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Learn how Oregon took Khalil Tate out of the Zone Read.


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1. The Coach’s Corner: Defending the Zone Read
Text Analysis Published 8-17-2012
However, there are counters to the Zone Read, as there are defensive maneuvers aimed at disguising or disrupting the zone read. Our team has learned to use our 4-3 Defense to scheme the opponent, forcing the offense to make decisions rather than reacting to the defense. Directory 10.2


Jerry Azzinaro had a huge impact on the Duck defense.


2. How Stanford Stopped The Oregon Offense II
Text Analysis Published 11-21-2012
Stanford’s game plan didn’t resemble the gimmicky Cover-0 approach Cal used in 2010 at all, it was an old-fashioned defensive scheme that can confuse nearly every offensive blocking scheme in the game. The particular alignment Stanford used was the “Bear” front, which we will discuss in more detail shortly. Directory 10.2


3. Game Planning for STOPPING Oregon’s Spread Offense Attack
Text Analysis Published 8-20-2013
The process for game planning to defend Oregon’s or anyone’s Spread Offense is to first figure out what the basic attack philosophy is of that team. We have to dig deeper however, to learn defensive game plans and about the new “Hybrid” defenses emerging to counter the Ducks Spread Offense.


–4.  How Oregon’s “Squeeze-n-Pop” Strategy Stifled the Zone Read
Text and Video Analysis:  Dec 27, 2017
Zach Pierson explains an innovative defensive strategy to help defeat the Zone Read play that Arizona was eating the Pac-12 with–prior to meeting Oregon.


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