Oregon Spread Offense Tutorial #2: The Outside Zone Read

NM Lineup

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  • Tim Bailey

    Charles–I’m a Browns fan, and so am very interested in Chip Kelly’s way of doing things. I studied your analyses of both the IZR and OZR. Great job! I really feel like I understand them. They’re incredibly simple when broken down.
    Tim Bailey

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  • Tyler Campbell

    Fantastic reviews of both IZR and OZR! I am light-years ahead of where I was previous to the watching the videos. I was wondering, though, if you could somehow elaborate on the Playside Zone Read as that looks like a very promising play series, as well!

  • jayparadox

    I am learning about my beloved ducks much more now than anytime before! I Love this site.

  • DB

    I would like to know more about how the QB and RB communicate on whether he’s going to take it back out or not – how do they prevent fumbles. Oregon QBs always sell it so well the camera man is often confused.

    • Matt

      You know, there really isn’t a “trick” to it. It’s just practice. They practice that particular move a THOUSAND times, and the RB just knows by feeling when he’s getting it and when he isn’t. It just takes incredible repetition.

  • Rj

    I’ve been having a debate with Eagle fans about Sproles. I said they will use him a lot but, he will lineup next to the QB. They claim he will line up everywhere and mostly the slot. Kelly doesn’t ever lineup his RBs in the slot because he likes the triple threat of run/read/screen/pass route. Am I correct?