History of Oregon Football: The 1888 to 1969 Foundation Years

Playing for an early “Natty”…

History of Oregon Football: The 1888 to 1969 Foundation Years

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–INTRO:  A Brief History of the First Century of Oregon Football
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
You will never learn as much in one article about the Ducks as this one created by Benzduck. We are all indebted to him and his time given to all Oregon fans.


–1.  1894: Where it all began (and almost ended)
Text Article:
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck tells an amazing story of the beginning of Oregon football, and how it almost stopped!

Shy Huntington running for big yardage.


–2.  November 9, 1940 – Oregon 18, UCLA 0
Text Article:
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck shares a big game in Oregon’s past with amazing photos of the era.


–3.  The “first” Oregon football game?
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck writes of how the actual first football game for Oregon in sometime between 1888 and 1892?


–4.  1917 Rose Bowl
Video Article: 
Dec 15, 2009
UOregon created a short video about one of Oregon’s first major bowls.


–5.  1920 Rose Bowl, University of Oregon
Video Article: 
Dec 15, 2009
UOregon produced another short video about Oregon’s football history.

Mel Renfro


–6.  1958 Rose Bowl, University of Oregon
Video Article: 
Dec 15, 2009
UOregon discusses the Rose Bowl that some still remember.


–7.  The Highest Scoring Football Game in UO History
Video Article: 
Dec 1, 2013
Kurt Liedtke discusses a game from Oregon’s distant past with superb historical pictures.


–8.  November 15, 1947: Oregon at Stanford
Text Article: Published February 2, 2012
Benzduck explains the game, but the illustrations and pictures from the era are “can’t miss” in today’s politically correct climate.


–9.  November 9, 1935 — OSC at Oregon
Text Article: 
Published January 28,2012.
Benzduck gives us not only the story of this Civil War, but images that have to be seen. Tremendous history of Oregon articles by this author all Oregon fans should see!


–10.  “Broadcasting” the 1917 Rose Bowl
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck writes of the early days of radio and the extraordinary efforts in Eugene to fans hear the Rose Bowl.

Get the Cougs!


–11.  Dammit, Stanford.
Text Article:
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck details how the Cardinal (and Indians) have a history of breaking the hearts of Ducks.


–12.  Time For Yet Another Titanic Battle with UCLA.
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck goes through a modern history of tremendous games with the Bruins.


–13.  The good old days? Tell that to the parents.
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck reveals a chilling time in football; when player routinely died from playing!


–14.  The Origins of Hate Week, aka Oregon v Washington
Text Article: 
Published November 1, 2011.
When did Husky Hate begin? Benzduck gives us the early history of our rivalry with the “Sundodgers.”


–15.  Oregon vs Colorado: A Prehistoric Series, (IV)
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Don’t let the boring title keep you from reading some superb stories about our beloved Ducks as this game and the season discussed. Retired Coach Ken Woody, (who wrote every week during the football season in 2017 for FishDuck.com) is noted as kicking the winning field goal to beat the Huskies!

Woodley Lewis


–16.  Oregon vs Colorado: A Prehistoric Series, (III)
Text Article: 
Published September, 2011.
There are some very big names in college football in this article that has a title that doesn’t do justice to the wonderful work in researching and writing by Benzduck.


–17.  Autzen: What Might Have Been
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
An amazing article about what was seriously suggested for Autzen from Benzduck. Wow.


–18.  History of Oregon Quarterbacks in the Autzen Era, Part 1
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Some interesting names in this article from the past including John Harrington, father of Joey at quarterback. (Thanks to Benzduck for another informative piece)


–19.  Oregon vs Colorado: A prehistoric series, part II
Text Article: 
Published Spring, 2011.
The pictures and information about Oregon football when television came into being is fascinating, thanks to Benzduck.


–20.  Oregon vs Colorado: A Prehistoric Series Resumes
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Don’t let the pedestrian title keep you away; this is another highly interesting article about Oregon’s past in football with interesting people and names to be aware of. Great stories…

Tom Blanchard


–21.  Is it “The System?”
Text Article: 
Published in fall, 2010.
Benzduck literally pulls a page out of history to make an excellent point about the media in modern times.


–22.  The Oregon Uniform, 1950 - 1999
Text Article: 
Published spring of 2011.
These are amazing pictures and descriptions of Oregon’s prior football uniforms; epic by Benzduck!


–23.  Circling the Bowls, 1964 - 1988
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Learn some of Oregon’s rich history and the stories surrounding the bowls from Benzduck.


–24.  Tournament Park – Oregon’s Home Away From Home
Published 12-15-2013
The Pre-Cursor to the Rose Bowl was a special location for Oregon as told by Kurt Liedtke.


–25.  Campus Attic Docs: Before Autzen
Published 12-30-2013
This superb story illustrated by Kurt Liedtke features the locations of our beloved Ducks before Autzen Stadium.

Action in the 1958 Rose Bowl


–26.  The 1958 Rose Bowl: A Recipe for Over-achievement Repeated 37 years later
Text and Video Article:  Published September 7, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us some rare pictures from an important set of dates in Oregon Football history.


–27.  The Eugene Bombers: Ducks and Beavers United — Briefly
Text Article:  Published November 28, 2013
Jim Maloney highlights where many Ducks played after their career with the Ducks.


–28.  The Fighting Ducks Came Marching Home
Text Article:  Published October 16, 2013
Jim Maloney covers a place in Oregon football history that few know or could imagine.


–29.  Oregon Unknowns: The Undefeated Season and Actresses in Pajamas!
Text Article:  Published July 11, 2013
Don Gilman pulls some historical surprises out for Oregon fans to be entertained with!


–30.  The Man Who Truly Did it All for Oregon Football: A Tribute to Shy Huntington
Text Article:  April 11, 2013
Joey Holland makes an interesting comparison of two incredible athletes in the history of Oregon football.

Brad Ecklund and Norm Van Brocklin


–31.  Oregon Unknowns: 1916 – A Mighty Year Of Firsts!
Text Article:  Published April 5, 2013
Don Gilman surprises Oregon with items truly unknown by most!


–32.  Cotton – The Webfoots’ Consolation Prize
Text Article:  Published April 4, 2013
Jim Maloney breaks down one of Oregon’s most successful seasons during the years of suffering.


–33.  The Day the Webfoots Broke 100 Points
Text Article:  Published March 28, 2013
Joey Holland makes modern comparisons to the biggest scoring day ever in history.


–34.  The Stretch Run for the Roses in 1948
Text Article:  Published March 21, 2013
Jim Maloney covers another aspect of Oregon’s talented 1948 team.


–35.  Michigan – A Game of Firsts for Oregon
Text Article:  Published March 7, 2013
Jim Maloney digs further into one of Oregon’s greatest seasons in football history.

Dan Fouts and Jerry Frei


–36.  The Year The Stars Shined For Oregon Football
Text Article:  Published February 22, 2013
Jim Maloney gives us tremendous detail of the amazing 1948 season.


–37.  Oregon Unknowns: Casanova’s Water and Dick James Gets Abandoned
Text Article:  Published January 11, 2013
Don Gilman finds some incredible stories in Oregon’s football history that you may find hard to believe.


–38.  The 1963 Sun Bowl – Casanova’s Lone Bowl Victory
Text Article:  Published December 26, 2012
Jim Maloney covers one of the great bowl wins by a coaching legend in the early years of Oregon football.


–39.  An Oregon Unknown: We Were Never Ducks
Text Article:  Published December 7, 2012
Josh White reveals truth that few Oregon know, and all should!


–40.  1916 — When the Husky Hatred ‘Really’ Began
Text Article:  Published May 20, 2015
Noah Smith created a superb look back at the origins of righteous “Husky Hatred.”

A 1945 Duck


-41.  Rose Bowl Steeped in History
Text Article:  Published December 26, 2014
Randy Morse brings us back to the beginnings of the Rose Bowl to give us perspective.


–42.  The Pac-12 Conference: It All started With the PCC
Text Article:  Published August 20, 2014
Pat Pannu explains the origins of the current conference going back quite a ways.


–43.  Foot-Ball it was. Football it is.
Text Article:  Published April 1, 2012
This is pretty amazing looking at the original rules for college football!

Jackie Robinson 1949


–44.  Oregon’s first black student-athletes: leading the charge towards victory and equality
Text and Video Article:  Published February 13, 2012
Kurt Liedtke created a gem of an article for the impact and the tremendous research done.


–45.  Oregon’s integral role in the History of the Grandaddy of them all
Text and Video Article:  Published December 28, 2011
Kurt Liedtke gives us Oregon football history like none other…


–46.  When Ducks Truly Went to War…
Text Article: Published July 16, 2013
Jim Maloney fills in a part of Oregon Football History that few know about; what about during 1942 and the beginning of WWII?


–47.  Oregon Unknowns: An Unforgettable Halftime with Len Casanova
Text Article: Published April 19, 2013
Jerry Thompson reveals when the usual unflappable Len Casanova was not at a halftime in 1964…

Len Casanova


–48.  1963 Ducks: The Last Great Oregon Football Team Before the Modern Era
Text Article: 
Published May 21, 2012
Kurt Liedtke of FishDuck.com details the accomplishments of one of the great Oregon teams of the past with so many stars that we remember. (1888)

–49. Bowl-less, but one of the BEST Oregon Teams in Decades
Text Article
published on May 30, 2020
Jim Maloney gives us another epic history article!

–50. The Oregon Football Season of Surprising Sophomore Success
Text article
published on June 13, 2020
Jim Maloney touches on a topic that few would know about Oregon football history.


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