History of Oregon Football: The 1970 to 1993 Rich Brooks Years

Dan Fouts

History of Oregon Football: The 1970 to 1993 Rich Brooks Years

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–1.  Benzduck’s Fun Civil War Facts.
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck surprises fans with little known Civil War facts that make you ponder.


–2.  1989 Oregon Ducks Football Season Recap
Video Article: 
Aug 6, 2011
Tony Hargain recorded a show about the first major bowl season for a very long time.

Bobby Moore


–3.  1972: How to hire the wrong coach, by Committee
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck takes us down memory lane with one of Oregon football’s unremarkable moments.


–4.  Oregon vs Colorado: A Prehistoric Series (V)
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck takes us down memory lane with an excellent description of a game that jolted the Ducks forward, and is fun read.


–5.  Today In Duck History: Sept 24
Text Article: 
Published September 24, 2011.
The interesting stories from Oregon games that Benzduck finds simply amaze and amuse; highly recommended from Mr. FishDuck!


–6.  Where I Come From: Wouldn’t Want to Go Back
Text Article: 
Published July 10, 2010
Benzduck gives us perspective on how viewing college football is so different now with interesting facts and stories that make us thankful…


–7.  Where it all went Wrong: 1971
Text Article:  
Publish date unknown.
Incredible research by Benzduck during a year that had a number of famous Ducks in Dan Fouts, Bobby Moore, and Tom Graham.

Mike Jorgensen versus Notre Dame.


–8.  Nine games. 53 points. Total, not average.
Text Article:  Publish date during 2010 football season.
Only a passionate Oregon fan such as Benzduck would find something so amazing to help give us perspective and to enjoy our modern era of Oregon football.


–9.  Rich’s Rude Awakening: October 1977
Text Article:  
Publish date fall 2011.
Another rich article of Oregon football history by Benzduck–illuminating!


–10.  Sept 18, 1982: Fresno State 10, Oregon 4
Text Article:
  Publish date is early 2011
An interesting look at a stretch that included names such as Rich Brooks, Jeff Tedford and Gerry Faust by Benzduck.


–11.  Why I Hate the Huskies: 1974
Text Article:  
Publish date is early 2011.
The burning embers of feelings for the Huskies run deep for us all, and Benzduck explains where his come from.


–12.  1993: The Last Year Of the Suffering
Text Article:  
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck refers to the years before 1994 as “The Suffering” and he chronicles the last year of that stretch of Oregon football history.

Lew Barnes 1983


–13.  September 1975: Oklahoma 62, Oregon 7
Text Article:  
Publish date unknown.
It is interesting to read about Barry Switzer, Jerry Pettibone and Don Read–thanks to Benzduck. But I would not want to return to those days!


–14.  1980: Oregon becomes one of the “big boys”, gets probation
Text Article:  
Published in early 2011.
When did Oregon get in trouble? Benzduck explains how it happened, and how it is part of our history.


–15.  Brother, can you spare a few thousand for a team down on its luck?
Text Article:  
Published in 2011.
Benzduck explains the concept and consequences of the “Money” games in Oregon’s past.


–16.  The Worst Game Ever Played at Autzen
Text Article:  
Published September 21, 2017
Mark Weinrott gives us an important part of Oregon’s history of that era.


–17.  The Worst Game Ever Played{
Text Article:  
Published October 3, 2015
Henry Swift would disagree about the worst ever with the article above, and this game he refers to is one I personally attended … and it was bad!

Jeff Thomason 1990


–18.  Sweet Revenge: Oregon upsets BYU, Detmer in 1990.
Text and Video Article:  
Published October 19, 2011
Kurt Liedtke put together an incredible set of videos and recounting of a BIG game for Oregon.


–19.  The 1989 Independence Bowl: How Oregon Overcame Years Of Losing Thanks To An Old Pair Of Shoes
Text and Video Article:  
Published August 11, 2011
Kurt Liedtke created an outstanding article in the early days of FishDuck.com and one to remember.


–20.  Brooks, Musgrave, and the Exuberance of 1989: What Would Duck Fans say Now?
Text and Video Article:  
Published November 7, 2013
Sean Goodbody brings up some interesting points about the relevance of prior games with current fans.


–21.  Your Greatest “Oregon” Ducks
Text Article:  
Published April 12, 2013
Josh White brings up some very notable names, but there is controversy….


–22.  Oregon Unknowns: The Last Bad Years
Text Article:  
Published May 8, 2013
Don Gilman goes over the rough spots of Oregon football, yet these were good men…


–23.  The Bowl Game that Changed Oregon Football
Text Article:  
Published February 28, 2013
Joey Holland covers a bowl that was truly a game-changer for Oregon football.

Chris Miller


–24.  Oregon Unknowns: The Year Rich Brooks Resigned
Text Article:  
Published January 25, 2013
Don Gilman pulls another surprise out that few Oregon fans know–again!


–25.  What Rich Brooks DID to us…?
Text Article:  
Published December 29, 2012
Mr. FishDuck reminds us all just how special Rich Brooks has been to football….


–26.  An Oregon Unknown: Culture Keepers, More Than Win The Day
Text Article:  
Published December 2, 2012
Jared Sawyer reveals an “Oregon Unknown” about the 1993 that few would know….


–27.  Best Ducks in the NFL: Defensive Edition
Text Article:  
Published on May 25, 2015
Daniel Kantor researches quite a list of defensive Ducks to play in the NFL.


–28.  The History Behind Hate Week and the Oregon-Washington Rivalry
Text Article:  
Published October 17, 2014
Pat Pannu gives us a good primer on why we hate those bastards as do.


–29.  Reveling in Oregon Rivalries: Washington Huskies
Text Article:  
Published May 16, 2014
Pat Pannu helps to remind us of how the fans of both schools got to this moment … of hate.

Bobby Moore 1972


–30.  Reveling in Oregon Rivalries: Oregon State Beavers
Text Article:  
Published May 9, 2014
Pat Pannu provides background and insight into the Civil War game that means so much to us all.


–31.  NFL Hall-of-Fame Numbers Show That 1994 Was Not the Beginning of Oregon’s Prestige
Text Article: 
Published March 17, 2014
Joey Holland makes a good case for his premise when looking at NFL stats.


–32.  All-Time Oregon Football Dream Team Offense
Text Article:  
Published September 6, 2012
Joey Holland put together some very big names there–who did we leave out?


–33.  10 Games That Changed Oregon Football
Text and Video Article:  
Published August 23, 2012
Joey Holland did his research again to pull out some amazing games to consider…

Dan Fouts


–34.  What Were the Refs Looking at: The Worst Calls in Oregon History
Text and Video Article:  
Published February 27, 2012
Kurt Liedtke gives us a legendary look at so many blown calls by officials over time.


–35.  15 Greatest “Oregon” Ducks
Text Article:  
Published February 10, 2012
Josh White put together an article that created a ton of response!  Thoughts?


–36.  Should Nike-U be X’s & O’s University? Oregon Among Elite In Developing Coaches
Text and Video Article:  
Published January 30, 2012
The coaching done at Oregon is amazing and the “tree” that has developed.


–37.  Ducks versus Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterbacks
Text Article: 
Published November 14, 2011
Brian Libby goes through the Hall of Fame NFL Quarterbacks the Ducks have faced over the years and the results. (1970)


–38.  Oregon’s Rich History of Football/Baseball Dual-Athletes, and the Void Left Today
Text Article: 
Published June 14, 2012
Kurt Liedtke highlights some very special athletes in the history of Oregon Football.


–39.  Remembering Four Great ’80s Ducks
Text Article: 
Published October 31, 2011
Brian Libby takes us down memory lane with four special players at Oregon.

–40. Ducks Fans: Please Don’t Flush the ‘Toilet Bowl’
Text and Video Article:
Published April 7, 2020
Jordan Ingram gives quite an account of the most infamous of all rivalry games ever!



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