LINEBACKER TECHNIQUE (Overall) from the Coaches

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LINEBACKER TECHNIQUE (Overall) from the Coaches

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1. Oregon’s Mystery Men Linebacking Corps Will “Sink to the level of its preparation” – and that’s a good thing
Text Analysis Published 4-16-2013
Perhaps my favorite Chip Kelly quote during his time at Oregon was the following: “You don’t rise to the occasion; you sink to the level of your preparation.”  (Linebacker technique analysis) Directory 13.5


2. Oregon’s Linebacking Analysis: Their Run-Reads & Keys
Text and GIF Analysis Published 5-26-2015
Forget about the title; this article is about Linebacker reads and what they are watching and looking for as a play begins.  An excellent primer for defensive understanding…


3. Oregon’s Linebacking Analysis: Diagnosing the Pass
Text and GIF Analysis Published 6-16-2015
This is another excellent article about how linebackers make their reads–especially in the passing game. 

From Video

Spencer Paysinger, a linebacker on the 2010-11 team, now plays for the New York Giants.


4. Linebacker Technique: Freshman Keith Simms Attacks the Blocks Correctly
Text Analysis: Published on 10-25-2016
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris look at the correct technique for a linebacker to take on the blocker with.


–5. Right and Wrong: Linebacker Leverage in a 4-3 Defense
Text Analysis: Published on 10-11-2016
An important lesson on the leverage and details for a linebacker that make the difference between a TFL or a touchdown by the opposition.  (Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris)


–6. Middle Linebacker Technique: Jimmie Swain Is Making Plays!
Text Analysis: Published on 11-22-2016
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris look at improved linebacker techniques in terms of angles, such as “inside-out” for a Duck defender.  Good examples for linebackers and those who coach linebackers.


–7. Linebacker Analysis: “Scrape to Contain” is a Fundamental
Text Analysis: Published on 11-15-2016
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris examine the “Scrape and Fill” techniques of Linebackers.  An important concept!


–8. Linebacker Technique Analysis: Taking on the Blocks
Text Analysis: Published on 11-08-2016
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris look at how NOT to take on blocks by linebackers and there are some teaching tools there for all to learn from.

John Giustina

Oregon LB Peter Sirmon became one of the most feared men in the Pac-10 with his stellar play.


–9. Oregon’s Linebacking Analysis: Why It Will Be Better in 2015
Text Analysis May 26, 2015
Coach Levi Steier teaches technique for linebackers in how to read their keys in the “triangle” of the offensive formation.  Great basics for fans and young players.



–10.  The Butterfly Effect: The Spread Offense’s Effect on the Philadelphia Eagles’ Inside Linebackers
Text and GIF Analysis:
 July 26, 2015
Joe Kearns shows the defensive techniques of Inside Linebackers against some of the favorite plays used within the Spread Offense. A tremendous resource!


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