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  • Tebow to Philly?

    No, it hasn’t happened – yet.  Tim Tebow was released yesterday by the New York Jets.  Apparently they would prefer this guy over a yet-to-be-doomed play-caller.  Let’s look at why Chip should look at signing Tim Tebow, because I think it has real potential. I’m not …

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  • Five Things Chip Kelly Did Right and Why Duck Fans Should Be Thankful

    If winning football games is your biggest priority then make it 6 things.  A winning record of 46-7 is no small accomplishment; however, looking long-term there are 5 other things that, when the disappointment clears, I think will be recognized and appreciated. One Putting aside for the …

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  • Autzen

    Will Johnny Ragin III Stay Home?

    Those who follow Oregon high school football know it’s not exactly a hotbed  for recruiting.  While the state produces half a dozen or so Division I recruits each year, many are under-the-radar and not highly ranked.  Of the three committed prospects from the State of Oregon (tackle Evan …

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  • Duck

    Take your MARK…Recruiting off and Running

    The chips have fallen where they may – Chip Kelly is gone and that can only hurt the recruiting, right? Wrong.  A newly crowned head coach highlighted visitations that proved eventful for four potential Ducks who made their way to Eugene this past weekend.  Torrodney Prevot (Houston, Texas), …

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  • There Are Days When Life Sucks Major Eggs

    I opened Facebook Wednesdy morning and saw a sad face beside the headline ”Kelly to take Eagles job.”  I felt bad for the Notre Dame fans.  You see, it had to be Brian Kelly because we had already gone through this with Chip Kelly.  Then, …

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  • What will they be saying next year?

    What Chip Kelly’s Leaving to the NFL Will Reveal About the Ducks

    Oregon Duck football and Chip Kelly have become synonymous.   I’m surprised that I don’t hear the guys on ESPN call our team the Fighting Chippers.  That means that whatever successes or failures that Kelly experiences in the NFL will reflect on the Ducks.  This is …

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  • Is Oregon the Most Tortured Sports State in America?

    Chip Kelly left town Wednesday morning, and a fan base mourned.  His teams had been perennial national title contenders, going into November with a shot at a national championship in five of his six seasons in Eugene.  Oregon never won it all during that time, …

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  • 7959529882 55be549918 B

    Jilted But Not Wilted

    I was one of the few who throughout the entire process this year thought Chip Kelly would stay at Oregon.  I believed the idea “If it works, don’t fix it!” would prevail.  In a world that delivers so many ups and downs, it appeared to …

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  • Kelly1 E1358389236287

    Perspective from an Oregon and Eagles fan

    As we have all heard by now, Chip Kelly has accepted a job to coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Let me start by saying that I am not irritated in Kelly leaving for the NFL, just in how he has gone about it.  I have the …

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  • Chip’s Sudden Departure Leaves Us With Unanswered Questions

    Shocked, betrayed, deceived, stunned — these are a few of the emotions circulating amongst Oregon fans at this very moment.  Upon news of Chip Kelly heading to the NFL, social media platforms erupted as fans verbalized their discontent with the situation and concern for the …

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