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Legendary Coach Tony DeMeo

Advice for Coaches–from Coaches

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–1.  No. 1-Ranked Texas Bullets Build Powerhouse With Oregon’s Blueprint
Text Analysis: July 30, 2014
Coach Adam Sharp tells who he went from a .500 team to No. 1 in the nation with the help of his favorite website….  Advice for coaches, and For the Fans.


–2. Featured in Washington Post!
Announcement: June 13, 2013
Charles Fischer is stunned and delighted to see that was featured on a sports page in the Washington Post Newspaper!


–3.  The Wall Street Journal cites!
Announcement: January 3, 2014
Charles Fischer is pleased to announce how the Wall Street Journal interviewed him for an article and featured him as source while using quotes from him as well!

Coach Adam Sharp took the Texas Bullets from a .500 team to being rated #1 semi-pro team from help at


–4.  Coaching the Coaches: Universal Truths of Offensive Football
Text Article:  Published on 4-15-2017
Coach Tony DeMeo helps young coaches address many truths about coaching football that if mastered will enhance their career.


–5.  How to Use Meaningful Stats to Improve Your Football Program
Text Article: Published on 4-22-2017
Coach Tony DeMeo continues a series about what young coaches should learn in their pursuit of improving their craft as a football coach.


–6.  Coaching the Young Coach: Some Practices to Embrace
Text Article: Published on 5-13-2017
Coach Tom Kaspar explains what the young coach must learn and embrace as he embarks on this tremendous profession.  Truly many words of wisdom….


–7.  How Brady Hoke Got Mark Helfrich FIRED
Text Analysis: Published on 11-29-2016
Charles Fischer outlines how poor discipline by a defense leads to defeat at the hands of a rival and how coaching is the primary component of that poor defensive performance.  Technique alone does not win…


–8.  How Important Is FILM STUDY to Oregon Football?
Text Analysis: May 15, 2017
Coach Jeremy McGuire explains the rigorous schedule of film study during game week, the process, and what coaches look for. Important for coaches, and good for fans to learn!

Coach Tony DeMeo


–9.  For Coaches and Everyone: PROPER GOAL SETTING
Text Analysis: July 19, 2017
Coach Tony DeMeo teaches coaches, players and fans how to properly set goals for maximum achievement.


–10.  Coach’s Opinion: Making the MOST out of your PRACTICES
Text Analysis: July 13, 2017
Coach Tony DeMeo gives an amazing breakdown of practice schedules, drills and the proper attitude to instill in the team for best results.


–11.  What to Do with Your Screwup, Prima-Donna “Star”?
Text Commentary:  July 3, 2017
Charles Fischer wrote an editorial about a dilemma that all coaches and managers deal with at some time in their career. The article generated great feedback in the comments that could be helpful to football coaches.


–12.  OVERMATCHED: Winning as Goliath
Text Analysis: Aug 22, 2017
Coach Tony DeMeo gives caution to a team who may take another lightly, and how to prepare your team to avoid the upset. Advice for Coaches from coaches.


–13.  The Coach’s Corner: 5 Tips for Coaches During Two-a-Days
Text Analysis: 
August 10, 2012
Coach Curtis Peterson gives some important pointers for coaches planning their fall camp.


–14.  The Kentucky Derby Rule for Football and Business
Text Analysis: 
May 5, 2017
Wisdom from Coach Tony DeMeo and help a coach or anyone with the judgment in building a team that wins.

The Grizzled Ol’ Coach, Mike Morris, has contributed a ton of analyses to


–15.  The Coach’s Corner: Adjust, Adapt and Advance
Text Analysis: May 3, 2012
Coach Tony DeMeo explains concepts that are essential in building your team-philosophically. Advice for Coaches


–16.  The Coach’s Corner: The Six Questions of Goal Setting
Text Analysis: March 19, 2012
Coach Tony DeMeo gives his winning approach to setting goals for the team and for life.


–17.  The Coach’s Corner: The Law Of Details
Text Analysis:  

–18. Analytics vs. Common Sense: For Coaches Making the BIG DECISIONS
Text Analysis:
Published April 22, 2020
Coach Tony DeMeo gives some crucial advice for coaches making decisions during their games.

–19. A Legendary Coach Explains Cristobal to Fans: Win with STRATEGY, Not Scoring
Text Analysis:
Published July 8, 2020
Charles Fischer interviews a legendary coach to learn the secrets of winning football games as a coach.


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