Duck QB Position Cursed?

Even though Oregon has had a lot of success at the quarterback position over the last 15 years, Vernon Adams will be the first Duck senior QB to make it to and start on Senior Day for Oregon since Joey Harrington. Here’s a look back at each QB that followed Harrington and who failed […]

The Worst Game Ever Played

The way many people view Oregon football today is how it has been portrayed over the last five years. Everything about Oregon is cutting edge, futuristic, and new. The true fans know that this is not Oregon football. While all of the buildings and the uniforms are great, they are simply a by-product […]

Oregon’s Quiet Success Against Elite Teams Contradicts “Soft” Reputation

No college football program faces a greater disparity between reality and reputation than Oregon. One would think that having the nation’s highest winning percentage over the past five seasons in what could easily be argued as college football’s deepest conference would warrant some respect. And, in fairness, it has to […]