Oregon Tight End Highlights

Johnny Mundt chews up Tennessee.

Oregon Tight End Highlights

(39 Videos to enjoy, so Go Fish-Get Hooked!)


Ed Dickson Video Highlights

–1.  TE Ed Dickson Highlights 2009 Oregon vs California

–2.  Baltimore Ravens Draft – TE Ed Dickson Oregon Ducks

–3.  Ed Dickson Explodes for 175 Yards vs. Detroit! | Panthers vs. Lions | Wk 5 Player Highlights

–4.  Ed Dickson Career Highlights – ||Seattle||

David Paulson Video Highlights

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–5.  David Paulson 2011 Highlights

–6.  David Paulson 2010 Highlights

–7.  David Paulson vs Oregon State 2011

–8.  David Paulson

Pharaoh Brown Video Highlights

–9.  Pharaoh Brown Career Highlights ‘Oregon Ducks’

–10.  Oregon TE Pharaoh Brown 2014 Highlights

–11.  2013 Ducks Player Highlights HD #85 Pharaoh Brown

–12.  Marcus Mariota to Pharaoh Brown 12 yard TD vs Stanford on 11/7/2013

–13.  Oregon’s Pharaoh Brown surpassing expectations to overcome dangerous leg injury

Johnny Mundt Video Highlights

Baylis was a great college tight end.

–14.  Marcus Mariota to Johnny Mundt 16 yard TD vs Tennessee 9/14/2013

–15.  Marcus Mariota to Johnny Mundt 14 yard TD vs Utah on 11/16/2013

Evan Baylis Video Highlights

–16.  Oregon over USC: Vernon Adams Jr. to Evan Baylis for a 52 yd TD

Jacob Breeland Video Highlights

–17.  Oregon’s Braxton Burmeister throws a 30 yard TD to Jacob Breeland vs WSU

–18.  Oregon’s Charles Nelson throws a TD to Jacob Breeland vs Utah

Jeff Thomason Video Highlights

Jeff Thomason 1990

–19.  Oregon QB Doug Musgrave threads a pass to TE Jeff Thomason for 1st down vs Cal 10-12-91

–20.  Oregon TE Jeff Thomason 40 yard catch vs. New Mexico St. 10-05-91

–21.  Oregon TE Jeff Thomason touchdown catch vs. BYU 9-29-1990

–22.  Oregon TE Jeff Thomason 18 yard reception vs. USC 9-28-1991

George Wrighster Video Highlights

–23.  Oregon TE George Wrighster hurdles a defender for a 10 yard gain vs AZ 10-06-01

Tim Day Video Highlights

–24.  Oregon TE Tim Day 31 yard reception vs. Michigan 9-20-2003

–25.  Oregon TE Tim Day 13 yard catch vs. Cal 11-08-2003

–26.  Oregon TE Tim Day 1 yard touchdown catch vs. Oklahoma 12-29-2005

Josh Wilcox Video Highlights

Josh Wilcox

–27.  Oregon TE Josh Wilcox 18 yard catch vs. Penn State in the Rose Bowl 1-02-95

–28.  Oregon TE Josh Wilcox 11 yard touchdown catch vs. Cal 10-15-1994

–29.  Oregon TE Josh Wilcox 15 yard touchdown catch vs. Arizona 10-29-1994

–30.  Oregon TE Josh Wilcox 21 yard catch vs. Penn State in the Rose Bowl 1-02-95

–31.  Oregon TE Josh Wilcox 72 yard catch and run vs. USC 10-01-1994

Justin Peele Video Highlights

–32.  Oregon TE Justin Peelle 22 yard touchdown catch vs. Wisconsin 9-01-2001

–33.  Oregon TE Justin Peelle 16 yard touchdown catch vs. ASU 10-28-2000

–34.  Oregon TE Justin Peelle 25 yard catch vs. WIsconsin 9-01-2001

Jed Weaver Video Highlights

Justin Peelle

–35.  The FishDuck One-on-One: Jed Weaver 2-16-2012 (Oregon TE 1994-98/Superbowl champion)

–36.  Oregon TE Jed Weaver 22 yard reception vs. Michigan State 9-08-1998

–37.  Oregon TE Jed Weaver 30 yard touchdown catch vs. Stanford 9-26-1998

–38.  Oregon TE Jed Weaver 28 yard reception vs. Washington 11-07-1998

–39.  Oregon TE Jed Weaver breaks tackles for a 55 yard catch vs. ASU 11-14-98


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