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Oregon Will Be Back

Sometimes life can be pretty good. The unfortunate thing about real life: we don’t always get a storybook ending. Life goes on. For Oregon, that’s a good thing, because the best days of this football program are still ahead. I know...

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Oregon Solidifies its Identity

The Spread-Option offense is a mix-up of a hundred years of football knowledge and tactics, a combination of the antiquated Triple-Option employed by Navy and Notre Dame, the run-heavy offenses of Vince Lombardi and Woody Hayes (Ohio State), and the Run and Shoot variations of Harvey N....

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(Not) The Negative One(s)

“It’s a crisis just how you like it. The same drama in a different disguise. I’m bound to walk with a target on my back. At least I’m ready for another attack.” “The Negative One” -Slipknot So outside of football...