History of Oregon Football: The 2009 to 2015 Conversion Years to the Spread Offense

Marcus Mariota and Kenjon Barner in Fiesta Bowl.

History of Oregon Football: The 2009 to 2015 Conversion Years to the Spread Offense

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–1.  From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse
Text Article:  Published October 31, 2015
Henry Swift gives us information about the transformation at Oregon Football.


–2.  The Sweetest Duck Victories
Text Article:  Published October 4, 2015
David Miller gives his sweetest Oregon victories in the modern age; thoughts?

Bryon Marshall


–3.  History of the Oregon QB Battle
Text Article:  Published August 22, 2015
Henry Swift takes us back to look at several tasty QB battles in Oregon’s recent past.


–4.  Oregon’s Quiet Success Against Elite Teams Contradicts “Soft” Reputation
Text Article:  Published August 8, 2015
Joey Holland gives proof in defiance of “conventional wisdom” concerning the Ducks.


–5.  My Top Five Oregon Offensive Players
Text Article:  Published June 15, 2015
Rory Davidson gives us his top five, and most are in the recent era. Agree?


–6.  The Fish Report: The Wrong Perspective to 2010 NC Game?
Text Article:  Published June 16, 2011
Mr. FishDuck reflects upon the original “Natty of the modern era.

De’Anthony Thomas runs for another explosion play at the Rose Bowl.


–7.  Oregon’s Underrated/Outstanding Defensive Backs
Text Article:  Published June 6, 2013
Joey Holland gives Oregon fans perspective on great defensive backfields at Oregon.


–8.  Dispelling the Myth of Time of Possession
Text Article:  Published November 21, 2015
Joey Holland look historically at an important stat in college football and the fun of 2015.


–9.  Wisconsin and Oregon. Separated at Birth?
Text Article: Published December, 2011.
Benzduck prepares Oregon fans for the 2012 Rose Bowl by pointing out almost spooky similarities never seen in an opponent.


-10.  Your All-Time Top 10: Oregon Football Edition
Text Article:  Published May 11, 2016
Alaan Al-Jaibaji created a highly interesting top ten players that span many eras. Thoughts?


-11.  Duck QB Position Cursed?
Text Article:  Published November 28, 2015
Henry Swift gives us a look at how difficult it is to have senior starters at QB for Oregon.


–12.  Oregon State’s Attitude: “Nothing to Lose”
Text Article:  Published November 28, 2015
Pat Pannu breaks down the events inside the 2015 Civil War Game.

Vernon Adams turned in a historic 400+ yard 6 TD performance against USC


–13.  Trojans’ Coach Helton: “It Was Not a Good Day For Us.”
Text Article:  Published November 22, 2015
Mark Saltveit covers the glorious win over USC in 2015.


–14.  How the Ducks’ Season Was Completely Changed by Only 10 Points
Text Article:  Published November 15, 2015
Caleb Couturie covers the amazing 2015 win at Stanford and just how close the 2015 season was for the Ducks.


–15.  Oregon and Stanford: A History of Spoilers
Text Article:  November 14, 2015
Henry Swift goes back to remind Oregon fans of the history we have with the darn Cardinal.


–16.  Beaten Down Bears: “Bad Passes, Drops and Missed Tackles Doomed Us”
Text Article:  Published November 8, 2015
Mark Saltveit gives us an inside look at the win over Cal in 2015.

Ed Dickson has been slow to produce for Baltimore so far.


–17.  The Most Talented Receiving Corps in Ducks History
Text Article:  Published August 20, 2015
Jason Selby gives us something to ponder; was that the best WR group ever at Oregon?


–18.  Chip Coulda Shoulda Woulda Learned From Mark
Text Article:  Published January 20, 2014
Mike Merrell covers a key play in the 2013 Civil War game that Chip didn’t get right…


–19.  The Ten Most Exhilarating Games of the Last Ten Seasons: #10-6
Text and Video Article:  Published June 13, 2013
Nathan Roholt puts five of his favorite games of a decade–how about you?


–20.  The Ten Most Exhilarating Games of the Last Ten Seasons: #5-1
Text and Video Article:  Published June 14, 2013
Nathan Roholt gives us some epic Oregon games to consider as “the best.” Agree?

“Run LMJ” Ran his way all over the U of O record books


–21.  Recent History Shows Oregon is the New “Running Back U”
Text Article:  Published May 9, 2013
Joey Holland is superb with Oregon football history and this article is a great example.


–22.  Comparing Marcus Mariota to One of Oregon’s All-Time Greats
Text Article:  Published April 25, 2013
Joey Holland makes history come alive with a highly interesting comparison of Duck QBs.


–23.  Oregon Unknowns: Ducks Win The Northwest Championship
Text Article:  Published February 15, 2013
Josh White has fun with something that is absurd, but the Huskies value it!

Mariota surveys the Seminole defense.


–24.  History Shows that Four Straight BCS Bowls Warrants Elite Status for the Ducks
Text Article:  Published February 14, 2013
Joey Holland makes a declaration, but it is based on fact and history.


–25.  Comparing Mariota to Past Greats: A Brief History of Oregon’s Freshman Quarterbacks
Text Article:  Published December 20, 2012
Joey Holland gives us superb perspective on how good the freshman campaign of Marcus Mariota was compared to other freshman QB starters of the past.


–26.  Mourning One of Oregon’s Greatest Seasons
Text Article:  Published December 19, 2012
Brian Libby gives us a perspective that years later–turns out to be true.


-27.  The Impossible Dream: What Winning A National Championship Would Mean
Text Article:  Published November 15, 2012
Brian Libby writes for all of feelings about the pinnacle of college football.


–28.  FishDuck Game Review: Record-Setting Night Validates Oregon’s Position Among The Elite
Text Article:  Published November 4, 2012
Kurt Liedtke establishes just how special this game with USC was, and how it is an incomparable memory.

Kenjon Barner breaks a tackle on his way to one of five touchdowns in his record breaking game against the Trojans.


–29.  In 113 years of Ducks-Huskies, Oregon’s time is now
Text Article:  Published October 4, 2012
Brian Libby gives us an excellent summation of our rivalry with Huskies over the long term.

–30.  Ducks’ Play-Making Defense the Most Consistent in Recent History
Text Article:  Published June 3, 2015
Joey Holland is one of this site’s premier historians and his research gives us perspective on a rich subject.


–31.  Running Styles: Oregon Runners Griffin, Tyner and Freeman
Text Article:  Published on June 1, 2015
Adam Kruse reminds us of the differences in the running backs of that time period.


–32.  Top 5 Oregon Games of the Past Decade
Text and Video Article:  Published June 1, 2015
Rory Davidson puts together a tremendous collection of our favorite Duck games!


-33.  Historically Incomparable Mariota Will Set New Standard for NFL Quarterbacks
Text Article:  Published May 6, 2015
Joey Holland does his research again to provide us with a view of the NFL future for Marcus Mariota.

DT DeForest Buckner


–34.  Three Coaches — Three Cultures
Text Article:  Published May 4, 2015
Mike Merrell has the unique perspective of being the game correspondent for FishDuck.com, and thus able to offer his impressions of three Pac-12 Coaches in 2015.


–35.  Oregon Football 2014: Three Defining Moments
Text Article:  Published April 13, 2015
Mike Merrell helps us remember the key moments of the very special 2014 season.


–36.  Is Oregon’s 2015 NFL Draft Class the Best in School History?
Text Article:  Published February 25, 2015
Joey Holland gives comparisons to NFL Draft days of the past–is this the best year?


–37.  Oregon Football’s 25 Greatest Teams
Text Article:  Published February 7, 2015
Brian Libby did a ton of work to assemble this for Oregon fans–thoughts?


–38.  Oregon Football’s 25 Greatest Teams (Top 10)
Text Article:  Published February 8, 2015
Brian Libby reviews the top ten teams as only a writer/historian can.

Four-star recruits such as La Micheal James make a difference.


–39.  Comparing Oregon’s 2014 Season to Champions of the Past Proves Ducks’ Elite Status
Text Article:  Published January 28, 2015
Joey Holland shows us just how special the 2014 season was when compared to other years.


–40.  Refuting the Myths of Oregon Football
Text Article:  Published January 15, 2015
Joey Holland makes a case that few can for Oregon removing the labels.


–41.  Five Memorable Oregon Moments of 2014
Text and Video Article:  Published January 2, 2015
Jordan Ingram gives us some great memories and the videos of those moments from 2014.


–42.  The Five Biggest Villains Oregon Has Faced Since 2000
Text Article:  Published December 22, 2014
Nathan Roholt lays out a case for the biggest “black-hat” opponents for our Ducks over time.


–43.  Recollections of the 2013 Monsoon Bowl
Text Article:  Published October 23, 2014
McKalie Bellew brings back memories of the wettest game ever at Autzen; unbelievable water and wind!

Ducks will be back to doing this again…


–44.  How Does Oregon’s 2014 NFL Draft Class Compare to Those of the Past?
Text Article:  Published May 21, 2014
Joey Holland looks at the class of Ducks going in the 2014 NFL Draft and compares to the past…


–45.  An Oregon Unknown: The Trap Play That Never Was …
Text and Video Article: Published April 14, 2014
Mr. FishDuck got fooled by Chip Kelly, although so was the entire media corps.


–46.  Oregon Ducks Football: Six Standout Performances From 2013
Text Article:  February 7, 2014
Josh White gives us the best individual performances of 2013; great memories!


–47.  A look back at Oregon’s facilities: the secret to UO’s success?
Text and Video Article:  Published January 11, 2012
This covers a ton of facilities at Oregon and was superb research done for us all.


–48.  The Rose Bowl Matters: A Personal Account of Oregon’s Historic Triumph
Text and Video Article:  Published January 4, 2012
Kurt Liedtke gives quite a history of the Rose Bowl for Oregon and tells his experience attending.


–49.  “Mighty Oregon” Football DVD has it ALL!
Text Article: Published November 28, 2012
Jerry Thompson has created a DVD that Oregon fan should own as I do!

Chip Kelly


–50.  Thomas’ Rose Bowl 91-yarder Joins Shortlist of Oregon’s Most Transcendent Touchdowns
Text and Video Article: Published February 20, 2012
Brian Libby compares this crucial play to so many others in history of our beloved Ducks. Fun article!


–51.  Oregon’s Success Founded On Proper Blueprint – Fundamentals of Change
Text Article: Published January 26, 2013
FishDuck.com examines how Oregon has turned into an elite team, and the fundamentals that make up that change.


–52.  Oregon’s Success: The Blueprint for Change
Text Article: Published January 27, 2013
FishDuck.com examines the blueprint for changing Oregon into an elite team, and is the final part of a two-part series about the Ducks.


–53.  ESPN College Gameday and Oregon: the Perfect Match
Text and Video Article: Published November 9, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us perspective of Gameday coming to Oregon games.

–54. 2013: The Best Civil War

Text article published on April 6, 2020
Ryan Robertson gives a thrilling account of one of the best rivalry games with Oregon State ever.

–55. Beating USC: The Script That Flipped the Pac-12
Text and Video Analysis/article
: Published October 15, 2020
Coach Jeremy Mosier explains the game plan that any coach or fan could learn from.


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