History of Oregon Football: The 1994 to 2008 Mike Bellotti Years

Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti

History of Oregon Football: The 1994 to 2008 Mike Bellotti Years

(65 Articles and Videos to enjoy, Go Fish! Get Hooked!)


–1.  What if The Pick had never happened?
Text Article:
Publish date unknown
Benzduck gives us an incredibly interesting scenario for if “The Pick” never happened to Oregon Football.


–2.  Beating Michigan in 2003: “How Sweet it Was!”
Text Article: March 9, 2018
Mr. FishDuck has pulled together videos and articles from many authors about this historic game at Autzen.

Terrence Whitehead 2003


–3.  Our True Rival and Why We Hate Them
Text Article:  
October 17, 2015
Henry Swift reviews the many reasons we despise the Satans in Seattle.


–4.  For Washington Week–A book review: “Scoreboard, Baby”
Text Article:  
Publish date unknown
Benzduck gives us astonishing insight into the depth of cheating by the damn Huskies and how it affected our rivalry.


–5.  Party Like It’s 1994!!
Text Article:  Published October 6, 2016
Nathan Roholt takes down a pleasant memory lane beating the bastard Huskies over the years.


–6.  Just How Rare is a “Decade of Dominance?”
Text Article:  Published October 23, 2013
Joey Holland reviews a sacred time versus our greatest rival.


–7.  The Heisman That Almost Was
Text Article:  Published August 8, 2015
Henry Swift reminds us how close the Ducks came again to a Heisman and ‘Natty!


–8.  Miracle in the Desert: Oregon beats ASU in double overtime (2000)
Text and Video Article:  Published October 12, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us another historical gem of an article and great memory!

Reuben Droughns in 99


–9.  The Era of the Oregon Transfer Running Back
Text and Video Article:  Published October 7, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us more amazing history and videos featuring transfer RBs.


–10.  Ten Year Fiesta Bowl Season Anniversary: Triumph over Utah State
Text and Video Article:  Published October 3, 2011
This is look at one game during the special Fiesta Bowl season of 2001.


–11.  Refuse to lose: How Oregon won the first Regular Season overtime game in college football history
Text and Video Article: Published September 28, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us another epic memory in Oregon football lore.


–12.  The Michigan series: How Oregon demolished 100 years of the biggest winning tradition in football
Text and Video Article:  Published September 21, 2011
Kurt Liedtke brings back all the great memories of the Oregon-Michigan series in 2003 and 2007.


–13.  The De La Salle five: Overwhelming Promise, Tragic Circumstance
Text and Video Article:  Published September 14, 2011
Kurt Liedtke recounts an important chapter in Oregon football that has been read by thousands.

Quarterback Danny O’Neil


–14.  Track athletes-turned-football players a fruitful experiment for Oregon and beyond
Text and Video Article:  Published August 31, 2011
Kurt Liedtke explained what would be become quite a trend for Oregon football.


–15.  Record-Setting Night For O’Neil and McLemore Set The Stage For 1994 Rose Bowl Run
Text and Video Article:  Published August 10, 2011
Kurt Liedtke brings some familiar names back, although at that time we had no idea how the Stanford quarterback would have an impact at Oregon many years later.


–16.  The Day the Ducks Stunned the College Football World
Text Article:  September 20, 2013
This goes more in-depth of  the actual game action against Michigan in 2003.


–17.  The Day the Ducks Stunned Nick Saban!
Text and Video Article:  Published August 6, 2013
It is remarkable, but true when Oregon did once kick Saban’s butt!

Rashad Bauman


–18.  Oregon vs. Michigan 2007: The True Dawn of the Chip Kelly Era
Text and Video Article:  Published May 23, 2013
Joey Holland describes and shows one of Oregon’s most fun away game victory.


–19.  The Ten Most Influential Plays of the Last Ten Seasons
Text and Video Article:  Published May 17, 2013
Nathan Roholt looks at games with the biggest impact–agree?


–20.  Oregon Unknowns: Success On The Field Rips The Roof Off Autzen Stadium
Text Article:  Published March 15, 2013
Josh White discloses items that few know about Autzen improvements done fifteen years ago.


–21.  Oregon Unknowns: Teaching Life Lessons from the Comfort of Your Car
Text Article:  Published March 1, 2013
Josh White reveals some little-known routines of the Ducks as they were doing a ton of winning.

Patrick Chung


–22.  The Trouble With Kickers, Balls, And A Bucks
Text Article:  Published February 22, 2013
Josh White pulls a very amusing story (that was true!) from a pair of kickers at Oregon.


–23.  1987: Low Expectations and Setting the Stage
Text Article:  Published February 8, 2013
Don Gilman sets the stage for what will be an important period in Oregon football


-24.  The night the lights went out at Autzen: Tedford’s 2003 return to Eugene
Text Article:  Published October 26, 2011
This was a very unusual game at Autzen–bizarre, yet the Ducks prevailed!

George Wrighster played at Oregon 1999 – 2002


–25.  Remembering Past Heroes: The Best Bowl Performances in Oregon Football History
Text Article:  Published January 3, 2013
Joey Holland gives a wonderful tribute to players in big bowls over the ages.


–26.  Oregon Unknowns: An Icy Hot-Head
Text Article:  Published December 28, 2012
Some of the pranks played on each other by the players are pretty innovative–including this one!


–27.  Viva Las Vegas: Oregon Lights up the Strip in Air Force domination
Text and Video Article:  Published December 6, 2012
Kurt Liedtke recounts an incredible game as Oregon was growing into a national power.


–28.  Nothing Civil About This War: A Complete History of the Game Against Oregon’s True Rival
Text Article:  Published November 22, 2012
Joey Holland gives us a powerful history of the Civil War in Oregon, unlike few ever assembled.


–29.  Civil War Week: Remembering Record-Setting UO/OSU contest 15 years ago
Text Article:  Published November 22, 2012
Kurt Liedtke gives us tremendous break-down of an eventful Civil War at Autzen. I remember it well!

Patrick Johnson was dynamic as a returner and deep-threat wide receiver at Oregon


–30.  15 Year Anniversary: “The Catch” & Upset for the Ages over Washington
Text Article:  Published November 8, 2012
Kurt Liedtke reviews the details of a very memorable victory over the Huskies, and one of the greatest passes and receptions by any Oregon Duck!


–31.  10-25-1997: How The West Was (barely lost for UO, but…) Won Once-and-for-all for Akili Smith
Text and Video Article:  Published October 21, 2012
This tells the story of the emergence of an Oregon QB who would go on to win many more games for the Ducks.


–32.  The bright side of Oregon’s 1997 mid-season slump
Text Article and Video Article:  Published October 14, 2012
Kurt Liedtke adds so more to our understanding of the 1997 football season.


–33.  The Ducks and the Dreaded S.I. Cover Jinx
Text Article:  Published October 1, 2012
Nathan Roholt brings us up to date on the whole Sports Illustrated Cover picture jinx on Oregon football.

AJ Feeley


–34.  All-Time Oregon Football Dream Team Defense
Text Article:  Published September 20, 2012
Joey Holland puts together an incredible defensive team of the past up to that time.


–35.  Oregon’s Turn-Around — The Beginning
Text Article:  Published March 25, 2015
Henry Swift covers a very important tipping point in Oregon football.


–36.  Oregon’s Offense — Past and Present
Text Article:  Published May 13, 2015
Henry Swift takes us through a brief history of offensive football at Oregon.


–37.  Best Ducks in the NFL: Offensive Edition
Text Article:  Published May 11, 2015
Daniel Kantor reviews a list of superb offensive players in the NFL from Oregon.


–38.  Throwback Thursday: Remembering 2007 and the Rise to Elite Status
Text Article:  Published February 26, 2015
Nik Brownlee goes back to remind us a key time that captured the attention of the college football world.


–39.  Super Bowl Ducks Talk Statue of Liberty, The Spread Offense, Taylor’s and Burrito Boy
Text Article:  Published February 1, 2015
Mike Ostrom has a blast as official FishDuck.com Correspondent at the Super Bowl, as he interviews many past Duck greats as they prepare for playing in the Super Bowl.

Jason Fife scoring on a play that made Sports Illustrated.


–40.  Top 10 Hits in Duck History
Text and Video Article:  Published January 30, 2015
Adam Kruse takes us down a video memory of hits that will get you rockin’!


–41.  A Civil War Guide for the Sophisticated Visitor: Five Little-Known Facts About Corvallis, Oregon
Text Article:  Published November 29, 2014
Randy Morse has a little fun with charms of the city the Beavers reside in.


–42.  Three Unforgettable Moments in Oregon Civil War History
Text Article:  
Published November 28, 2014
Jordan Ingram pulls some dandies out of prior Civil Wars.


–43.  Rough Start to a Legendary Season: A Tribute to Rich Brooks and the 1994 ‘Gang Green’ Ducks
Text and Video Article:  Published September 10, 2014
Joey Holland goes back 20 years to begin telling the story of the amazing season of 1994.


–44.  A Momentum Swing That Has Yet to Die: A Tribute to Rich Brooks and the 1994 ‘Gang Green’ Ducks
Text Article:  Published October 8, 2014
Joey Holland gives more information about that magical 1994 season….

Alex Molden


–45.  The Dawn of Oregon Football’s Golden Age: A Tribute to Rich Brooks and the 1994 ‘Gang Green’ Ducks
Text Article:  Published November 5, 2014
Joey Holland remembers the first Rose Bowl season in over 30 years in a way few can.


–46.  Five Great Games From Nick Aliotti’s Stretch Run
Text Article:  Published April 4, 2014
Josh White highlights some tremendous defensive performances under DC Nick Aliotti.


–47.  Fifteen-Year Anniversary: Two Tight Wins Shape the Successful 1997 Season to Come
Text Article:  Published September 13, 2014
Breaking down the recovery year of 1997 with a team containing many Oregon stars.


–48.  Decade Anniversary: Record Night in Pullman, as Ducks knock off unbeaten Cougars
Text and Video Article:  Published October 27, 2011
This was a memorable game with quite a few heroes within it!

Maurice Morris in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl


–49.  Reactions following 2002 Fiesta Bowl Victory
Text Article:  Published January 12, 2012
A wonderful interview with an under-appreciated Ducks during his time.


–50.  Reactions following 2002 Fiesta Bowl Victory, Part 2: Justin Phinisee interview
Text Article:  Published January 19, 2012
Another in-depth interview where the fan will learn so much about an important game for Oregon.


–51.  Why We Say ‘Neu-Weasel’
Text Article: Published October 24, 2011
Josh White explains why Oregon fans dislike a particular coach the Ducks have faced.


–52.  The 19 Greatest Seasons in Duck Football History (with a 20th slot reserved for this year)
Text Article: Published December 26, 2011
Brian Libby gives us a tremendous Oregon Football History lesson of the best seasons up to December of 2011.


–53.  The Oklahoma series: Part 1 – Bad Play (2004) & Bad Luck (2005)
Text and Video Article: Published December 7, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us an epic reminder of the Oklahoma series–the first two recent encounters.

JD Nelson


–54.  The Oklahoma series: Part 2 – Bad Calls (2006)
Text and Video Article: Published December 7, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us an epic review of the infamous Oregon-Oklahoma game in 2006. Love it!


–55.  Encore to Desert Miracle: Similar Pull-off in Palouse, 11-4-2000
Text and Video Article: Published October 20, 2011
Kurt Liedtke chronicles an incredible comeback against a great Cougar team.


–56.  Revisiting the Wisconsin series: 2000-2001
Text and Video Article: Published December 14, 2011
Kurt Liedtke writes the book on an entertaining series between the Badgers and the Ducks.


–57.  Decade Anniversary: Ducks win memorable 2001 Civil War
Text and Video Article: Published December 1, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us a legendary trip down memory lane as we recall a crucial game in the 2001 season.


–58.  Decade Anniversary: “Captain Comeback” and Oregon Narrowly Escape UCLA
Text Article: Published November 10, 2011
Kurt Liedtke tells the story of a narrow, but glorious win at UCLA in the Rose Bowl in 2001.

Samie Parker makes the big catch in the Fiesta Bowl.


–59.  Oregon’s 2001 Postseason: Part 1
Text Article: Published December 8, 2011
Kurt Liedtke of FishDuck.com gives us summary of awards and the seniors of the great 2001 Oregon Football team. Part one of two.


–60.  Oregon’s 2001 Postseason: Part 2
Text Article: Published December 15, 2011
Kurt Liedtke looks at more elements of the 2001 Oregon Football season that made it special.


–61.  Oregon’s 2001 Postseason: Part 3
Text Article: Published December 23, 2011
Kurt Liedtke delves further into the magical 2001 season and all the memories.


–62.  Oregon’s 2001 Postseason: Part 4
Text Article: Published December 29, 2011
Kurt Liedtke is adding more flavor to the amazing 2001 Oregon Football season.


–63.  Conclusion: Oregon’s 2001 postseason decade anniversary
Text and Video Article: Published January 5, 2012
Kurt Liedtke gives us an amazing recap of the Fiesta Bowl game after the 2001 season that resulted in Oregon finishing No. 2 in the nation.

Jaiya Figueras


–64.  15 year anniversary: Oregon’s 1996 season comeback (Part I)
Text and Video Article: Published November 17, 2011
Kurt Liedtke begins a thorough review of the 1996 season and how Oregon clawed their way back.


–65.  Oregon’s 1996 comeback, Part II: 100th Civil War
Text and Video Article: Published November 24, 2011
Kurt Liedtke brings back a memorable game and great names from Oregon football history.

–66. Awesome Autzen: The Day the Ducks Destroyed Nick Saban!
Text Article
published on September 2, 2020
PittDuck details a very special day in the history of Oregon Football, and one cherished on national tv!



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