Oregon Quarterback Highlights

Kevin Cline

Justin Herbert versus Nebraska.

Oregon Quarterback Highlights

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Justin Herbert Video Highlights

–1.  Justin Herbert 2017 Oregon QB Highlights || Future NFL Star

–2.  Justin Herbert Oregon 2017 Season Highlights

–3.  Justin Herbert 2016 Oregon QB Highlights || Freshman Phenom

Jeremiah Masoli Video Highlights

From Video

Jeremiah Masoli

–4.  Jeremiah Masoli 2009 Highlights Part 1

–5.  Jeremiah Masoli 2009 Highlights Part 2

–6.  Oregon’s Jeremiah Masoli 2009 Football Season Highlights

 –7.  Jeremiah Masoli #8 QB Hamilton Tiger cats 23/JUN/2016

–8.  Jeremiah Masoli #8 QB Hamilton Tiger Cats 4 Nov 2017

Dennis Dixon Video Highlights

–9.  Dennis Dixon – 2006 Oregon @ Cal

–10.  Dennis Dixon 2007 Oregon vs USC

–11.  Dual Threat Dennis Dixon

–12.  Dennis Dixon for Heisman (Prior to ACL injury)

–13.  Oregon QB Dennis Dixon fake statue of liberty run for TD vs. Michigan 9-08-07

Darron Thomas Video Highlights

–14.  Darron Thomas Career Highlights – 2008 through 2012 Rose Bowl

–15.  Darron Thomas 2010 Highlights

Marcus Mariota Video Highlights

Craig Strobeck

Fast? Check. Arm Strength? Check. Monster? Yep.
Marcus Mariota!

–16.  The Film Room Ep 03: Marcus Mariota vs Florida State (2015 Rose Bowl)

–17.  Marcus Mariota Oregon Ducks Career Highlights

–18.  Marcus Mariota | Heisman Highlights ᴴᴰ

–19.  Marcus Mariota Heisman Highlights || “Polynesian Pride” ᴴᴰ || Oregon

–20.  Marcus Mariota™ || “8” || 2017-2018 Highlights ᴴᴰ

–21.  Marcus Mariota || Tennessee Titans || Career Highlights 2015 – 2016

–22.  Grudens’ QB Camp: Marcus Mariota

Joey Harrington Video Highlights

–23.  Joey Harrington University of Oregon Ducks Hall of Fame Video

–24.  Oregon QB Joey Harrington rallies the troops on the sideline before overtime vs ASU 10-28-00

–25.  Oregon QB Joey Harrington dives for a touchdown vs. Arizona 10-06-2001

–26.  2000 Holiday Bowl – Howry to Harrington TD

John Giustina

Joey “Heisman” Harrington placed fourth in Heisman votes


–27.  Oregon TE Justin Peelle 16 yard touchdown catch vs. ASU 10-28-2000

–28.  Oregon WR Marshaun Tucker 72 yard reception vs. Wisconsin 9-09-2000

–29.  Marshaun Tucker catches game winning touchdown over Arizona State (1999)

–30.  Oregon WR Keenan Howry 66 yard touchdown catch vs. ASU 10-28-2000

–31.  Dolphins 27, Lions 10 – Harrington shines against former team on Thanksgiving.

Kellen Clemens Video Highlights

–32.  Oregon WR Kellen Taylor 15 yard reception vs. Michigan 9-20-03

–33.  Kellen Clemens interview after comeback victory over Cal 11-08-2003

–34.  Oregon WR Demetrius Williams 85 yard touchdown catch vs. UW 11-01-2003

–35.  Oregon TE Dante Rosario 30 yard touchdown catch vs. Oklahoma 9-18-04

–36.  Kellen Clemens Rams Highlights (2013)

Akili Smith Video Highlights

John Giustina

Akili Smith

–37.  Oregon QB Akili Smith 63 yard touchdown run vs. USC 10-24-1998

–38.  “The Catch” – Pat Johnson’s TD catch from Akili Smith vs. Washington Huskies, 1997

–39.  Oregon QB Akili Smith 57 yard run vs. ASU 11-15-1997

–40.  Oregon QB Akili Smith avoids a sack and throws to TE AJ Jelks for a TD vs. UW 11-08-97

–41.  Oregon WR Bobby Nero 11 yard touchdown catch vs. Michigan State 9-08-1998

–42.  Oregon TE Jed Weaver 20 yard touchdown catch vs. UCLA 10-17-1998

–43.  Akili Smith University of Oregon Ducks highlights (1997-1998)
Published January 19, 2014
Kurt Liedtke created a highlight video about Oregon quarterback Akili Smith.

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