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1. Oregon’s Bend-But-Don’t-Break Defense: It WORKS
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-01-2015
Many people don’t understand the reasoning behind utilizing the bend-but-don’t-break defense, and how it complements the Oregon offense. Let’s take a closer look at this defensive strategy against Florida State in the 2015 Rose Bowl through the eyes of’s new defensive consultant, former Oregon safety Ryan Mitchell. (Defensive philosophy and Game Planning) Directory 10.0


2. Oregon’s Disguised 3-4 Defense – The Hidden Bear
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-26-2014
A discussion of the “Bear” defense and how it can be worked into the 3-4 defense as Oregon did for a little over a year. Directory 10.0, 12.1


3. Football Terms for the Next-Level Fan
Text Analysis Published 9-06-2014
A simple article about the locations of “techniques” on defense, and “Gaps” on offense. For the fan who wants to be a “Next-Level” fan… Directory 10.0, 17

Turnover Created!


4. Nasty Michigan State Pass Rush Strategies to Look for versus Oregon
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-05-2014
A superb breakdown of the basics of the infamous Michigan State defense and their pass-rushing strategies. Directory 10.0, 12.2


5. Lessons for Oregon: How Michigan State Slowed Down Stanford’s Offense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-12-2014
A great defensive article that helps you to learn about blitzes and stunts regardless of the team. (Some of it includes Oregon) Directory 10.0, 12.2


6. Spill It and Kill It! How the Oregon Defense Shuts Down the Run
Text and GIF Analysis Published 7-15-2014
In my last article, I talked about the different types of jobs on the defense and these are universal jobs on any team’s ‘spill’ defense, although the terms are certainly not universal (nearly every defense is a spill defense in today’s game).  Now, let’s drill down to one specific job more fully, the spill players in the Ducks’ 3-4 Defense. Directory 10.0


7. Stuffing the Outside Run Game With Oregon’s 3-4 Defense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 7-01-2014
A great discussion of run-fits for defenders and who the force, spill, and alley players are in given situations.  A superb primer for understanding defense….Directory 10.0

A Kenny Rowe Sack!


8.The Coach’s Corner: Shutting Down Oregon’s Spread With the 4-3 Defense?
Text Analysis Published 3-04-2014
However, there is a lot of merit for running the 4-3 defense, especially against the Spread offense teams such as Oregon and so many other Spread variations in the Pac-12.  Whether that’s the consistent pass rush, the simplified ways for the defense to “fit” against the run, or even from a defensive coverage perspective, the 4-3 defense does have a lot of advantages that make it worthwhile against the Spread offense, and gives us some strengths to ponder, considering the Ducks are changing Defensive Coordinators. Directory 10.0


9. A Husky Sack from Oregon’s Great Zone Coverage
Text and GIF Analysis Published 5-20-2014
Oregon utilizes a number of secondary coverages that helps the defensive line get sacks. Directory 10.0


10. How the Ducks Will Shut Down Rich Rod and the Wildcats in 2014
Text Analysis Published 6-03-2014
Learn how to defend the Spread Offense such as Arizona….(or Oregon!)


11. How Oregon’s Secondary Protects the Nest with the “Cover Zero” Defense!
Text Analysis Published 8-06-2013
What does Oregon’s defense do in the secondary when they are faced with an opposing offense in the Red Zone and the Ducks are in danger of being scored upon?  Your beloved Ducks often rely on the easiest coverage to implement, but leaving each pass defender “on an island” with his man….and that would be the Cover Zero defense!  Directory 10.

DeForest Buckner getting closing in on a sack.


12. How to Defend Oregon’s Power Read Option
Text Analysis Published 5-30-2013
As defensive coordinators, we have found ways to deal with teams reading the defensive end. Take the Power Read Play as an example. This could be a Two-Back Power, with the same concepts, but we will work against a One-Back Power running play. Directory 10.0


13. How Oregon Stuffed “Optimus” Klein and the Kansas State Option Attack
Text Analysis Published 2-05-2013
QB Klein added value to K-State as a good power rusher, but his real threat to opponents was finding gaps in defenses via K-State’s dynamic option attack.  The Ducks knew this, and wrote up a dandy of a game plan to attack it. And what did they do? In short, the Ducks took control of the decisions Klein wanted to make, and took the “option” out of Collin Klein’s option game. Directory 10.0

A pick and off to the races!


14. How Oregon “Stems” into Big Defensive Plays!
Text Analysis Published 10-16-2012
We are learning more about the strategic moves made between the offensive coordinators versus the defensive coordinators, and how these judgments can so dramatically alter the game. We learn about the concept of “Stemming” on defense in this analysis. Directory 10.0, 11.0


15. Defending the Spread: Zone Out or Man Up
Text Analysis Published 7-05-2012
Josh Schlichter looks at the different defenses used to slow down the Spread Offenses and features information from Auburn’s Gus Malzahn, Monte Kiffin, and Clancy Pendergast.


–16. Coach’s Comments: “Oregon will have TWO New Defenses….”
Text Analysis: Published on 12-28-2016
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris look at the growing trend of defenses playing a base, such as a 3-4, but also delving into other defenses as game conditions will dictate.


17. Why the Oregon Defense Is Poised for Immediate Improvement
Text Article: Published on 5-25-2017
Justin Samples, who played in the 3-4 Hybrid defense in college gives fans and coaches perspectives concerning the 3-4 and the 3-3-5 defense. Fans of Oregon will take note as well as college football fans learning the changes occurring in defenses today to combat the prolific spread offenses.


18. The Improved Oregon Defense: Defending the Counter Trey
Text Article: Published on 5-16-2017
Coach Mike Morris breaks down the defense techniques needed to stop one of college football new power plays out of the Spread Offense.  Great for coaches, fans of all teams, and of course for Oregon Football fans.


19.  The “404” Defensive Scheme is BACK with DC Jim Leavitt
Text Analysis: Published on 5-09-2017
Coach Mike Morris reveals “one of the hardest defenses ever to block” to both college football fans and coaches, but also to Oregon fans.  A defensive classic!


–20.  Understanding Oregon’s “Two-fer” Defense
Text Analysis: July 25, 2017
Coach Eric Boles breaks down the 2-4-5 defense and how it is a good option for coaches.


–21.  3-4? 3-3-5? 4-2-5? Understanding Oregon’s Defensive Fronts
Text Analysis:  Aug 8, 2017
Coach Mike Morris has a superb article about player profile that will play certain alignments, the techniques for the player and how he works within that defense.  A great primer for coaches and fans.


–22.  The Butterfly Effect: The Spread Offense’s Effect on the Philadelphia Eagles’ Inside Linebackers
Text and GIF Analysis:
 July 26, 2015
Joe Kearns shows the defensive techniques of Inside Linebackers against some of the favorite plays used within the Spread Offense. A tremendous resource!


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