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1. Oregon’s Newly Revised POWER PLAY With Bang, Bend and Bounce RB Techniques!
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-08-2015
The Power Play for Oregon has been revised under coach Mark Helfrich, but it remains one of the foundational plays of the Oregon Offense. A key aspect for Oregon is the redundancy inherently built into the Power Play as part of the overall Ducks offense. The steps and the decisions are the same for the RB as the Inside Zone Read. This increases the difficulty for the defense to identify what is coming at them, because both plays look similar, but are blocked differently. (A FUNDAMENTAL analysis for both coaches and fans; Oregon Spread Offense playbook) Directory 7.2


2. Oregon “Bangs, Bends, and Bounces” the NEW Inside Zone Read past Stanford
Text and GIF Analysis Published 11-07-2014
A wonderful analysis for teaching running backs how to run the Inside Zone with the options of “Banging,” “Bending,” or “Bouncing” within the play. Directory 7.2

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3. How Royce Freeman Saved Marcus Mariota: Oregon Spread Offense Pass Protection
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-30-2014
This analysis covers stunts, blitzes and pass protection blocking from the running back.


4. Royce Freeman Embraces Oregon’s Straddled Triple Option
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-02-2014
An update on one of the base plays of the Oregon Spread Offense discussing the “read” for the QB, and the reading of blocks by the running back. A foundation article!


5. Teaching Running Backs How to Run the Inside Zone
Text and GIF Analysis Published 7-22-2014
Another incredible analysis by Coach Levi Steier that breaks down what the RB looks for, the drills to help, and the basic concepts to learn. A MUST for coaches.


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Articles about the Oregon Spread Offense under coaches Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich, Scott Frost, Mario Cristobal, Marcus Arroyo and Willie Taggart are present along with plays and tactics.

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