Fundamental Plays and their Derivatives (Mario Cristobal, Marcus Arroyo and Willie Taggart)

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Justin Herbert is about to throw another touchdown pass.

Fundamental Plays and their Derivatives (Mario Cristobal, Marcus Arroyo and Willie Taggart)

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–1.  Evolution of Coach Taggart’s SMASH-MOUTH Spread Offense
Text Analysis: Published 4-18-2017
Coach Mike Morris recounts the history and evolution of the development of the Willie Taggart Oregon Spread Offense and provides a basis for understanding in the upcoming seasons of 2017+.


–2.  Taggart brings an Ultimate POWER/MISDIRECTION Play Package to Oregon
Text Analysis: Published on 1-04-2017
Charles Fischer breaks down the fundamental key series of plays that will be the backbone of the new Oregon Spread Offense under Coach Willie Taggart.

Kevin Cline

Royce ran well against the Huskies.


–3.  Analysis: Oregon’s New “Gulf Coast Counter” Play
Text Analysis: Published on 2-28-2017
Coach Ruskin Fiegenbaum breaks down a fundamental play of the new Willie Taggart Oregon Spread Offense that fans will see in seasons 2017+.


–4.  Taggart’s Smash-Mouth, Deceptive Spread Offense: The Counter Trey
Analysis: Published on 4-25-2017
Coach Mike Morris explains the powerful Counter Trey play in the new Willie Taggart Oregon Spread Offense for seasons 2017+.  This is how to run power out of a Spread Offense-Shotgun attack!


–5.  The Willie Taggart Offense: Oregon’s New Toss Read Play
Text Analysis: Published on 4-11-2017
Coach Eric Boles breaks down one of the newer plays in college football that replaces the Inverted Veer for many Spread Offense teams including Oregon.


–6.  X’s vs. O’s: Oregon’s 4 Verticals vs. Nebraska’s Cover 5
Text Analysis:  Sep 13, 2017
Zach Pierson helps coaches see the way to attack the cover five and gets in-depth with the techniques both sides of the ball will use in a play. Fundamental plays-Cristobal


–7.  The Counter Trey Arrives at Autzen
Text and Video Analysis:  Sep 6, 2017
Coach Eric Boles brings out a play that is primary in the Mario Cristobal offense, and popular across the nation in college football presently.


–8.  Feeling the Juice: Offensive Line Awakens in Autzen
Text and Video Analysis:  Oct 4, 2017
Coach Eric Boles shows the amazing techniques by an offensive line that opened the game and created a win. Fundamental plays of Cristobal and offensive line overall.


–9.  The Mario Cristobal/Marcus Arroyo Offense: Oregon Running the Stretch Concept
Text and Video Analysis:   Jan 3, 2018
Coach Eric Boles breaks down a “Bread-and-Butter” play of numerous elite college teams and most of the NFL. Important for coaches and Oregon fans to watch for!


–10.  X’s vs. O’s: Two Age-old Concepts Combine To Create Something “New”
Text Analysis:  Nov 8, 2017
Zach Pierson shows how one play has two successful components from the past that blend to make a powerful new attack in modern college football.


–11.  Power on the Edge: Buck Sweep in the Willie Taggart Offense
Text and Video Analysis:  Nov 15, 2017
Coach Eric Boles breaks down Buck Sweep, also called “Sweep Read” at that has been highly successful for Oregon and other major Spread Offense teams.


–13.  X’s vs. O’s: Oregon’s Y Pop RPO vs. Arizona State’s Solo Coverage
Text Analysis:  Sep 27, 2017
Zach Pierson breaks down a Run-Pass Option play where the “Y-Pop” attacks the specific open space.


–14.  The Pacific Coast Offense: Quarterback Power/WR Screen
Text Analysis:  June 27, 2017
Coach Eric Boles explains a cool play that combines the Quarterback Power with the Wide Receiver screen in the new Willie Taggart/Mario Cristobal/Marcus Arroyo offense.


–15.  The Mario Cristobal Offense: Pin and Pull Technique-March 7, 2018
Text and Video Analysis:
March 7, 2018
Coach Eric Boles makes a fundamental part of many Cristobal plays (and the college football world) easy to understand with his explanation and examples.


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