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Pac-12 Hoops Transformation

commons.wikimedia.org On a national level, the Pac-12 conference has become increasingly competitive over the past few years.  This upcoming college basketball season should see the overall Pac-12 talent level move even closer to the...

The Ducks Play Tonight For A Chance To Advance To The Elite Eight 0

Oregon vs Louisville Preview

If you have read anything about this game on sports sites, then you have heard how Oregon doesn’t stand a chance… how Louisville is the best team in the nation… how Oregon can’t match up with any...

Kazemi is Oregon's 5-hour Energy! © 2013 Gary Breedlove Photography 2

Potential Upset Relies on Kazemi

The Louisville Cardinals versus the Oregon Ducks…there is no doubt that the battle of the birds is a highly anticipated matchup.  All of the sports media outlets laud the pace and press with which both teams play,...