Incredible Information: Easily Learn About the Joe Moorhead Offense!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

We saw some amazing glimpses last season of the Joe Moorhead offense, (Offensive Coordinator at Oregon) but everyone knows that we are about to watch the full playbook in action during the 2021 season. Players interviewed in the first few days of fall camp have described the offense as exciting, explosive and how they cannot wait to play in it and show Duck fans. And babywe are ready!

Yet it is so much more fun watching the games when we know a few items to look out for when Oregon is on the move offensively. Want to learn a little football before the season? Would you enjoy knowing more about the Joe Moorhead offense between what he did at Oregon in 2020, but even more important … what he did at Penn State to create an eruption of points? What type of offense did he run? What were his favorite plays?

We have just what you need! We have a page dedicated to Understanding the Joe Moorhead Offense, and there are an astounding 26 analysis articles in there. Considering we had such a short season with a thin playbook in 2020, this is a much bigger resource that most would have thought. Spend as much time as you wish, because the learning is easy when each article can be easily read and understood in less then five minutes.

Joe Moorhead won a ton of awards at Penn State.

My friends, we are all indebted to Coach Jeremy Mosier (Illinois) and Coach Eric Boles (Ohio) for their Joe Moorhead analyses created over this last year that can help you spot plays and patterns during your own review of the Oregon games. Want to see the cool Shovel RPO Option play as it was run by Moorhead at Penn State? Or how about the Power Dart Read and Power Dart RPO package that made the Nittany Lions lethal?

If you want to see Moorhead’s vertical passing attack, or his West Coast Passing Offense components integrated into the Portland Concept, (does that fit Oregon or what?) we have you covered with short articles with short one-play videos. (And it’s fun to see how Moorhead burned USC in the Rose Bowl!)

We have an even bigger resource at FishDuck, and it is the Oregon Football Analysis Library that has over 600 analyses created over the last decade. Each one took a boatload of time to create, and cover all the different offenses at Oregon along with their positions. While this is useful for learning football overall, (and high school coaches and players are in there every day) we want analyses specific to what we will see on the field in less than four weeks.

You have it with this page covering the Joe Moorhead Offense, and it will get you pumped for the upcoming season as I am! C’mon Duck fans, channel your inner football nerd for half an hour because…

“Oh, how we love to learn more about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer  (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo from Pac-12 Video

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