The Men of Washington Should be REJECTED by the B1G

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Humor

The proud B1G conference should re-think the entry of the men of Washington into their prestigious conference. Note I stated the men, because the female athletes in Seattle are at least marginally acceptable to join, but their male counterparts should be ignored and soundly rejected. Washington fans like to refer to Oregon as the “zeros,” but guess how many NCAA national championships in all sports the men of Washington have won? (None)

It would appear that they are the “University of Zero.”

For years I wondered how long it would be until the Huskies won a national championship in any male NCAA sport, and the wait continues. While the women of Washington added a championship four years ago, (Womens Rowing) the total number of championships for an athletic program that howls a ton is embarrassing to all.  How many total NCAA national championships does Washington have compared to Oregon and their new B1G opponents?

The Huskies should bow down…in shame.

Good gosh, a full dozen members of the B1G will not only have more championships than Washington, but the real question is, “how many times did they lap the Huskies?”

A paltry nine NCAA national championships, and all won by the women at Washington? Why would the B1G want men who are clearly not championship grade? I think back to a period from 2014 through 2017 when Oregon won 11 NCAA National Championships, and marvel at how the Ducks won more Nattys in three years, than Washington won in over 105 years. Whew!

Oh yes, be prepared for their bloviation about all the crew championships they won, made up or imagined championships–yet we are referring to actual NCAA national championships that are clearly recorded. No, you cannot count Club Sports, or Oregon would count their Club Nattys in Tumbling, Frisbee Golf and Bass Fishing. (It was a big upset over the SEC schools)

While Oregon would not do that, Husky fans will try to make that case. Yes, their logic is as weak as the Washington male athletes, although their loser mentality does match the Husky championship performance. It would be one thing if they truly knew their place, but their misplaced arrogance ends up looking pathetic when the FishDuck Facts are revealed.

Another record set by the MEN OF OREGON.

It is only appropriate that during Husky Hate Week, that I suggest that the B1G rescind their invitation to Washington, as they do not want a new conference member that will shame all the other teams in the league on a national stage. As an Oregon fan, I am embarrassed to have my ne’er-do-well northwest competitor tag along on our coat-tails, and slink into a conference that is clearly over their heads.

Did the B1G ever look beyond the football audience size?

Why is it the men who decide to attend University of Washington have proven over a century to be significantly weaker than the men who attend B1G schools?

It is a mystery, like another that puzzles me about a program that blusters much louder than their actual value. For why would the Washington Athletic department allow their band to taunt their opponent when a mistake was made, or when the Huskies had a good play? Listen for it in the background of the upcoming game, as six notes they will play often–not to inspire their team, but to needle the opponent and their fans. What kind of athletic department, what kind of fan would endorse that?

Only the Huskies.

So many examples, so many reasons why Washington is undeserving of joining the B1G; don’t you agree? Share your thoughts in the only civilized free Oregon football forum because…

“Oh how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer  (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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