Oregon Fans: Just How Far CAN We Go?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

It is really two questions I am asking, and the first is a realistic assessment of the 2021 Ducks, (the good and the questions) and what you think is a reasonable goal for Our Beloved Ducks in this upcoming season? Are the Ducks really ready to challenge for the Playoffs, or is the Rose Bowl the ceiling? Count me in the latter group, because while Oregon returns a ton of experience–not all of it is among the most talented.

If Oregon could win the conference and a Rose Bowl … I am a very happy Duck this next January.

The negative to my choice? It is a ton to ask, to three-peat (see trophies above) and act as though it is almost routine. Road games at Washington, Utah and UCLA are not going to be easy at all. Thoughts?

Yogi Roth is telling Oregon fans that we have it all right now!

How GOOD can the Fans be at FishDuck Compared to Other Sites?

The short answer thus far, is pretty good. Since we came back to comments under the articles in March–this site is approaching 500 comments and even with our strict posting rules, I have not had to delete a single one! That is amazing and unheard of in today’s web environment, and I am grateful that everyone enjoys spirited discussion that stays on topic and does not get personal.

Think about it; even with a normal low deletion percentage of 1% that we experienced before–that would normally be four or five deletions, but none?

Ruthless Moderating: No Strikes, No Warnings and No Slack

Moderation policy has been changed in the Posting Rules page, and will be in the Terms of Service as well. The three-strike set of rules are no longer in place, as I have to work during the day, so I cannot hover over the site and delete an offending post immediately. In fact a nasty insult or political comment could sit all day and do the damage to the community before I see and act on it. Thus why when I do find the violation–the FishDuck member will be immediately Blacklisted/Banned. We all know the rules and the proof is the current perfect record over the last two months. If someone has no impulse control, or breaks the rules intentionally and tries to poison our Green Refuge–I will have no sympathy.

I’ve already lost friends over this and I’m not changing the rules now for anyone. If you cannot operate as everybody else does, then you’re gone; I am here to serve the 99% who want a safe and peaceful Oregon Sports Community. So FishDuck members–I have your back.

How long would you be Blacklisted/Banned? It depends upon how torqued off you made me. (A crude, but accurate answer) I just reinstated a couple of people who probably thought the ban was forever, and if you like to post often–it would feel that way.

Make it easier to read for our Greybeard-age FishDuck members please!

Remember the Greybeards!

We have a ton of people over age 50 who read and post comments, so as a courtesy to all of us–please create a paragraph space after every three sentences in your comments. Just hit the enter/return key on your keyboard twice after every third sentence and make it easier on fellow Ducks fans in the unique community. (Mr. FishDuck especially thanks you for this!)

Will You do YOUR Part?

There is no revenue from the site, only expenses and hours of work for me. I wish to evolve this site into something similar to what is at another school where they simply post a current topic or question each day and tons of fans write their responses and feelings. We will still have occasional full articles at FishDuck, but articles like this one are effectively meant to begin the Duck Discussion. These conversation starter articles are quite short–only two or three paragraphs.

Can you volunteer to put one up a week to help this special community? It won’t take long, and I’d love to have an article/conversation-starter every day of the week. Contact me at charles@fishduck.com and we’ll get you started.  It would only be a half-hour to an hour at most per week (or every two weeks if you like) and it is fun to do a little writing. Why? Because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo from Pac-12 Video

New 2024 FishDuck Publishing Schedule….

During the off-season the FishDuck.com publishing schedule will consist of articles on Mondays and Tuesdays. Do keep checking as new articles could be published during the week when a writer has something to say.

In mid-August of 2024, we will go back to the seven-days-a-week of articles during the football season as we did in the football season of 2023.

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