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Ifo Ekpre-Olomu relishes his interception that prevented points.


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1. The Coach’s Corner: Split Coverages in Football
Text Analysis Published 6-22-2012
Coach Peterson breaks down how a quarters-based split pass coverage can help a defense win games. Great knowledge for the fan and coach… Directory 10.1, 11


2. Oregon’s Cover One Defense: Turnover Heaven
Video Analysis Published 8-14-2012
It’s time to begin a brief look at our coverages to help us understand what our beloved Ducks are doing on defense. As in other videos…. the more we learn, the more we will enjoy the great plays on defense this upcoming season! Directory 10.1

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Walter Thurmond


3. Aliotti’s Zone Coverages Keep Wildcats’ Pass Game in the Kitty Carrier
Text Analysis Published 2-19-2013
Finally, Klein averaged under 9 yards per completion, and 4.7 yards per attempt. Wow. Decry him all you want, but give credit to “Allow-a-lotti,” because pass defense stats like those straight up win games. Let’s see how he did it. Directory 10.1


4. An Analysis: How the Ducks Soar in the Secondary
Text Analysis Published 7-02-2013
Today we break down the fascinating coverages that Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti utilizes to make Oregon one of the nation’s best defenses at creating turnovers, courtesy of Coach Pettus.  This will be in the Defensive Tutorials as it is THAT good! Directory 10.1


5. Oregon Analysis: Change of Flight in the Secondary
Text Analysis Published 7-23-2013
Today, we will take a look at how Coach Aliotti injects the Single High Safety alignment into the secondary to stifle offenses with a strong running game.  This alignment allows the secondary to defend the middle of the field with the same look but two different schemes in the Cover 3 and Man Free alignments.


–6. Get Ready for Oregon’s New Pass Defense
Text Analysis: Published on 1-16-2017
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris help Oregon fans begin to learn what to expect in pass defense with the new defensive coaching staff at Oregon for 2017.


7. Oregon must change its NO MAN’S LAND Technique
Text Analysis: Published 5-30-2017
Coach Ruskin Fiegenbaum points out the basics of press coverage by corners and how the depth of lining up can impact the outcome of corner play.


–8. X’s vs. O’s: Oregon’s Cover 1 Defense
Text Analysis:  August 27, 2017
Zach Pierson explains the tactics and techniques for coaches to implement the “Cover One” defense. Defensive coverages and tactics


–9.  Oregon Pass Defense “Coachable Moments”
Text Analysis:  Aug 15, 2017
Coach Mike Morris gives examples on the importance of proper “switching” in a man-to-man coverage on defense.


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