Oregon Spread Offense Tutorial #2: The Outside Zone Read

NM Lineup

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  • Tim Bailey

    Charles–I’m a Browns fan, and so am very interested in Chip Kelly’s way of doing things. I studied your analyses of both the IZR and OZR. Great job! I really feel like I understand them. They’re incredibly simple when broken down.
    Tim Bailey

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  • Tyler Campbell

    Fantastic reviews of both IZR and OZR! I am light-years ahead of where I was previous to the watching the videos. I was wondering, though, if you could somehow elaborate on the Playside Zone Read as that looks like a very promising play series, as well!

  • jayparadox

    I am learning about my beloved ducks much more now than anytime before! I Love this site.

  • DB

    I would like to know more about how the QB and RB communicate on whether he’s going to take it back out or not – how do they prevent fumbles. Oregon QBs always sell it so well the camera man is often confused.

    • Matt

      You know, there really isn’t a “trick” to it. It’s just practice. They practice that particular move a THOUSAND times, and the RB just knows by feeling when he’s getting it and when he isn’t. It just takes incredible repetition.