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So much football knowledge learned and shared over the years! needs your help! is a site dedicated to educating fans through schematic analysis of sports, led by a team of volunteer writers and editors striving to both educate and entertain others through our shared passion for University of Oregon athletics. has been self-funded from the start at great expense to the founder, and we could use your help!  We want to improve the site’s content for you, and we have huge plans for this site that will bring much more new information to Oregon fans, with your assistance.
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Kiko Alonso and the Oregon Defense!

We are pleased that so many coaches have their players watch our videos and participate in the site, so many wonderful former Oregon players get an opportunity to tell their stories, and so many important aspects of the rich history of Oregon sports could be shared on if we can raise the funding.  It is a site unlike any other anywhere, and we hope that you would throw some bucks in each month to help us continue bringing you an experience unlike any other here at

What ARE the expenses of a website?  Well, they are much more extensive than we would have ever anticipated as they run into many thousands of dollars per month in bandwidth, equipment, software, video editing labor and especially, the web development costs.  Making changes on the website is something we’re committed to providing with many new informational sections planned for the future, but this takes time, effort, and above all money. has quickly grown and we thank you for your support.

Help us Build Three New Sections of an Oregon Football Repository

The Oregon Football Repository will be massive and will contain:

  • Current articles of Analysis, Editorials, Coach’s Opinion, and Talent Evaluation
  • The Analysis Library Section (280+ articles and videos)
  • The Sweet Memories Section: The Former Oregon Players Section! (100+ interview articles and videos)
  • History of Oregon Football Section (100+ articles)

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