“I Have Never Felt So DETACHED From the Oregon Ducks as NOW …”

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I was pretty surprised at the words coming from this long-time season ticket holder, who is a classic example of a professional in the community who maintains a serious passion for our beloved Ducks. Scott Schultz is my attorney, whom I made reference to recently in my weekly column (that is now on Sundays). He is someone I’ve known for 25 …

From Sleeping to Screaming: a Football Journey

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Duck Family Day is a new feature for every Saturday where Oregon fans share their stories of … being Oregon fans! Email charles@fishduck.com to share your experiences of you and your family and what it means to be a Duck fan. Pat Pannu has been a writer, editor, and supervisor for FishDuck.com and is extremely passionate about our beloved Ducks, the same as you. …

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A Letter to Stanford

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Dear Stanford, I am writing on behalf of the University of Oregon’s football fan-base to inform you that our boys are ready to give you quite a difficult time in our house this Saturday. I understand that you may believe yourselves to be our kryptonite due to our past couple of games, but this is the year we seek revenge. …