Hungry Ducks, Tasty Win

Dean Davis FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

EUGENE, OR. – What a season it has been for our Oregon Ducks.  Up, down, and all around; it’s been difficult to determine what to think of the team.  Recently, the Ducks have taken the initiative in becoming more consistent as they’ve racked multiple wins, making one final push towards the NCAA Tournament. On Tuesday night, Oregon battled away against the talented …

Oregon Basketball Analysis: Pickin’ Apart the Wicked Opponent

Lawrence Hastings Editorials

Nobody likes their opponent.  Ducks’ players shake the opposing team’s hands at the end of every game as a show of sportsmanship, but is the common fan convinced there isn’t at least an ounce of animosity present?  The opponent’s job, goal and sole purpose is to defeat Oregon.  And in that, they are evil by nature and in practice.  The …

Ducks Men’s Basketball: Winning Formula or Big Mess?

Max Blumenthal FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

With a giant national yawn, the most recent AP poll ranks Oregon men’s basketball 12th in the nation.  However, this recent success is a welcome Christmas present for fans across the entire spectrum of Oregon sports.  Now we can continue watching nationally-ranked Duck teams into the new year.  The basketball squad has claimed their undefeated record by using speed, effective …

Ducks Outrun Mustangs, Remain Undefeated

Josh White FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

Kevin Cline The 14th-ranked Oregon basketball team defeated the overmatched Cal-Poly squad, 82-61 on Sunday evening before an announced home crowd of 5,580.  The Ducks were able to jump out to an early double-digit lead against the Mustangs behind a lights out performance in the opening minutes from eventual game MVP Johnathan Loyd, and a sharp shooting effort by sophomore Damyean Dotson. Loyd, the senior point … Continue reading

Ducks MVP? A matter of numbers

Sam Arney FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

I was thinking this week that I would come up with my own player efficiency rating for our basketball team.  I have not done any research in regards to anyone else’s equations, so if mine is similar to something you have seen before, know that I have not copied anyone.  This is the equation I have decided on that best …