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1. Oregon Football Analysis:  O-Line Protection Creates BIG Plays for Ducks
Text and Video Analysis Published 8-11-2015
Fans normally do not see the importance of pass protection when watching games on Saturdays. However, the most important concept in a successful, big-play offense is the ability of the offensive line to consistently perform.  As this article discusses the big plays Oregon executes, keep in mind who makes them possible. Directory 7.8


2. The Jake Fisher Effect: Aggressive Oregon Offensive Linemen!
Text and GIF Analysis Published 6-30-2015
This article helps offensive linemen have the right attitude in how they carry out their assignments, and how it can become contagious to others. Directory 7.8

John Giustina

Jake Fisher holds off California DE Todd Barr, protecting the weak side from infiltration.


3. Oregon Explosion Plays: How the Ducks Win in the Trenches
Text, GIF, and Video Analysis Published 4-21-2015
This is a TREMENDOUS analysis concerning the offensive line–the steps, angles, and keys for explosion plays.  A MUST. Directory 7.8


4. A Tale of Two Games…and Two Offensive Lines
Text and GIF Analysis Published 3-24-2015
A Coach looks at two games of Oregon and Arizona and pulls tremendous analysis of both defensive and offensive line-play. Both sides of LOS should check this out. Directory 7.8, 13.8


5. Byron Marshall Loves Oregon’s New Slot-Sweep Read
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-16-2014
This covers a new variation of the “Sweep Read” play and goes into the concept of blocking down by linemen and receivers. Directory 7.8,


6. An Elite Showdown: Anthony Barr vs Tyler Johnstone
Text and GIF Analysis Published 6-10-2014
Great run and pass blocking examples as Johnstone went up against a top 10 draft pick and All-American at DE from UCLA. Directory 7.8, 7.9

Craig Strobeck

Hroniss Grasu came to Oregon as a 3-Star, and become an All-American.


7. Developing Offensive Linemen for the Zone Scheme
Text and Video Analysis Published 2-28-2013
Simply one of the best analysis articles EVER at and still receives thousands of views per month as outstanding to the readers. Almost a bible for offensive linemen in Zone Blocking… 


8. The Coach’s Corner: Developing a Power-Running Attack From the Shotgun
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-13-2012
Coach Brian Flinn of Villanova tells the story of how controlling the A-Gap is crucial to all offenses and can be achieved out of the Shotgun formation. Directory  7.8


9. The Coach’s Corner: Utilizing New Power-O Innovations in the Spread Offense
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-6-2012
The Power-O, otherwise known as Power, Counter, Counter and GT, is a robust blocking scheme designed to overwhelm the point of attack while maintaining a simple yet aggressive way to defeat just about any defensive front. The best aspect of the Power-O is that it is robust, simple, and aggressive by nature. Directory 7.8


10. The Fish Report: The Nobility of Heroes
Text Analysis  (Pics needed) Published 6-16-2011
This was written as a tribute to the offensive linemen and is summary of many of the superb plays they made against USC for Chip Kelly in 2009.


–11.  Feeling the Juice: Offensive Line Awakens in Autzen
Text and Video Analysis:  Oct 4, 2017
Coach Eric Boles shows the amazing techniques by an offensive line that opened the game and created a win.


–12.  X’s vs. O’s: It’s Blitz! Blitzing vs. Full Slide Pass Protection
Text Analysis:  Oct 25, 2017
Zach Pierson digs into the details of a Zone Blitz, and why it was successful.


–13.  Scouting a Duck: What Should NFL Scouts Think of Jake Fisher?
Text and GIF Analysis: 
April 1, 2015
Joe Kearns presents a wonderful analysis of the skills needed by an NFL offensive lineman–and Jake has been with the Cincinnati Bengals for a number of years now as a starter.


–14.  A Real Pain in the Pass
Text Analysis: 
July 9, 2013
Coach Todd Moore explains the fine points of pass protection by the offensive line.


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