that the Washington Huskies are Oregon’s biggest rival. There have been many memorable moments in this rivalry. In 2015, Henry Swift discussed the hate in the hearts of the Ducks for the Huskies in an article for the We Love to Hate Our Rival section of the Oregon Football Repository at FishDuck. For example:

“The game tied and Oregon was driving for the win. On the final play Oregon passed the ball to Hill, but instead of being an Oregon hero — he was tackled by Washington fans rushing the field.

“No flag, no penalty and the game ended in a tie. At this point this was no longer a rivalry but instead flat-out war. It was more than hard play on the field and passion from the fans, but was hatred between the states.”

Although I am sure that the Larry Hill “Border War” play was a pivotal moment in the rivalry, it happened all the way back in the 1960s. Even “The Pick” itself was 25 years ago. I believe there needs to be a moment from this generation that younger fans can look to as the “defining moment of hate” with that school up in Seattle.

The one that comes to my mind is Jake Browning’s “point” back in 2016.

The Blowout

Kevin Cline

The rivalry is very bitter.

Jake Browning is the PAC-12’s all-time wins leader. He led the Huskies to three New Years’ Six Bowls, including a playoff game. It is true that he had a very good collegiate career, and in 2016, he led his Huskies into Autzen Stadium chasing a playoff berth.

Oregon football had a rough year all around in 2016, and the Washington game was a low point. Lacking a talented roster, the Ducks stumbled into a really tough game at home with the Huskies, who had been pretty darn good so far. Oregon was starting a true freshman QB (some guy named Justin Herbert). It was not expected to go well for the Ducks, and it certainly didn’t as Washington embarrassed Oregon in Autzen, 70-21.

I didn’t like that score any more than any other Duck fan, but Browning’s disrespectful behavior was perhaps even more irritating.

Pac-12 Video

“The Point” was the beginning of a bad day at Autzen.

The “Point”

In a 0-0 game, Browning took a quarterback keeper and walked into the end zone for an easy one-yard score. As he crossed the goal line, he turned and pointed toward a Ducks player tauntingly. The now infamous score was a sign of what was to come that day; in the blowout win, Browning had 8 total TDs.

Of course, the Ducks did nothing to stop the onslaught, but for the Huskies, and for more specifically Browning, there are some things you avoid doing for the sake of sportsmanship. Tauntingly pointing at your opponent as you score isn’t very classy, and as the captain of the team, Browning’s behavior set an example for the rest of the team to follow.

Kevin Cline

Jake Browning goes down…

Sweet Revenge!

Two years after the “Point” game, the Ducks beat the Huskies in Browning’s final game of the rivalry, and eliminated Washington’s playoff hopes. It is always nice to beat your rival, but that day was especially sweet as the Ducks got revenge from the loss from 2016!

The feeling in Seattle this year is confident, if not blustering about their anticipated upcoming victory over Oregon. Can Our Beloved Ducks put the Huskies back in their place as they did in 2018 and for 14 of the last 16 rivalry games?

Jeremiah Geiger 
Peoria, Arizona
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

Bob Rodes, the Volunteer editor for this article, is an IT analyst, software developer and amateur classical pianist in Manchester, Tennessee.

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The developer is unbelievably patient with me, and while I am sure he thinks I am overdoing it and being anal…he is cheerfully making the changes anyway.

All of this cost is out of my own pocket, but I believe you will agree that all this delay was worth it. Now…back at it Charles!

Mr. FishDuck

Great news!

When have I not been frustrated by software?

The library was an easier gig.


Ok lets now talk about that hated team up North and why they are so ” DISPISED ” so lets start with all the crappy stuff that University should never ever be told about what they’ve done to Oregon whenever they get a chance.

Alls anybody needs to know on here if this stuff actually ever took or has ever taken place. Look no farther than if for some reason the MUTT’S actually get to play USC next week and for some odd reason they got there after they rejected to play Oregon for the right to represent the North.

Well all you true blue blood fans will know everything I’m talking about in the next coming weeks. Isn’t it kind of funny how the Leg Pissers have had issues with Covid two other times yet Oregon hasn’t had to delay or stop themselves from playing any games this half hearted season.

We could also all just say well if the Ducks would have just beaten OSU and Cal like they should have beaten them this would be a moot subject but it’s most certainly not. Honestly I’m not sure what the Mutts are worried about by playing us even though it’s in Eugene.

They to me are even better than both those teams that beat us. So why the Snow job? Because thats the only way those degenerates know how to accomplish anything when it comes to this rivalry. Look throughout Oregon’s history against the Mutts and some of the disgraceful tactics they’ve done to Oregon.

If you weren’t a hater then you most certainly will be after the things they’ve done to Oregon that Oregon has never ever done anything close to what they’ve done. Its very interesting when you use the words HATE. Well then I’d have to say they really do HATE anything that has to do with Oregon and Ducks attached to it.

All’s I know is Mullins as far as I’m concerned They don’t deserve to play SC should have been fired a long time AGO and with his sweety Larry Scott. I think both these guys actually represent the SEC. Get ready to be really pissed off Oregon Duck fans. Be ready to fire back everything you have because thats what it’s gonna take.

As a fan you should never ever allow some kind of BS game any team like the MUTTS play. They don’t deserve to play SC unless they come south and beat Oregon first. Any other way just wont work out so please be ready to let your voices be heard. Nothing wrong with Washington’s team but I guarantee you this there will be fallout.

If Oregon gets screwed like I think is gonna happen then is when you the fans will be getting involved and anything will go. Even if we should all agree Mullins needs to be fired for his lack of doing anything so botched up by the MUTTS he will need to be fired. Alls I know is thats the first thing that pooped into my mind.

When I first heard they were having a hard time with COVID which is an out right lie so they figured the easiest way to get to the PAC 12 Championship would be top cancel the game with Oregon and then they would have the right to play over Oregon because their 3-1. This is not any conspiracy theory as it will happen.

Jon Joseph

My Bru, hope that CU beats Utah and UCLA beats SC and SC doesn’t play UW just because it COVID canceled vs CU.

Better yet, hope both win and the Pac-12 does the right thing and has CU vs SC for the title?

Of course, I’m also waiting for Godot.


I see alot of fans saying, “this season doesnt count “or “it doesn’t matter” or “there is gonna be an * for this season” but my question is, does it matter to incoming or future recruits ? Are they looking at this season the same way? Because if not then this covid season does matter.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

If there are conference championships, division championships, national championships and bowl winners…then I agree that it does count.

If we were 5-0, (as we should)….we would say as fans that it counts!

Here’s another thing that counts and RIP Pac-12?

It’s official. In 2024 ESPN will take over as the SEC’s official broadcast partner. This means $17.5M more per annum for every SEC member institution.

Turn out the lights Larry. And please tell us why you and your learned overseers, in 2019 turned down ESPN’s broadcast offer, including ESPN agreeing to be the marketing agent for your broke network?

Come 2024, will ESPN even if it so desires, be in a position to come with the same offer? Let alone a better offer?

I wonder if ASU president Crow still believes that the Pac-12 is ‘perfectly positioned?’

My take on where the Pac-12 is now positioned? Please read ‘The Miller’s Tale’ from Chaucer’s, ‘Canterbury Tales’.


The way it’s going Pac-12 games will be seen on Zoom.

Jon Joseph

But only if Zoomers like to stay up late?


Sadly Jon, your observation is right on. I have very little faith in the university presidents acting quickly and showing Scott the door, launching a search for his replacement, and having a new staff in place by next fall. Each season passing by puts the Pac12 further behind the 8 Ball.


Isn’t this scary to all of you who see all this happening? Is there something as a beloved Duck fan you want to do or should do with this information? I don’t know about you all but I know I’m really pissed off with the lack of anything from Scott, Mullins and all other Presidents Commisoners ect you name it. Lets do something about it.

Jon Joseph

MT, what can 1 do? The only message matters comes from the big donors.

As I have noted before, I think many Pac-12 Prez would be happy seeing the Pac-12 morph into the Ivy League West?


Exactly, the university presidents are perfectly happy to allow the conference to slip into irrelevance on the national level. That and many other reasons which Charles correctly asks not to be discussed on this site is why I only contribute to my university’s athletic department. Win our loose the Duck teams bring me joy. The university itself, not so much.

David Marsh

I think like everything else it varies from recruit to recruit.

All of their school years have been disrupted whether or not they have in person school. A lot of recruits won’t even play their senior year of high school with the season moved to the spring and others have felt the impact while trying to play their senior year.

I have read several journalists that cover recruiting that a bad season doesn’t make or break an average recruit’s choice of school because it is all about the relationships and the vision for the program.

I think the BIGGEST factor for recruits this year is how comfortable do they feel about a school as most haven’t been able to see it in person, at least in some time. I know a flurry of decommitments from several schools (including Oregon) have come from a recruit wanting to look for something closer to home after all this chaos this year.

This obviously puts Oregon at more of a disadvantage because of their distance from the recruiting hotbeds where Alabama won’t feel the same pressures as they sit in the middle of a recruiting hotbed and have had a great season so far. It all depends on who you ask I think. This season will matter for some but for most I think it is just 2020 and for many recurits they have spent a long time building relationships with coaches.

David Marsh

Reasons to hate the Huskies… how about their “Bow Down” non-sense.

There is a certain level of obxiousness that goes with “Bow Down” because it implies subserviance and supreme dominance of Washington… which has not been the case.

We are Ducks! We bow to no one!


Nailed it, David. “Bow wow” is more appropriate. The arrogance that pervades Washington is a stench, and which except for Browning and “the point” is limited to their fans. The arrogance is baseless: a mythical National Championship in 91, and if they go back 40 years a clear margin in wins over the Ducks. So self important that they are fighting to make sure they get the “Pac-12 North Division Trophy” in 2020.

David Marsh

If Oregon plays and wins the Pac-12 Championship, because Washington will not be able to play in it next week due to quarentine guidelines, I’d be ok giving the Huskies the North trophy…


I bet UW is combing thru the student body right now, signing up anyone without the virus in order to have the head count for next week.

Jon Joseph

Isn’t UW now scheduled to play the S division champ next Saturday?




(but, we might poop on their heads)

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I was working on a dandy article about the Husky fans for tomorrow until the game got canceled. I am putting it in my back pocket for now, (I only had the beginning done and an outline in my head) but the topics I would have covered would have been fun for discussion.


Thanks for the article! Now, we need to give this year’s non-game a moniker that sticks. This is the challenge!

The Sick Out has a nice rhythm, but is probably too obvious. Someone will surely outdo me!


The Covid Quaver?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

How about the 2020 Covid Coward game? (We know who the coward was!)

Jon Joseph

The ‘Huskie Hide Out Game?’

The, ‘We Can’t Sniff the I5 South and Just Had to Cancel Game?’

The, ‘Sorry, But There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays, And We’re Staying Here, Game?’

‘Eugene? We Don’t Need No Stinking Eugene! Game?’

The, ‘Larry You’re Lame, But Show Us the Trophy Game?’

And oft heard when I’m on the course and on occasion hit a good shot, ‘The It’s Better to be Lucky than Good Game?’

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I really like your first one–a dandy!

I could have kept going, but fortunately for you and the rest of my Ducks brothers and sisters, I ran out of vodka.


Reasons to hate on the Puppies? Their alumni are obnoxious…lol


Oh well, it looks like messages with any kind of Washington attached to it doesn’t want to show up here. This was a post, of many, but not all, claiming that no matter what happens, the Huskies ARE the Champions of the Pac-12 North in 2020!

Jon Joseph


And, this just in from Michael Crow: No one has the smahrts to question Hahvad tennis playah Larry!

Interesting that Larry’s biggest supporter, Messr. Crow, manages a university with but 2 conditions for admission.

  1. Heart beating.
  2. Check cleared.
Santa Rosa Duck

Well my pick for the game is no longer needed but I was going with Oregon DUCKS 28 and the Huskies 20. We will never know.


Your predicted score has more validity than does Washington claiming the Division championship. So yeah, we know!!!

Jon Joseph

This is as righteous as the Huskies football championship, no?

Jon Joseph

I’m torn between picking COVID, CHICKEN or LITTLE?


Any title, championship, or ranking from this sad, miserable, chaotic season is completely invalid and worthless to mention. Especially if the Huskies “win” the North.

Jon Joseph

My guess? The folks in Tuscaloosa will disagree?


I would LOVE to say “BLANK “ the Huskies , but the FISH has rules !!😎. I hate the w almost as much as my ex wife , and there’s NO GREATER WIN then over the w !!!!!!!
Merry Christmas to ALL you DUCK fans , be safe and well
And a special thanks to Charles , for keeping the Fish alive !

Jon Joseph


Meet your new North Division champs as UW at Oregon officially canceled.

Talk about a champ with fleas!


If UW can’t field enough players from Covid quarantine then I believe the Ducks are in the P12 game.
So maybe there is hope.

Jon Joseph

Maybe? But who knows in the Land of the Lost Larry’s?

IF, SC and CU win tomorrow, then CU should play SC for the title. 2020 should NOT have been played with a division format.

But, if this doesn’t happen and the Ducks don’t substitute for UW, OK. But not OK if the conference puts the defending champ on the road next Saturday for its 4th road game when UW canceled.

I hope Mullens has Bob Bowlsby on speed dial? Honestly, the way things are going financially, the ‘players’ in the Pac-12 and B12 need one another.


I concur.

Who’s saying the Ducks would have won, but the other game UW missed was playing Cal who we all know just beat the Ducks. So they avoid playing the other team that beat Oregon, they also avoided playing Oregon, and they got to play all their games at home… All this works out pretty well for them (not considering if they play next week…)

To JRW’s point, it just underlines how worthless this season is, and helps soften the blow of the Ducks stumbling this year.


What will the Pac-12 decide to do? We’ll find out, Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Jon Joseph

Oregon at Utah? After already having played 3 road games and having the 3rd home game canceled. That’s some male bovine excrement right there.


What a “Trick or Treat” event if all of a sudden UW is good to play in the Pac-12 championship game. Anyone want to place odd’s they will be able to find enough players to make the game next week ??

They certainly pulled one over on us this year. The book’s coming out in a few months, titled “How to win by not showing up”. The story of the Pac-12 football season.


In a way it’s fitting if the “Old Yellers” of the Pac-12 get to put their paw print on any championship to come out of this * of a season. How else do they get a championship? The ’91 they howl in unison all over is mythical. If Washington gets the “North Trophy” here it will be another creation of their own making, made possible by not playing the Ducks.

Jon Joseph

‘OK, who didn’t cry at the end of ‘Old Yeller?’

And we don’t even get to mud wrestle the Dawgs!


Sorry but you can’t cancel your game with Oregon because you can’t field a whole team and then after all’s said and done call yourselves the PAC12 North Champion. People you cannot as fans let something as deplorable as this might turn out to be and then let it happen. No way I will ever concede anything to those A– Hats up North.

Jon Joseph

I can’t, but ‘they’ will.

Jon Joseph

“All the way back in the 60’s!”

Is this anyway for a greybeard to start his day? I’m tempted to come after you with my cane!

Kidding. Thanks for the great take young man. And I definitely get your point about The Point. But then again, there’s always The Pick to stick it to UW.


23-14 YTD ATS – Here are this weeks guesses in the midst of many the COVID canceled and ACC show me the money canceled, games.

Games I am wary of and staying away from: Alabama -32 at Arkansas and Florida -23 vs LSU. It’s not like the Tide and Gators cannot cover these big spreads if they so desired, they can. But a week from Saturday these 2 will play for an SEC title. How long will Coach Saban and Coach Mullen keep the pedal to the metal?

No. 10 Miami -3.5 vs No. 17 UNC – With the ACC giving Clemson and Notre Dame the weekend off, the Cane’s outside shot at playing in the ACC champ game has been blown away. Think Miami fans are happy about Notre Dame being a one season, full-time member of the COVID-ACC? I believe Miami will prevail. I also believe Over 65.5. which I am down on, is the safer bet.

No. 16 Iowa +1 vs Wisconsin – I checked with James Fenimore Cooper. Jimmy is baffled as to why the home team Hawkeyes is the under-bird in this game. I agree with Jimmy. Thank you James, you can go back to sleep now, good Sir.

No. 9 Georgia -13 at No. 25 Missouri – Isn’t it interesting? Almost every year to date, and rather late in the game, a 3L SEC team will pop into the top 25. In this case, coincidentally (?), giving 2L, No. 9 over-ranked Georgia a chance at top 25 win? And thereby, ushering SEC team #4 into the NY6 Bowl payday? Kirby Smart was smart to hire Todd Monken and bring the Dawgs O into the 21st century. (Mario, please note.) Kirby just had to put the right pitcher on the mound; kid out of Pac-12 country. I like the Over 54.

Auburn -6.5 at The Pirate’s Place and Tennessee -15 at Vanderbilt – I like the Tigers and the Vols to take out a season of frustration on two bottom feeder SEC opponents.

Oregon -6 vs UW – 1st, I sure hope this game is played! Otherwise, 3-1 UW, with a home loss vs Stanford, a bad spot for the Beavers win against OSU, a 21 point comeback win over a questionable Utah squad, a blow-out of Arizona (big whoop) and while never having to leave Seattle, will be your 2020 North Division Champion. Perhaps this is the perfect result for the 2020 season? I just can’t pull the -6 trigger, but I like the Over 51.5.

SUMMARY – Miami-UNC Over 65.5; Georgia at Missouri – Over 54; Iowa +1 vs Wisconsin; Auburn -6.5 at Mississippi State; Tennessee -15 at Vanderbilt and if played, UW at Oregon goes Over 51.5.


If I had to, I’d take the team in all caps to cover: ARMY -7 vs Navy; COLORADO -2 vs Utah; UCLA +3.5 vs usc; ASU -9.5 vs Arizona; STANFORD -4 at Oregon State; CAL -1.5 at Washington State.

If I am correct, this would mean that CU wins the South Division and if he hasn’t done so already, Karl Dorrell puts a stamp on Pac-12 Coach of the Year honors



Good points, Jon, with Alabama leading Arky by 28 in the 4th quarter, Nick won’t be pushing to get another TD to cover, and it’s similarly unlikely that Mullen will kick a field goal to stretch a Gators 3 touchdown lead to 24.

Georgia @ Missouri -13, go Tigers, playing the Over makes sense here. I have the same sentiment regarding Auburn & Tennessee.

Watch out here, the Midshipmen are ready to bust the spirits of the Cadets. Go Buffs, Chip gets it done, BRUIN BLUE wins!!! As for AZ- ASU, I’ll take ASU to cover, along with WSU over Cal. Stanford – 4 @ OSU, good game. JJ is back for the Beavs, the Cardinals coming after a win over the Mutts. I can’t argue with Stanford.

Jon Joseph

No matter how the conference games that are played come down, next week’s schedule will be of great interest.

I’m not going to be happy if the Ducks have to go on the road for the 4th time this season.


Absolutely, that would be 4 out of 6 road games for the Ducks, Huskies haven’t left their dog house yet, @ Autzen would have been their only road game.


Delightful collection of hot takes JJ; loved the extended riff on Iowa/Wiscy – a refresher on the bounty of a classical liberal arts education. Thanks!

I’m intrigued by the Trojans/Bruins tilt as similar to turn of the century games between UO & SC where the underdogs 3rd year, 3 star talent (with a smattering of 4 stars) takes on SC’s Rivals stars-based most talented starting lineup in the conference? Slovis seems to have worked out the mechanics/injury? that troubled him in early games with a wounded-quail free dispatching of WSU last week. Is Troy’s DC Orlando a slovenly or competent journeyman: able or not to effectively utilize the talented athletes he coaches?

Have the Voyages of the Cardinal morphed them into a resolute Band of Brothers, or will crafty coaching by Jonathan S. turn the Husky dispatching in Seattle into a one hit wonder?

An abundance of Saturday storylines to bridge daunted Ducks through to the men’s and women’s hoops contests!

Jon Joseph

Thanks DC. Slovis did have a GREAT 1st Q last week, but WSU provided a lot of gift wrapping.

I’m impressed with the Bruins 18 sacks in 5 games. Not sure the SC O line will be able to keep Kevin comatose?


I always sort of liked Jake Browning, reminded me a lot of myself; skinny legs, pot belly, and a rag arm. Peterson’s kinda guy.


Jeremiah, you have definitely come up with the biggest stain the Huskies have left with, “The Point”, Where the Ducks have, “The Pick”, a great football play that changed the trajectory of the rivalry. “The Point” was a shallow, self gratifying act that merely revealed how small the Huskies are.

After going 12 games, 3 complete graduating classes that didn’t register a win against Oregon, Washington finally had the upper hand. This was a really bad Oregon team, and Washington was so thrilled they thought that scoring 70 points in one game would actually make up for losing 12 in a row.

In Washington’s mind the 70-21 win was a huge statement. Never considering how many times the Ducks could have put up 70 during the 12 game streak, but because Oregon was proving its dominance over and over and over, and 9 more over’s, they didn’t have any need to “Shout”!

Of course after another win the next season, the Puppies thought that everything was okay again. Ha, it’s 2-0 Oregon again, Washington.


You never lay down in this rivalry, because winners never quit and losers never win. This year we have a continuation of last years performance. They are laying down before the game even starts.

I do hope each of their players fully recovers from this terrible pandemic, but I also hope they learned something from last year, don’t lay down against the Ducks! You are going to get run over anyway, you might as well take it like a man.


Excellent reminders for us Jeremiah. Thanks for bringing them to us.

It’s kind of like almost ever time we play the Huskies their is some sort of incident that marks the game. Some on the field and some off the field. This year its the fact that Washington can win the North by simply not playing the game at all.

If we do play the game the thing you want to remember the most is “we have to beat the dogs”.