Oregon Spread Offense: NO-HUDDLE under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

Marcus Mariota quarterbacked the best hurry-up offense in college football

Oregon’s Spread Offense: No-Huddle under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

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1.  The Evolution Will be Televised: The Development of Packaged Plays in the Chip Kelly Offense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 2-18-2014
These “packaged run/pass plays” (with the ability to end up as either a run or pass based on the defensive look), were already on the rise in college football.  In the NFL, these packaged plays help Kelly attack defenses in a way that was both similar to his Oregon days and new to the defenses he faced.  This article will analyze the development of run/pass plays with the Eagles this season and show how Chip packaged his staple plays into explosive ones.


2.  Oregon Football Analysis: The “Fast Screen” Going “Fast Pace”
Text, GIF, and Video Analysis Published 6-23-2015
The High Powered offense of the Ducks is predicated on many different facets, one of which is taking the easiest means necessary to move the football. At any point in the game, this Fast Screen can take flight. The Ducks want a high percentage play that will get yards and keep the defense guessing, and while the Fast Screen is not a new concept, it has become a staple of the Ducks offense. When the Oregon coaching staff discuss on their headsets what plays to call next, there will always be a coach looking to call the Fast Screen


3.  The FishDuck Minute #9: Oregon’s Best No-Huddle Plays of 2010-2011
Video and Text Analysis Published 3-25-2012
Oregon is well known for the Hurry Up, No Huddle Offense and the following plays are well known as touchdowns, but for different reasons than I credit.  Rarely would any analyst look at the play before the touchdown to explain the six points, and I would assert that the major element in all three is the sparse time between plays, which gives us a tremendous advantage.  Let’s take a look at my favorites of 2010-2011 and why….

Darron Thomas celebrating Oregon’s first rose bowl win in 95 years. This was also the third BCS appearance in three years.


4. DEEP WATERS: How Oregon Uses Tempo To Drown A Defense
Text Analysis Published 7-30-2013
Our film study reveals how Oregon uses a series of two-play sequences to create defensive busts, keep a defense locked in a bad alignment, and set up play action passes.  This article will analyze how Oregon combines no-huddle tempo with packaged run/pass plays and unbalanced formations to “drown” a defense. A MUST for all.


5. Three Shortcuts to Creating a No-Huddle Offense
Text Analysis Published 6-13-2014
If you’re a coach who wants to get your guys to play faster, you don’t need a complicated system of boards, smoke signals and carrier pigeons to call plays. You can add an up-tempo element to your offense by following a few tips I’m about to share with you. Here are three ways you can play faster and get the defense on their heels.


6.   Chip Kelly’s No-Huddle: A Growing Staple for NFL Offenses?
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-25-2014
Another great supplier of information about the No-Huddle concept featuring Oregon and the NFL.


7.  The Coach’s Corner: From Huddle to No-Huddle to Championship
Text Analysis Published 6-15-2012
Coach Brian Flinn of Villanova explains the transition with the Wildcats and how the No-Huddle offense helped them win a National Championship.


8. Oregon Can Get Defensive Help from an Unlikely Source
Text Article: Published on 5-29-2017
Coach Ruskin Fiegenbaum explains the proper application of tempo based upon games conditions and makes an argument that coaches should address all speeds of tempo to help their teams win.  (Helpful for Oregon fans also to watch for this in the upcoming seasons.)


–9.  Chip Kelly’s No-Huddle: A Growing Staple for NFL Offenses?
Text Analysis: 
September 25, 2014
Joe Kearns pulls together interesting No-Huddle examples from many sources … maybe even from this site as well as the NFL!


–10.  Fiesta Bowl No Huddle Dynamics
Text Analysis: 
January 22, 2013
Josh Schlichter explains more strategies and concepts of the No-Huddle offense with timely examples.

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